The Craft

16 year old Sara was walking across the field on her way home from school, ahead of her was the Bengali boy who was a couple of years younger than herself but who she took great pleasure in bullying. As she was walking Sara saw a triangle shaped object floating in the sky above her she thought it was some sort of weather balloon and carried on walking, she called out to the Bengali boy whose name she not even know “oh shit head” the boy ignored her, a bright light from the shape in the sky engulfed Sara making her feel strange, after a minute the light faded, Sara felt strange, she looked at the boy quickened her pace and caught up with him, the boy got scared and waited for a string of racial abuse, and was surprised when Sara said “I been bullying you and should not have I am sorry let me make it up to you” the boy looked at Sara thinking she was going to suddenly start the abuse, Sara said “would you like to fuck me, the boy was convinced it was a trap, but then Sara started to undo her blouse soon having it open showing a blue bra that covered her ample boobs, the boy was still convinced it was a ploy and waited for the abuse, instead Sara unclipped her bra pulled it open revealing her naked boobs, the boy looked in amazement admiring the nice white boobs in front of him, Sara took her blouse and bra right off then unzipped her tight skirt let in fall to the ground and slid her skimpy panties off, the boy looked at the naked 16 year old white girl slowly reached out felt her boob when he got no rejection he started rubbing both boobs feeling his dick getting hard, he ran his hand down Sara’s body insert a finger inside Sara’s smooth slit feeling how moist it was, Sara lay down parted her legs, the boy undid his trousers knelt and was soon sliding his dick up Sara then started to bang into her hard making her moan after 20 minutes to his surprise he was still banging her having felt her cum 3 times, Sara stopped him  got on her hands and knees said “fuck my bum” the boy did as Sara said and after a few minutes squirted up the tight bum. The boy walked away looked back and saw old Tom the local tramp who Sara often verbally abused  being sucked off by Sara, he stopped when he saw Sara’s sister who was just a bit younger than he was and also gave him abuse walking towards him he saw her jumper was over her head with her budding boobs showing as she got to him she said “Hi Abdul want me to suck your cock” Abdul felt his dick had gone hard again he undid his trousers let it out and soon July was sucking it after a few minutes he shot his cum into July’s mouth July swallowed it all then licked his dick clean. Abdul walked on saw two 16 year old  girls on the ground naked being screwed by younger boys. Next day the school was buzzing about the triangle in the sky which was now gone.