Foot fetish affair with girlfriend’s friend

This story happened one night last summer.

As we had broken up from University for summer break and we had a trip to England planned (where I come from), I was in jovial spirits and was invited for a night out with my girlfriend, Jennifer and some of her friends. We went to one of the bars in our upstate NY college town where we met some of her friends, including Sarah, one of my Jennifer’s classmates.

I had only seen Sarah a couple of times and never really spoke to her as she came across as a bit standoffish and not particularly friendly. I couldn’t describe it, she just gave off a bad vibe. Jennifer had even said that Sarah was a bit of a bitch.

I was, however, very attracted to Sarah. She had long dark hair and deep brown eyes, the opposite of my blonde haired, blue eyed girlfriend.

Having a super foot fetish, I had long fantasised about Sarah and her feet but as I’d only seen her a couple of times during the colder months, she was always shod. Even now on a hot summer night, she was wearing a pair of closed toe, high heeled boots. I always imagined Sarah having beautiful feet.

The only downer was that Sarah’s boyfriend was there. He was a typical arrogant gym and (American) football frat bro. I immediately disliked him. However, there were enough of us in our group that I didn’t really need to talk to him. As the night wore on, we ended up in a nightclub. Jennifer became quite tipsy and while we were dancing, I saw Sarah and her boyfriend having a furious argument and him storming off. Sarah then came over to us, hysterical while my increasingly drunken girlfriend consoled her. After a couple more drinks, we ended up outside ready for home.

As Sarah’s boyfriend had taken her car, I offered to let her stay at our place to avoid having to take a cab home. Jennifer was far too drunk to drive so I took us back, her layed out in the back seat while Sarah sat shotgun. During the ten minute drive back we didn’t talk much but she shot me a few suggestive glances. I didn’t think anything of it as she was my girlfriend’s friend, had a boyfriend and I didn’t think she liked me.

We soon got home and Jennifer immediately went upstairs to bed while Sarah slumped down onto the sofa, as I was getting her the spare duvet and pillow, she took her boots off, moaning that her feet hurt and my heart skipped a beat as I finally got to see her feet. She had lovely pink soles, high arches and perfectly-shaped, black painted toes. Sarah’s feet were absolutely beautiful.

I bid her goodnight and went upstairs to join my girlfriend who had already passed out. I tried getting to sleep but couldn’t. I was horny and couldn’t stop thinking of Sarah’s feet. After tossing and turning for a bit, I got up and went back downstairs to get a glass of water.

Coming back, I looked into the living room, hoping to catch another glimpse of Sarah’s feet when she said,

“You can’t sleep either?”

I switched on the lamp, went in to join her and sat on the couch she was on. To my surprise and joy, she put her feet on my lap and moaned that they hurt. I offered to massage them for her and she happily accepted. Her feet were so soft and perfect shaped with beautiful, black-painted toes. I kneaded her soles and each of her toes while she complained about her boyfriend.

“Jennifer’s so lucky, I always wanted to date a British guy. I wish my boyfriend would pamper me like this..” She said, smiling seductively at me as I massaged her.

As Sarah’s feet were so beautiful, I very quickly became hard and while I tried to hide my erection, Sarah laughed.

“You think I don’t know about your foot fetish? Jennifer tells us everything.”

She laughed at me and I mumbled with embarrassment before she quickly added;

“Why did you think I put my feet on you, I had to get your attention somehow.”

Sarah looked at me seductively before she sat up and immediately kissed me passionately. Her lips were soft and she tasted sweet from all the cocktails she’d had that night.

“What about Jennifer?”

I quickly stuttered, feeling guilty but at the same time, so horny too.

“Well, this can be our little secret. But you’re going to do exactly what I say or I’ll tell her.”

Sarah quietly replied, glaring at me before kissing me again, shoving her foot into my crotch and rubbing my now solid cock with her toes.

Before long, she was topless and I was sucking on her breasts. They were smaller than Jennifer’s but really pert and firm and she had lovely pink nipples. She then laid down and lifted her foot into the air.

“I want you to worship my feet” she commanded.

I grabbed Sarah’s feet and buried my face in her soles, kissing and licking them. I’d craved her feet for so long. They were warm and musky from being in boots all night and I couldn’t get enough. She moaned with pleasure as I then sucked passionately on each of her toes, tasting her incredible feet flavour as my cock bulged in my pants.

She then sat back up and upzipped my trousers and began sucking on my solid cock. Her mouth felt incredible around me as she gave one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had while I stroked her soft dark hair with one hand and groped her perky tits with the other.

Before long, we were both naked and while I was anxious Jennifer would wake up and catch us, the thrill made me too horny to care. Sarah’s pussy was tight, shaven and completely symmetrical.

“Now make me come or I’ll tell Jennifer everything” Sarah commanded.

I then licked her from the top of her clit to her asshole and tongue-fucked her for what felt like ages while she sighed and moaned with pleasure. She tasted incredible and eventually she squirmed and moaned as she clamped her thighs tightly around my head.

