Its a winter vacation in college as well as school. We three family members, Garry as well as Lousie and Nina are in home. We three are in balcony with sun-rays coming there and having coffee all together have made our nice morning great. Looking at us….. “Garry Nina will you be in home today or have some work.

(Nina) I will be at home but why mom?

(Garry) no work for today mom

(Lousie) ok then I have planned for a hot day, we three will enjoy sex for a day. ” And Nina walked away while mom and son are sitting on chair in balcony..

I came close to my hot mom Lousie and put my hand on her shoulder as our chair is close, she moved her face and put her kiss on my lips and face. She is wearing a gown and long coat to keep her body hot while I am in trouser and a cootswool. Looking at me, she put her tongue on my lips to lick it while I started rolling my tongue on her tongue. Our tongues are making love as I put my hand on her breast but its well protected inside her gown and coat, may be a brassier also. So she pushed her long tongue in my mouth and while sucking it, I took out her long coat from her body. Now I can feel her soft breast in her gown. She is desperate for love as she took out her tongue and moved away. Lousie came back with a pillow and bed, I put it on ground and she walked away again to come with a bottle of oil. Now Lousie is on bed and I removed my cootswool and trouser. She is smiling on me while I took out my mom’s gown. She is nude and has put her legs crossed. Now I leaned on her and took her rosy lips to suck with my one hand massaging her breast hardly. She is shaking her sexy legs as I left her lips to took her breast in my mouth to suck. While sucking it my hand is moving on her soft body and I took her other breast to suck. After a while I left her breast and put oil on her breasts to tummy and belly. My palms are moving on her breasts and body to massage hard, she is screaming in pleasure…… “Oohhh Garry lick my cunt also than massage it with your long thick tool. “.

Lousie is sleeping like a hot lady and her thighs are well spread, I pushed a pillow under her bum and leaned my face in between her strong thighs. Now I am kissing her labias while pushing a long finger in her cunt to fuck it. I fingered her cunt and put my tongue inside her vagina to lick it. My 2/3 rd tongue is fucking her glory hole as she has hold my hairs tightly. Her reddish flexible vagina is hot and my tongue is getting its taste. Now I left it to kiss her thighs. Now my lips are on her thighs and I rolled my tongue on it. Now I put my tongue inside her cunt to fuck and I can hear…… “Ooh Garry you are so dirty loving your mom’s cunt

(Garry) oh nina why don’t you join us for fun

(Nina) no never its a sin to have sex in relation

(Lousie) oh than why you lost virginity to Garry ? And I sucked her cunt for a while. Now my penis is in full erection and I put oil on her thighs to sexy legs with my palms giving her a nice massage as Nina is sitting near me. Now I massaged Lousie’s hot body with my palms pressing it hard and she turned her hot body..

Lousie’s soft body as well as round dome shaped ass is in front of me. Now I leaned on her hot body and started kissing it as I am near her waist. She has put a pillow under her waist and I put oil on her upper part. Now I am kissing her bum with my lips and asked Nina…… ” Nina please give me a butter cake. ” And she walked away to come with a butter cake. Now I am rubbing the butter on her ass as well as ass crack, going down to ass hole and vagina to lubricate it, I leaned on her ass and my tongue is rolling on her soft ass to ass crack. I pushed my finger in her cunt and my tongue is licking her anus hole. She is screaming in joy while I pushed butter in her ass hole. My penis is now rock hard and I am eager to fuck her ass. After a while I left her bum. Now Lousie turned back and I asked…… “Darling be on your knees. “.

Lousie is like a bitch on bed and I pulled my brief down. Now I put the glans on her ass hole as I pressed hard to fuck her ass, my 2/3 rd cock moved inside easily but for remaining cock, I hold her waist tightly and fucked hard as she shouted….. “Oohh Garry be easy your cock is too hard…. ” And I am fucking her ass with speed and power. Now Nina took out her gown to make herself nude, my penis is moving fastly inside lubricated ass hole as she is swinging her bum. Now Nina sits near me and started kissing my lips and face, I pressed her breast hardly….. “Nina I will lose my energy than

(Nina) Garry massage me as I will make your penis erected…. ” And my penis is roaring in her hot ass. She is screaming….. ” Garry leave my ass and fuck my vagina. ” I took out my cock and Nina took it in her mouth to suck while Lousie slept on bed like a whore. My cock is wet now and I pushed it in my mom’s cunt while leaning on her top. I am fucking her fastly while she is moving her ass up and down, after a while I took out my cock from her glory hole and pushed in her ass, now fucking her ass for cum and lastly my penis poured cum inside her ass hole. She took it in her mouth to taste the cum.


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.