40 Pages Worth of Text -> Cums 10 Times

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You and the stranger both like sex. Stranger: Asl You: 17 f You: you? Stranger: 16 m You: It’s so hot You: where I’m at You: I just took a dive in my pool You: to refresh myself. Stranger: Oh yeah You: I’ve still got my bathing suit on, my bikini top and bottom, hee hee. … Continue reading 40 Pages Worth of Text -> Cums 10 Times

Instant Messanger Love

I knew what you wanted, and I know what you need… I could feel it….though we had just met…intimate strangers…known only through words written across a moniter…intimate strangers…that shared secrets over the miles…over the wires…connections…phone lines…shared pieces of ourselves…pieces now drawing together to fill the whole….. she was her… from that first moment their eyes … Continue reading Instant Messanger Love