The pleasure of oral

I have had a crush on a work colleague for quite some time. After he has left our company I took all my courage and invited him over. Not only was he very handsome and smart, there was also the rumour that he was enormously gifted with regards to the size of his manhood, and this evening I was determined to find out for myself. After a couple of drinks and some charming conversation we started to kiss gently. I could feel his muscular body when he pressed me against him and that felt very good. He gently massaged my tits and as he ran his hand up the inside of my legs, slowly getting closer and closer to my wet pussy, I grabbed his neck, pulled him towards me, looked him in the eye, and slowly put my tongue into his mouth. Just as our lips met, I could feel a gentle push between my legs as he finally reached my pussy. I grabbed him tighter, pressed my body against his, and kissed him even more intense. I started to moan and shiver, and let him feel with my entire body how much I wanted him. It felt so incredibly good! Now I really wanted his big cock. It was about time to feel something else than his tongue in my mouth!

So I took him by the hand, and we went into the bedroom where I sat on the bed, having him standing right in front of me. I looked up at him and the expression on his face told me that he knew what was going to come, and that he anticipated it with pleasure. I slowly zipped his pants open and pulled them down. Then I put both my hands on his boxers and unveiled in slow motion what with no doubt was the dream of any heterosexual women. Yes, that rumour was true! There he was, fully erect, and huge! It was in fact the biggest and most beautiful cock I have ever seen in my life. He was rock hard and pulsating, his foreskin slightly down, ready for action. Having this beautiful, massive cock right in front of my face made me so horny that I thought for a moment that I would come right away, just from starring at that monster of a cock, and from the prospect of what I was going to do with it. I looked up at him again with my mouth open. I must have displayed a quite confused look, owed to the surprise of the size of his thing, and the happiness that befall me when I realized that I was going to feel this in my mouth at any second from now. Then I put both my hands on the outside of his legs. The first time I was going to touch his cock would be with my tongue, not with my hands!

The first touching of his cock was when the tip of my tongue reached the tip of his cock. I looked at him to check his reaction, and what I saw was unmistaken: He had now reached the same heavenly horniness as I had. I bit my lips and smiled at him, then sat up straight, and slowly lowered my head so that the tip of his cock would enter my mouth but without touching it yet, which was very difficult given the size of his dick. I waited a second, and then very gently closed my mouth around his forehead such that my tongue rested right at the front of it. Then I slowly went around the head with my tongue, just once, then pulled back. He moaned. Now I pressed my tongue against his balls and from there I worked my way up his shaft, astonished how much resistance I got from his rock hard erection. It felt like ages until I reached the top again, so big he was. Once my tongue was past the tip of his cock I paused for a second with my mouth open, unconsciously showing him that I now was ready to go for a bit more. The second time his cock slipped into my mouth I let it go a bit deeper so that I could feel his cock on the inside of my cheek. I was never happier that in this moment. I had dreamed for a long time of his cock in my mouth, the pleasure I could give him thereby, moving his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, teasing him with my tongue, and then stroking it, gently first, and then faster and faster until he would explode in mouth. And this was real now. I could feel his cock in my mouth as it was pulsating, gently pushing against my upper teeth with every heartbeat. Oh my God, that felt good! I have always loved to suck cock, and the sensation I got from it was just incredible. To feel that hard manhood in your mouth, the power that the cock displayed mixed with the power that I gained over it while enjoying this oral pleasure! I let him loose again for a second and looked at him. The moment when our eyes met was truly magic as it displayed this deep understanding of the feeling that the pleasure I felt having his cock in my mouth would give him equal pleasure. In fact the thought of what he must have felt as my lips were wrapped around his great cock made me even hornier and happier than at the beginning. I smiled at him and he smiled back, and my smile was promise for the pleasure we were about to feel next. I put my right hand on his shaft, right above his balls, still smiling at him while slowly starting to masturbate him. Then I switched my smile into an open mouth that was ready to suck again. I kept looking at him while his cock disappeared again in my mouth, and so I could see the pleasure I gave him by putting his cock deep into my mouth this time. I now swallowed as much as could while I was working his shaft with my hand. His moaning got stronger, and I could feel his climax building up. But he was not there yet, of course. I now worked with the tongue around his forehead, increasing the speed steadily. I was so horny and excited that this feeling of not getting enough of his cock grew in me, more and more to the point where it became almost unbearable. I pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, until I could go no further because the tip of his cock had already reached my throat. But what a feeling! His big cock so deep in my mouth that it almost felt as if it would go right through me! I quickly took it out of my mouth to grasp some air, and to check whether he was ready for the final. I looked at him while pulling his foreskin as far back as was possible and licking his forehead as there was not tomorrow! He nodded slightly to let my know that he was ready.

I shoved his dick once again into my mouth, this time for the last time before his orgasm. I increased the pace of my stroking, and sucked on his cock even more enthusiastically than before. The thought of his warm semen that would float my mouth soon drove me crazy. There was nothing better than to swallow fresh cum out of a hard big cock! (Preferably while being penetrated by a second cock). When I was feeling that he was about to come I took his cock a bit less deep into my mouth so that I could look up at him. I wanted to look into his eyes at the moment when I would feel his white juicy semen the first time in my mouth. It was now only a matter of seconds. His look was serious, beautiful agony, and so was mine. I now really wanted him to cum. So I made a last effort to stroke him as hard as I could, his cock in my mouth, looking at his face, anticipating his semen to fill my mouth. I could first see it in his eyes. He looked surprised and happy at the same time. I could feel his balls being squeezed together, and then a little tremble went through his cock, from bottom to top. I could literally feel his semen flushing up the shaft. I felt it first in my hand which was stroking his cock, knowing at that moment that in less than half a second I would be going to feel his semen first on my tongue and then in my throat. While I was thinking about that I put my tongue behind his forehead so that his first shot could spread in my mouth without barriers. Just as I had finished to move my tongue around his forehead, a warm, sweet stream of semen entered my mouth and splashed down my throat. I pulled a little bit back so that I would be able to taste his second shot in my mouth before it would hit the throat. His second shot was surprisingly even stronger that the first. I moaned in pleasure when his second shot came out of his trembling cock and filled my mouth with the lovely taste of cum. It felt so unbelievably good to feel his semen in my mouth while I was looking at him, his face in agony, knowing that the sweet taste of his cum in my mouth meant that he would enjoy the greatest pleasure in that moment! While his second load was still going down my throat I felt his third one entering my mouth. After that I took his cock out of my mouth because I wanted to keep his third load in my mouth. He was still shaking in orgasmic pleasure and I still had my hand wrapped around his cock. I looked at him and smiled. Some of his semen came out of my mouth and dropped on the floor.