Amy is sexy as well as wild. She is of 18 years as her hot body is making me wild in her modern outfit of ultra mini skirt and crop tops. I am looking at her square shaped ass as her bell shaped breasts are making an image on her tops. I moved closer to her as Nina smiled…… “Hi Amy

(Amy) hi Nina, oh you have changed your boyfriend again, so smart he is

(Nina is bit shy) Amy he is Garry, my elder brother not my boy friend, understand. ”

Its a nice hot night in a club where we are here to attend a ring ceremony as I walked away from my younger sister Nina. Now I got a chilled beer as a large pack in glass and I have 4-5 glass of it. I am now sitting on the front row of hall looking at DJ platform, enjoying dance. After a while, Amy came there with smile on face as she asked…… “Garry, your sister Nina is waiting for you

(Garry left the chair) oh ! But where is she waiting for me. ” And Amy hold my wrist tightly as we both moved out of club. Now we are in the lawn of club as I can see no one here, looking at Amy I smiled….. “Oh I see, you have cheated me. “But she move closer to hold me in her arms tightly. I took no time to react as I put my arms on her back and kissed her face. She is a hot gal as she started kissing my face and neck, lastly her lips are on my lips to kiss. Slowly I took her one lip in between my lips to suck it hard. I can feel her breasts on my chest as a soft touch and Amy took out her lip from my mouth as she pushed her tongue in my mouth to suck. We both are standing on grass and while sucking her tongue, her breasts are pressing on my chest as I have put my hand on her sexy bum. After 4-5 minutes of suck I left her tongue as she put her face down feeling shy..

Amy is sitting on bench with me. Looking at me, she hold my hand and put it on her breast as I started massaging her breasts, she put her hand on the bulge of my penis. Now she unzipped my jeans and I helped her to take out my cock as she is holding it tightly. She is masturbating it as my glans are uncovered from foreskin and her hand has hold the base of penis while soft palm is moving from penile base to shaft. Now she is crazy to suck my penis as she is on her legs and has put her lips on my penis to kiss. She kissed it and than took glans on her lips to rub, looking at me she is running the glans on her soft face. Amy took my cock in her mouth as she is sucking it fastly and I am feeling the heat. Now my wet penis is in her palm as she is licking the shaft of penis and her tongue is rolling on my glans. Later on Amy took my penis in her mouth and she started sucking it fastly, after a while we both are sitting on bench.

Amy is bold as well as wild, as she kissed my lips and I put my hand on her ultra miniskirt, which is above her thighs. Now I pulled her skirt upwards and sits on my legs on grass, she is stretching her legs wide apart and I removed her thongs to see her vaginal parts. Her vaginal openings ; labias as well as vulva is skinny and I put my lips on her labias to kiss, while kissing it, I have put my hand on her breast to massage. After kissing her vaginal opening, she put her fingers on her labias to wide open her cervix, now my 1/2 of tongue is moving inside her vagina and Amy has hold my hairs tightly as I am fucking her vagina but her vagina is not so smooth in comparison to my sister Nina. While licking it my hand is on my penis and I am masturbating it fastly, later on I took her labias in my mouth to suck and sucked it as she shouted…. “Oohh uumm Garry I will cum soon, drink it. ” And I got the taste of her vaginal juice. Now I stand infront of Amy as she took my dick in her mouth to suck and while holding her hairs, I am fucking her mouth with my penis fastly. Later on, I shouted…. “Oohh Amy drink my cum as its pouring. ” And my penis ejaculated cum inside her mouth. She tasted it like a cum eater.


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