Sara is looking gorgeous in her bridal outfit of lehnga as well as choli. Her lovely face as well as rosy lips is making me hot as she has hold a glass full of wine, I am eyeing on her sexy boobs and nude belly. Looking at me, she smiled… “Oh Garry, have some drink on my eighth marriage anniversary.

(Garry) sure aunty a nice gift for you. ” And I give her a packet having a nice lady perfume as a gift. I took a glass full of beer and while drinking it, I can see too many guests drinking and enjoying party..

Its 10:15 pm as too many guests have left party after having drink/meals. I am sitting on chair with a glass full of beer and after drinking it, I moved for dinner. I took light meals and now going to leave the party, so I meet aunt Sara as she is busy with her friends. Looking at me, she came near me…. “Garry in the upstairs a room in the corner is for me and till I come there, go and have rest

(Garry) aunty but I have to leave for home otherwise what I will say to my mom

(Sara) oh !call your mom and say some thing as you have to live with me whole night. ” And she walked to her friends. I moved to upstairs and went inside room as the door is open, while sitting on bed I called my mom and gave her excuse for a whole night party. I removed my shoes and took out my shirt as I slept on bed after pushing the door..

After a long wait of an hour, door of room opened as I have just pushed it to look it like close. Sara entered inside and looking at me, she smiled…… “Oh Garry why are you sleeping in your dress, change your dress

(Garry) but aunty where is the bermuda ?. ” She locked the door and walked to me as I stand in front of Sara, she hold me in her arms tightly as her soft boobs are brushing on my chest and my hand is moving on her back esp. On her soft bum. She is kissing me while my palm is moving on her nude back to sexy ass. Like a hot sexy bride, she took my lip in between her lips to suck and my hand has started unzipping her choli. Sara pushed her tongue in my mouth as I have unzipped her choli, now my hand is moving on her soft back with strips of brassieres removed, as she took out her tongue, her choli and brassier have been removed. Now her soft boobs are nude as I am pressing it hardly and Sara removed my jeans. She is in her lehnga only as I am in my briefs only..

We both are standing on ground as I pulled down her lehnga also. She is looking wild in her thongs only. Her hot body is nude except her pelvic zone. Now we are on bed as she slept like a Indian lady, I leaned my face on her breast to suck it. My mouth has grabbed her breast to suck as I am massaging other one. My hand is moving on her soft body and while sucking her breast, my penis is in full erection and I took right breast in my mouth to suck. Sara is running her soft palm on my back as I left her boobs and hold it to lick it brownish areola. Sara is screaming in joy as I am kissing her soft tummy to waist. Now my lips is running on her soft thighs as she is moving her legs in sensation. Looking at her, I removed her thongs and put a pillow under her ass as I put my face in between her strong thighs and started kissing her labias, my lips kissed her vulva as she is too horny to put fingers on her labias to make her vagina wide. I put my long tongue in her cunt as my 2/3 rd tongue is licking her glory hole and hitting it on vagina, she is screaming….. “Oohh uumm Garry suck my vagina darling. ” But I am fucking her vagina with tongue while holding her waist tightly. I took her labias in my mouth to suck as she is in pleasure..

Sara is sitting on bed as she pushed me on bed and removed my briefs to uncover my long dick. Looking at me, she hold my prick hardly and started kissing it base to shaft as she is running it glans on her lips and soft face, later on Sara took my 1/2 of cock in her mouth as she is moving her mouth slowly. Her mouth has hold my cock tightly as she is sucking it like a matured lady, now her mouth started moving in speed as I am feeling my penis in full erection in her mouth, I am screaming…… “Oohh uummm aahhh now lick it. ” And Sara took my penis out of her mouth as her tongue is moving on my penis. She is licking the glans and took out her tongue to put glans on it, she is running the glans on. Her tongue. After a while, Sara took my penis again to suck as I put my hand on her head and started moving my ass up and down to fuck her mouth with my long cock. We are in pleasure as my cock is fucking her mouth. Now I am feeling pre-cum coming out of dick as I am fucking her mouth fastly. After fucking her mouth in speed for 10 minutes as my glans is hitting her deep throat, my penis ejaculated cum in her mouth as I shouted…… “Oohh uumm aahh sara drink my cum you whore. ” And she tasted my cum..

Sara is a bold lady as I am on bed, she is sitting on my face with her legs stretched and I put my tongue in her vagina as its wet and I tasted the vaginal juice of her cunt. We both slept for 2-3 hours.


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