Seducing classmate Nancy

Its lunch break and guys as well as gals moved to canteen or lawn to spend their time. Nancy is looking at me while walking away. I am bit confused either to follow her on not. Lastly I followed her towards college ground. Its the backside of college where quiet a few guy or gal go to spend quality time..

NANCY sits on grass and I am walking away from him. She shouted……… ” Garry come here we will have lunch together.

(Garry) ok this is the nice place, come here.

And we both are sitting on grass with our bags. She took a bisslery bottle to drink water and my eyes are on her tight boobs under her shirt. Looking at me, she gave me bottle and I drink it. She is looking nice and bold in her leggings and shirt with a pencil heel sandle. Looking at me, she said……… “Garry I need your help.

(Garry) sure Nancy say me please

(Nancy) I was not in class for a week last month, so if you can provide me your class notes

(Garry) sure I will give you tomorrow.

We are sitting closer on grass and our eyes meet. She is bit shy and I put my hand on her thigh to move. I can see her face feeling the sensation and I am moving my palm on her thigh covered in pant and lastly Nancy hold my wrist and put away my hand……. “No Garry its a sin for us, can’t do it before marriage

(Garry) Nancy in modern world this sort of thinking are not prevalent, even my sister enjoy oral sex.

(Nancy) oh with you or some one else.

(Garry) with her boyfriend.

And I Put my arms on her back to grab. Now she is in my arms and I put my lips on her lips to kiss, she is trying to resist but I have hold her in my arms tightly. My lips are kissing her face as well as lips. I can feel her soft breasts pressing on my chest. She is on my laps with her legs apart and in two directions, her resistance diminished when I took her lips in my mouth to suck. She is nailing my back and now I can feel Nancy sitting on my laps showing her sexual desires. She pushed her tongue in my mouth and while sucking it my hands are on her back with boobs on my chest..

I left her tongue and she puts her head on my shoulders, said….. ” Garry even in oral sex I am a novice so be polite in doing it. ”

And her lips are on my lips, I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and she started sucking it. I can feel her hand on my penis bulge and this is a positive sign of her desires. She has unbuttoned my pant and unzipped it also to take my long cock in her hand. Later on she left my tongue and she is looking at my cock while holding it tightly. She said in a sexy voice….. “Garry remove your pant I want to suck your penis…… ”

And I removed my pant in hurry. In the backside of college ground couples are seen doing hot activities. Now I stand with my lower part nude in front of her face and Nancy knelt down to hold my cock. She put her lips on my glans and while kissing my dick, she started rubbing glans on her face and smelling it on nose. Nancy is my classmate, height of 5’4 feet, lovely face, white complexion, rosy lips, tight tits and well round shaped bum makes her hot, bold and wild. She is sucking it fastly and her face is swinging. Looking at me she put her tongue on my penis and licked it. She is bit shy while doing this but took my 6-7 inches long thick penis in her mouth to give me a nice blow job. She sucked for 2-3 minutes and I took my penis out of her mouth. Looking at her I asked……. ” Nancy your feelings for my cock in your mouth……

(Nancy smiled) rock hard and nice.

Its 02:10 pm and our lunch break will finish but our oral sex will take time. Now I put my hand on Nancy’s leggings, it has elasticity lock on waist. I pulled it down and she is s shy gal. Now I can see her strong nude thighs and a panty covering her vaginal parts. I ask her to stand and I am on my knees, now my lips are on her thighs with my hands moving on her globe shaped ass. Its soft and has been covered under panty, my lips kissed her thighs upper part and her legs are shivering. Her legs are moving away and now I put my tongue on her thighs to lick. While holding my hairs she is screaming in joy and I removed her panty. Now her legs are wide open and I can see her glittering pearls like vagina with both labias touching each-other..

NANCY is standing with her legs wide open and on my knees I put my nose first on her cunt to smell its natural odour. Now while kissing her labias I am holding her bum. She is screaming in joy…… “Uuumm aaahhh ooohhh Garry its itching don’t do it….. ” So I put my tongue on her labias to lick and while licking her vagina I am feeling my penis like a hot iron rod. Now I took her glory hole in my mouth to suck and while sucking it, she is holding my hairs tightly while pushing my face in between her thighs. She is shouting……. “Oooohhh uuummm Garry I will cum suck it hard my darling… ” And I got the taste of her vaginal juice. She walked away nude and I can see her urinating..

She came back and put her panty as well as leggings on her hot body. Now she is on grass and I stands in front of NANCY. She put my penis in her mouth to suck. My hands are holding her hairs tightly. She started moving her face to suck my penis but I started fucking her mouth with my dick and her eyes are closed, glans is hitting her throat and she is enjoying her mouth fuck. A novice in sex is ready for blowjob, so there is curiosity in her to enjoy sex. My penis is too hard in her mouth and after 5 minutes pre cum came off my dick and she took out my cock and had some drink (water). She again took my penis in her mouth and now her face is swinging. I am screaming in joy…. “Ooohhh uuummm Nancy suck my penis baby I will cum in your mouth…… ” So I started pounding her mouth with my penis and I know its losing the strength. I shouted while holding her hairs tightly…… “Ooohhh aaahhh Nancy its cumming drink my cum you bitch….. ” And white fluid ejaculated out of my penis in her mouth and she drink it and took it out to lick it. We both are tired. We are there for 30 minutes and left for home instead of class.


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.