My wife’s best friend’s smelly shoes

True story! My wife’s has a lot of friends and some of them really do have nice feet. One friend in particular has perfect feet, you know the type you just know would smell good! One evening my wife and her went out for dinner and as I want feeling up to it I was asked if I wanted to stay at the friends house and wait for them to return. I happily took them up on the offer. They shortly left and I sat down on the sofa. I could see a pair of flats sitting on the front room floor so I decided to go and have have a sniff of them and see what they smelt like. I was a bit disappointed because they didn’t really smell at all so nether the less I went on the hunt for some more! I managed to find the shoe cupboard! I was amazed at how many pairs of shoes and flip flops that she had in there! I spent a while looking through them trying to find the most worn pairs and when I did I lay across the hallway floor smelling and licking the flip flops and shoes! Some of them were really really worn and the smell was so good, I was really hard and the fear of getting caught was making me more horny and my cock harder!

I started wanking myself off but felt like I was going to immediately cum so I relaxed for a minute and then started again. I lay back with my cock in my hand and a pair of my wife’s friends smelly flip flops on my face I was in heaven literally! I sniffed and licked them until I was ready to cum and finally exploded all over the hallway floor! It was a very horny experience as I have been waiting to get my hands on her shoes for some time! I cum another two times whilst smelling her shoes and then put them all back in the cupboard. Still to this day I find myself staring at her feet and take my mind back to when I was surrounded by her smelly shoes and wanking myself off! I can’t wait until I can get the chance to have the smell of her feet all over my face again. Many of wanks I have had thinking back to that time!