An early appointment

I had recently strained my ankle climbing the stairs and I decided to visit the doctor before it turned nasty. After resting my sore feet for the night, I left for the clinic to meet a bone specialist who fortunately stayed near my house. I was lucky to have had the first appointment in the morning!

After a short drive, I reached the clinic. It had just been opened and there were no patients yet. I blessed my luck and walked in. The doctor was a man in his late 60’s and was stocky. He had a smile always on his face and that put me at ease. Seeing me enter with great difficulty, he came to my aid quickly. Resting my arm around his shoulder, he tried to assist me walk.

Having walked for a few steps, my sore ankle was hurting like hell. The moment I took a step, it felt like a jolt of electric current coursing through my body. I shouted in pain.

“I’m so sorry! that must have hurt very badly…”, the doctor was apologetic.

I just nodded in pain. To my surprise, he scooped me in his arms and carried me to his table. I was shocked at the sudden act, but was surprised by his strength. I was a man of 25 years with a good build, but this old doctor had no trouble in carrying me like a baby!

He then gently laid me on his table and knelt down. Somehow, I was surprised to see myself getting aroused because of all the action. I felt a strange sexual tension building up in the room.

The doctor looked at me and smiled gently. Holding my right foot, he began to remove my shoe. For a moment, his hands lingered on my foot before he started to remove the socks. He did the same with my left foot. I was very conscious now as both my feet were naked in front of the doctor. It felt weird by the way he was looking at my feet.

“You have got some pretty feet!”

His remark startled me. Did he have a foot fetish? I wondered. I had read a few articles about feet fetishism and now i had started to get mildly curious. I was watching the doctor looking at my feet longingly. I gently cleared my throat and the doctor came out of trance.

“Sorry, but they do look nice…”, he mentioned them again.

“Thank you, doctor! I just felt strange as nobody had mentioned it so far.”

He then took my right foot in his hands and began to massage it. His hands were strong and I could feel a strange sensation within me. He began to flex my toes and eased the tension out of them. It felt comforting. His thumbs were expertly rubbing my soles in long drags and I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

“Looks like someone’s enjoying the foot massage!”

His comment made me blush. I saw a smile on his face when he noticed my hardness growing. It made me feel shy. It felt weird getting a foot massage from an old man, but I did not want it to stop.

I could feel his breath getting hoarse as he continued massaging my foot. I closed my eyes savoring the pleasure and unknowingly my hand began to caress my bulge. I was getting hornier every moment.

Suddenly, I could feel the doctor’s hot breath on my foot. I opened my eyes to see that his face was now inches away from my foot and he was looking hypnotized by my foot. Without another word, he planted a gentle kiss on my foot. I twitched in pleasure. Taking the cue, he began to cover my foot with kisses. I could not stop him.

Encouraged further, he took his tongue out and began to lick my foot. He particularly savored my soles as he dragged his tongue longingly on my soft sole and making it wet. I knew that his lust for my feet was taking over his senses. True to my thought, he lunged forward and engulfed my toes in his mouth.

“Mmm… doctor…. ohh…. yes…… suck my toes….. mmmm”

I was going mad in ecstasy. He was sucking on my big toes lustily. He repeated the same assault on my left foot now. My right foot was fully wet with his saliva. I wanted more. I began to take off my clothes as the old doctor continued worshiping my feet. By the time he was done with my feet, I was lying on his table stark naked. He looked at my naked body and smiled.

“You look so lovely!” he exclaimed, lust explicit in his eyes.

His strong hands now began to caress my naked body. I knew he wanted to taste my cock. I was feeling shy.

The doctor got up slowly and looked at my naked body. He gently took hold of my hands and pinned them back of my head. His hands now moving all around my body rested on my hard cock. I moaned at his touch. Bending his head down, he brought his mouth near my twitching cock and blew air on it.

“Oh, doctor… I need you now”

He was encouraged by my moaning. His warm mouth slowly engulfed my cock and he began to suck it slowly. His hands held up my feet and he began to rub them on his face while he was lustily tasting my cock. This was too much to bear for me.

Moaning loudly, I bucked as stream after stream of cum erupted inside his mouth. I was spent.

The old doctor now got up and smiled. The early appointment was long lasting fun!