“Yes baby just like that, I’m coming! Oh yes, keep going!”

She moaned as she climaxed and I felt her body shake. After she stopped, she grabbed my hair and pulled my head away, then got up and layed down on the carpeted floor.

“Now fuck me like the dirty cheater you are or I’ll tell her everything. And you’d better fuck me good!”

Sarah threatened as I climbed on top of her and slowly slid my now throbbing cock inside her tight, bald pussy and began fucking her missionary on the floor. Starting off slowly, I then started to fuck her faster

“Oh yes, yes!”

She moaned as I fucked her while she kissed and nibbled my neck. After several minutes of fucking, she suddenly pushed me away.

“Get off me!”

She exclaimed. I stopped and suddenly didn’t know what to do before she immediately followed with;

“Sit on the couch you fucking loser!”

I did as told and sat on the couch where she climbed on top of me and started straddling me. I sucked on her tits and fucked her cowgirl for a few more minutes before flipping her over. Sarah was so small I could easily pick her up.

She then laid on the couch as I brought her perfect feet to my shoulders and slid my raging cock back into her tight, soaking wet pussy. I was so horny I could hardly contain myself as I kissed and sucked on her beautiful feet while I fucked her.

“Yes, fuck me hard baby, come for me, deep inside my pussy!”

She felt incredible and I soon felt the orgasm building. I took a deep breath and, while sucking on her left toes, massaging her right foot with one hand and her tits with the other, I thrusted myself balls deep in her perfect pussy and crossed the point of no return.

The combination of excitement from fucking someone I’d long fancied, the thrill of cheating on my girlfriend with her friend while she was right upstairs and the domination from her perfect feet lead to one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. I breathed deeply and shook as I blew my massive hot load deep inside Sarah’s pussy.

After the post orgasmic euphoria wore off, I suddenly realised what I’d done as she spoke.

“I can’t believe you just came inside me. Get me some fucking tissues!” She ordered and I did as told. She held the tissues to her cute pussy to catch my load as she tutted and laughed at me.

“Well aren’t you a naughty boy. You’d better be good or I’ll tell your girlfriend everything.”

She taunted me, putting her panties back on while throwing me my boxers,

“You’d should fuck off now or she’ll be wondering where you are.”

I got dressed and as Sarah shot me a seductive glance and laughed, I left the living room and crept upstairs to my bedroom where Jennifer was still passed out, asleep. She stirred as I got into bed and turned to me, still drunk.

“Hey babe, where did you go?” She asked, slurring her speech.

“Oh, I couldn’t sleep so I got a drink and talked to Sarah for a bit” I responded, anxious that she knew.

“Oh ok” she replied to my relief and reached into my pants “I missed you.”

Jennifer then grabbed my cock which had just been inside Sarah’s pussy not even ten minutes prior. It quickly grew erect again and before long, we were both naked. Jennifer has bigger boobs and her pussy isn’t quite as tight as Sarah’s but it’s just as nice. I slowly start to finger her and she starts to get wet. As I start to fuck her, she’s blissfully unaware that I had just fucked her friend downstairs.

“I love when you play with my feet babe” she said as she shoved her soft soles and lovely pink-painted toes into my face. Her eyes were closed and she was still virtually falling asleep as she moaned while I fucked her and kissed and sucked on her feet

Before long, I my climax built again as I fucked Jennifer in the exact same position I had just fucked Sarah in prior, sucking on her cute toes as I blew a second load, this time inside Jennifer’s pussy as she was blissfully unaware of what I’d just done with Sarah before. She then sighed, kissed me goodnight, mumbled some gibberish and turned over before she almost immediately started snoring softly. She was still too drunk to think straight and immediately passed out again while I laid awake thinking about what had just happened before tiredness overcame me and I fell asleep.

The next morning, to my dread, Jennifer had woken up before me. I quickly dressed and went downstairs to where her and Sarah were laughing. I was praying that Sarah hadn’t told Jennifer what I’d done.

“Sarah was just telling me about how good last night was, I was too drunk to remember most of it!” Jennifer told me.

“Yeah, we had a great time didn’t we?” Sarah then said with a sinister smile. The 2 girls were gossiping and laughing as I drove Sarah back home in silence. As we arrived at her house, she bid goodbye and shot me one final seductive glance and smile.

Driving away, Jennifer turned to me,

“I’m not really sure what to think of her you know.”

“What do you mean?” I asked “I thought you guys were friends.”

“I know, we are” Jennifer replied “but she blackmailed the last guy she hooked up with pretty bad, and she’s giving her boyfriend problems now… Plus I think you might like you.”

“Really? Nah I don’t think she’s into me, anyway, I’m with you. Don’t worry babe” I said as I filled with dread.

Later that day I got a message on facebook. It was from Sarah. There was a picture she had taken of her feet, a nude selfie and the text “you’d better be nice to me or I’ll tell her everything.”