The Nerd

Gary was a very intelligent boy at the age of just sixteen years old he had developed a vaccine against some types of cancer, the vaccine was now being tested by the government with very good results. Amy was a sixteen year old drop out who hardly ever went to school, she drank cheap cider … Continue reading The Nerd

Party Time

Sixteen year old Abdul watched as his sister Oma who was six years younger than what he was danced with her friends in the back garden of the house where they lived, it was Oma’s birthday and a few of her classmates from the school she attended was helping Oma celebrate her birthday. Abdul looked … Continue reading Party Time


Joel was a Nigerian man of forty five years of age who had lived on the run down council housing estate for little over a year, most of his neighbours thought that he was a bit on the weird side and most knew that he was into voodoo, nearly all the youngsters took great delight … Continue reading Magic