Dinner fun

My name is Brad, I am 16 and I have a really sexy cousin sister. She is 19. The best to describe her is that she resembles the pornstar Lana Rhoades. Her name is Caroline. So, she’s got really nice curves.

So, one day, our family organised a dinner together. We were all sitting at a huge table eating in the backyard of my house. I was sitting the opposite side of the table facing Caroline. After we all finished our food, we were having some dessert. Suddenly, I felt something slightly touching my legs. I looked under the table and saw that it was Caroline’s naked feet. I got a slight erection and I was shocked. My sexy cousin was now teasing me. No one could see it because the table was covered with a ling cover. The cover was touching the ground on the side. So, no one could see under the table. With a little bit of hesitation, I grabbed both of her feet and put them on my lap and started massaging them. I looked at her in the eyes and she seemed to be ok with it. Her feet were perfect. She had some perfectly aligned toes which were in black. I started thrusting my fingers wildly between her toes. She was smiling at me. After some time, I couldn’t resist it, so, I popped out my dick and started rubbing the tip of my penis with her soles. She definitely knew what was going on down there and was shocked.

She pulled back her feet and said that she had to go to the toilet. After sometime, so did I. On arriving in the washroom, she was washing her hand. So, I hugged her from behind and started pressing her boobs. She was resisting. I turned her around and tried to kiss her while grabbing her ass wildly. After sometime of resisting, she finally started kissing me back. I undressed myself while she was doing the same. Afterwards, she started sucking my dick. Then, I fucked her in doggy style for ten minutes. Then, she layed down, I lifted her feet, put my dick between her arches and them the fastest that I could till I cumed on her face.

Since that day, whenever I am aroused, I would go to her place to fuck her and play with her feet.