Amy and Nina have planned a weekend party with me (Garry) as we three reached dense forest zone in outer Delhi, Amy drove the car on a narrow path towards a pond. Amy stopped the car as we three came out of it, its a deserted ridge area and a hot spot for couples. I sits on grass as both friends took out a bed roll from car and put it on grass. Looking at me Amy opened the bed roll and put the bed on grass as I can see her inner beauty from a distance as Amy is wearing a ultra miniskirt and crop-tops. My hot sister Nina is in knee length frock as she came near me and hold my wrist to give me a warm welcome on bed. I am on bed as both hot gals are sitting with me.

I am sitting on bed as Nina is kissing my face and lips while unbuttoning my shirt as I can see Amy removing my jeans. Now Nina is kissing my lips as my palm has hold her breast to press it hard, she pushed her tongue in my mouth to suck as I can see Amy removing my underwear. While sitting on bed with legs straight, Nina is rubbing my chest and my palm has grabbed her breast to massage but I am sucking her tongue while I can feel my long cock in Amy’s mouth as she is sucking the most part of my penis its glans to shaft. Now Nina took out her tongue as I left her breast, Nina….. ” Hey dirty gal, leave it

(Amy left my dick) what happened baby ?

(Nina) we will enjoy a nice position. ” And I slept on bed with my legs straight, now Nina sits on my face and has lifted her frock to waist and I removed the strings of her panty as I can see my sister’s vagina after a month. Amy is busy in kissing my dick from its base to shaft and glans, now I can feel my penis in her (Amy) mouth as she is sucking it fast and I put my lips on her (Nina) labias to kiss it. Nina is sitting on my face as she will pee in my mouth and I put my tongue in between her labias as she put her fingers to open its flexibility and my 2/3 rd tongue is moving in her glory hole as I can feel Amy’s tongue rolling on my penis from its glans to shaft and base. I am licking Nina’s vagina with my hand on her breast to massage hard and Amy started sucking my cock fastly. My cock is in full erection as my tongue is hitting her vagina with my tongue. Nina left my face as Amy is giving me a nice blow job..

I wake up on bed as both gals are in rest. Looking at me, Amy asked…. “Garry do you love beer ?” As I smiled and she walked towards her car, after a while she came with three cane of beer and we are drinking it. My lower parts are nude as both gals have put her skirt and frock down to cover their vaginal parts. Now I slept on bed with my legs straight as Amy is sitting on my face with her legs stretched and Nina is near my waist. While holding Amy’s waist, I started kissing her vulva and labias as Nina is sucking my long cock, Amy opened her vaginal flexibility as I pushed my 1/3 rd tongue in her cunt to lick it and my hand is pressing her breast hardly. My younger sister Nina is licking the penis with her tongue while my tongue is licking her glory hole, after some time, Amy is shouting….. “Oohh uumm Garry suck my cunt I will cum soon. ” And I took her both labias in between my lips to suck as her vaginal juice is in my mouth. I got the taste of it, now Nina left my rock hard cock..

I moved away nudely to urinate as I came back, both girls are looking at my roaring tiger and I asked….. ” One penis need one glory hole, who need fuck at first?

(Nina and Amy) I need fuck first. ” And I sit on bed as two wild gals are sitting near me, now they pushed me on bed as I fell on it, Nina and Amy leaned her face on my penis as Nina is licking its glans, Amy is rolling her tongue on the shaft of penis. Like a hot gal both are licking my long cock with their tongues and Nina took my penis in her mouth to suck as Amy is licking its base, after a while both gal started masturbating it hardly and I screamed louder….. “Oohh ummm Amy I will cum soon. ” As Nina took my glans in her mouth to taste my cum, Amy also took it for a while to taste it. My penis has ejaculated cum inside her mouth as we three are well exhausted.


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.