Zombie invasion

Cindy, Mandy and July were three 16 year old racist loudmouthed trouble making girls who did as they wanted, most people were really scared of them but nearly all the males admired the way their tight clothes showed off their figures and wished they could have them. The three girls were smoking behind the bike shed, the head prefect saw them but ignored them walking past, a new teacher told them to get inside but ran when the girls told him to fuck off and spat at him. Inside lessons had started when one of the boys who had just started at the school said “look” and pointed out the window, the other new pupils looked as they did the town emergency siren started to sound, then an announcement came over the school loud speakers saying it was a lock down due to a chemical spillage that had the dead back to life, one boy said “they are zombies” Mark the prefect was locking a door when he saw the three trouble makers walking towards it, he waited to let them in despite knowing they would bad mouth him, he was a couple of years younger than them but still liked the shape of their bodies, he saw two zombies lurching up behind the girls opened the door and shouted quick run, unaware of the danger they were in the girls gave the V sign, Mandy started to say something but stopped when she felt hands on her collar and felt it being pulled, she started to shout but stopped when her top was ripped off leaving her topless, Mark had been joined by 16 year old Steve who said “look at those fucking tits” Mark said “I am looking” July said “what the fuck as her top was ripped from her body followed by her shorts leaving her naked” Cindy yelled “fuck run it’s zombies and screamed as her clothes were torn off, Mandy had now lost her shorts and was being groped by the zombies, Cindy and July ran for the school with Mark and Steve watching their ample boobs bounce up and down, The Bengali boys in the upper floors were looking through the windows admiring the ample boobs and nice bushes as the girls ran, one boy said “look at Mandy she is being fucked by one of them” they all chanted “fuck the bitch fuck the bitch” Cindy got to the door found it locked and “screamed let me in” July had tripped and was now under zombies screaming as they pounded her Mandy was lying dazed having suffered her 5th orgasm as zombie after zombie pounded her, July was just having her third, Steve let Cindy in feeling her boobs as he did, Mark yelled “the door” Steve had forgotten to close it and zombies had started to enter the building, little Sara who had just started at the big school gasped as Steve’s trousers were ripped from him causing his 9 inch erection to come out she smiled at seeing a boy a lot older than her get stripped naked and smiled even more when Mark suffered the same fate, Sara looked saw the door to the stairs was locked so knew she was safe her best friend Amy appeared and said “wow look at their dicks they are stiff” when Steve was pushed against the stair rails by the hoard of zombies now in the school his dick stuck through the rails Amy did not hesitate she got hold of it and started stroking it, Mandy had passed out after suffering more than 10 orgasms Cindy was now suffering the same fate as her friends, Steve squirted is cum from Amy’s tugging which made her and Sara squeal in delight neither girl had seen a boy squirt. Through the school teachers were getting pupils to barricade the classroom doors but many were to late and there were many pupils who had been stripped naked by the zombies and were being pounded boys girls and teachers were suffering the same fate as Cindy Mandy July had suffered. After a few hours those in barricaded heard gun fire as the army started to deal with zombies, by the next day all the zombies had been cleared out, 120 pupils and staff had been attacked and were taken to hospital, Steve refused to go got given new clothes and walked home seeing fallen zombies all over the place, next day he saw Amy in the woods on her own went to her said “enjoy wanking my cock” when Amy nodded her head Steve asked her who and taught her Amy replied I seen it on porno films, Steve smiled said “you were good wanna do it again” soon Amy was stroking Steve’s dick again.