One night with sunbathing girl from the park

The summer had been a hot one. Every day dawned with blue skies and sunshine. And while I spent most of it cooped up inside the office, during my lunch breaks and days off, I took advantage of the hot weather to indulge in a favourite pastime- foot perving on sunbathing girls in the local park.

Summer is a foot fetishists prime season, as the women in town stroll in open toe shoes and relax barefoot in the cities parks and plazas. Armed with a hidden camera app on my phone, I spent a large portion of the summer sunbathing in the same park and snapping candid pictures of numerous girl’s barefeet as they relaxed and sunbathed..

But one day in August was like no other. As I was getting ready to leave, I set eyes on 2 girls further down by the fountain. One in particular was a stunning brunette with hotpants, a tight top and a cute foot tattoo.

I sat near to them, sneakily snapping several photos of the brunette’s bare soles as she sunbathed. After about 10 minutes, I was interrupted by a crazy guy who spoke gibberish.

The girls laughed and my hobo friend had been a blessing in disguise. I got chatting to them and asked if I could join them for a bit. They obliged and the brunette introduced herself as Mia.

As I got chatting with the girl’s I was amazed that Mia (by far the hotter of the 2) was not only single but also seemed to like me. I complimented her foot tattoo and she got closer to show me in detail, letting me touch it. She was gorgeous and her feet were beautiful with high arches, shapely toes and a black pedicure. When she wasn’t looking, I discreetly shot some close up pics of her tasty soles. But jerking off wasn’t to be that night as my luck had struck gold.

As the less attractive of the 2 said she had to go, Mia gave me a suggestive look and asked if I wanted to hangout a bit more. I excitedly said yes and we went to a nearby bar to relax on the roof terrace in the now late afternoon sun.

Darkness fell and after numerous beers, I suggested coming back to mine as it was close to the bar. Amazingly, Mia agreed and we ended up back at my apartment. As soon as the door was closed, we kissed passionately.

She was tipsy and seductive, biting my lip and my neck. In no time, we were in bed, naked.

Mia was slim with a nice hourglass figure. She had cute tits, not too big but just a good handful with a nipple piercing in one of them and a naval piercing too. She had another tattoo on her lower back. Her pussy was completely shaven and perfectly symmetrical. Her toes we lovely, perfectly lined and with a lovely black pedicure to match her fingernails.

I couldn’t wait to taste her pussy. She laid down on my bed while I went down on her. Her pussy was musky after the day’s heat and tasted incredible. I couldn’t get enough. She moaned loudly as I licked harder and she clamped her legs around my head and pulled my hair. Just as my ears started to hurt from her tight thighs, she came loudly, moaning before laying back and breathing deeply.

She then pushed me down on the bed and started sucking my hard cock. I pulled her long, dark hair as she deep throated the full length of my member. She licked and sucked my cock like a pro.

But I wanted those feet so badly. I flipped her over so she was laid down and I slowly slid my cock, bareback, inside her tight bald pussy. I grabbed her ankles and brought her feet to my shoulders as I fucked her, slowly at first.

Mia’s feet were sweaty and smelled amazing from the full day’s walking in the heat. She moaned as I fucked her harder. I grabbed her left foot and started massaging it while I was fucking her. I mentioned how amazingly soft her feet were and she told me she puts lotion on them every day. I the  buried my face into her soft, pink sole. They smelled amazing and tasted even better as I kissed and licked her foot from heel to toe. I then started sucking on her toes, starting with the little one and working my way to her big toe, running my tongue around it as I licked it. I then grabbed her right foot and sucked on both of her big toes at the same time.

I was horny and her toes tasted incredible but didn’t want to blow my load with this tasty brunette just yet. I pulled out and turned her around, fucking her doggy style.

As I was fucking her, she reached under and started massaging my balls and before long I was ready to blow. I asked her where she wanted me finish and she said “anywhere you like babe”.

With that, a last couple of trusts brought me to my edge and I quickly pulled out as I blew my hot load onto her gorgeous pink soles.

Afterwards, I breathed deeply and joked with her that her feet will be even softer now. She laughed as I grabbed some tissue for her to wipe her feet with.

Before long, we were in bed, spooning. Mia was so hot that before long, my cock was hard again. I put my cock back inside her again from behind and started humping her slowly.

“Oh you want more now do you?” She joked. “Of course” I laughed back as I slid in and out of her. Before long, she sighed as I was fucking her again and after several minutes, I blew a second load, this time inside her pussy.

Now exhausted, we laid, spooning and with my cock still inside her, we soon fell asleep.

The next day dawned hot and humid as the last. I woke first and she soon stirred afterwards. I offered her to use my shower and had my hidden camera app open again in time for her to come back for me to hopefully snap some discreet nudes of her but unfortunately she had already taken her clothes to the bathroom with her and dressed in there.

I offered her some breakfast but she said she had some stuff to do. We exchanged phone numbers and instagram and she gave me a kiss as the left into the day.

While we messaged a few times, I never did see Mia again. At least I still have those candid pictures of her tasty feet to remember her by!