Is it written on my face?

From the very first cock I had in my mouth, I never had to ask if they wanted me to give them a blowjob, They just seemed to know and as soon as that cock pop out of the pants I was on it. I don’t ever look at the guy while I am getting face fucked by his cock but I tend to get more enthusiastic when they verbalize how well I am sucking there cock. I have had more than a few tell me I wish my wife sucked cock like you, But I never say much I just keep working on that cock until they grunt or pull my face into there crotch and they shoot that hot load down my throat. I have never thought of myself as being a gay man because, to be honest, I love pussy. I guess I should mention that I never had much self-esteem and did not get complimented much for most of my life but from that first cock I got praise for my talent and so I worked at it each cock was a lesson in how to be the best. But I knew that if I were feeling low I could go suck some guys’ cocks and walk out feeling pretty great. I have only let a man fuck me in the ass a couple of times. but I have to be in the mood for it. I have no desire to kiss another man or cuddle no I just want that Cock in my mouth and I am good. On several occasions, I have shown up and a couple of guys were busy and I would get on my knees and blow them both and taken there loads in my throat and they zip up and say thanks that were great and off they go. One night I am sitting at the picnic table this guy pulls into the parking lot. It was summer and he had shorts on he walked over dropped his shorts and put his cock in my mouth without saying a word. He said a couple oh God and exploded his load in my mouth. He said wow that was great pulled his shorts up jumped back in his truck and was gone. There are some nights when it is kinda dead and some nights I will blow a couple of truckers but most of the time the action is good and I go home satisfied.