My wife’s mum’s smelly slippers

I have been with my wife for some time now and she is aware I have a foot fetish and I often have fun with her feet. I regularly visit her mother’s house with her for dinner and things. Her mum is in her late 40s and has amazing looking feet and I always find myself staring at them when she’s around. On one occasion we were there, my wife and her mum went off upstairs to watch tv. Her mum had not long got in from work and her shoes were left by the stairs. I couldn’t help but wonder what the shoes would smell like so I went in for the kill and took a quick sniff of the shoes. I have never to this day smelt shoes that was this smelly. I got instantly hard but just left it as that. A few weeks passed and I had time to kill whilst my wife was at work so she suggested I use her key and wait In her mum’s house which I did. I let myself in and made a cup of tea. On my way upstairs I saw the shoes that I had smelt before sitting sitting by the stairs. I was alone in the house and couldn’t resist taking a better look at them. They smelt so good and so I decided to take them upstairs to the spare room. My heart was racing, I was so nervous of getting caught but the shoes and the thought of her mum’s feet in my mind powered me on. I got to the spare room sat down and unzipped my jeans I was so hard. I started to smell the shoes and get my nose right inside of them as I slowly stroked my cock. I was so turned in that I pulled the innersole right out of one the shoes! The toe prints the dirt and the smell was amazing! I felt myself getting ready to cum but I didn’t want this to end so I got dressed and ventured into my wife’s mum’s room. Straight away I found some slippers I have seen her wear before. I took them back to the spare room and couldn’t believe what I was smelling it was pure sweaty feet and I love that! I wanked and wanked for the next 10 mins and let out a loud groan as my cum went flying into one of her slippers! I have never still to this day came so hard. Never! Them slippers are perfect for those into foot fetish. I took the shoes and slippers back to where they originally were left and went and watched tv! I was a happy happy man and when my wife got there she was none the wiser! Now every time I go to the house I have a wank with her mum’s shoes and it’s great. When I see her mum wearing some of the shoes and flip flops I have wanked to, smelt, and cummed on I always smile and wonder does she know?