Internet Cafe

16 year old Adbul was working in the internet cafe owned by his parents, his sister who was few years younger than himself was there being a pest as normal, Abdul gave her a pass card and told her to go use the computer in cubicle six, his sister went glad that the ploy to get on a computer had worked, She was soon using the computer, after a short while she dropped a key bent down to pick it up as she did she saw a small hole in the wall, when she looked through it she could see into the cubicle next to the one she was in and knew 16 year old Steve was in there, she was about to look away when she saw Steve start undoing his jeans, she carried on watching earning her nick name of peeper, as she watched peeper saw Steve undo his jeans lower them along with his underwear, peeper gasped when she saw Steve’s 6 inch hairy dick come into sight, after a few minutes peeper smiled broadly as Steve got a full erection of 8 inches, the smile on her face got even bigger when Steve started stroking his throbbing dick, and after five minutes peeper saw five spurts of cum shoot from Steve’s dick, peeper thought not only had she seen a white boys dick she had watched him masturbate, peeper went out of the cubicle went to Abdul and told him all off what she had seen, as she was talking Steve walked past peeper looked at him said “come again” Steve walked out. soon after 17 year old Martin walked in, Abdul looked at his sister handed Martin a pass card and told him to use cubicle 5, peeper waited then went to cubicle 6 looked through the hole and after five minutes smiled when Martin undid his trousers and pulled his 9 inch erection out and start to jerk smiling when he squirted his cum in four spurts, by closing time peeper had watched five white boys jerk off including the 16 year old local racist thug. Next day peeper was in the shop again sitting in the cubicle watching her brothers best mate as he jerked his 5 inch erection and saw him squirt his cum in five very long squirts, Abdul was sat at the front desk watching his class mate Cindy who was in one of the cubicles with her jumper rolled up her naked boobs on show her jeans down with her fingers going in and out of her hair less slit. Abdul did not mind working every night in the cafe.