by Miss Irene Clearmont Haiku ——————————– Pink blossom with pain clear air. ——————————– The Room ——————————– The room had a particular scent. Roses and fragrant apple blossom. It hung in the air, an almost palpable bouquet that wafted with the light breeze through the paper walled room. There was light aplenty. The wan light of … Continue reading Haiku

The Stair

by Miss Irene Clearmont. An Adult tale of Female Domination There is no coming to consciousness without pain.- Carl Jung The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain.- Karl Marx ———————————– Copyright © Miss Irene Clearmont (2012 March) The Stair. ———————————– The Dress. ———————————– I awoke to the sound of her heels on the … Continue reading The Stair