The Cousin Next Door

My name is Brad and I am 18. I have a really sexy cousin sister. She is really slim with great curves. Her name is Caroline, she has the nicest ass and boobs. She lives a few metres next to my house.

When this story took place I was 16 and my cousin was 19. I used to go to her house to chill a little bit. We were really close, she had a good sense of humour always throwing some jokes and laughing around. She would often touch me in my arms and shoulder when laughing but she had no real sexual tension towards me contrary to me. I would often use jokes as an occasion to touch her ass and boobs while laughing without her noticing anything.

One day, after she returned from a wedding, I went to her place. We were alone at her place. I sat on the couch in the living room and she was just there in yoga pants and she suddenly bent down to remove her high heels. God! I had the best view at her perfect ass. I got a slight erection. I never showed any sign of my intentions to her as she was elder than me and she maybe would not appreciate that. After removing her high heels, she jumped on the couch. She was lying on her belly and using her phone and I was at her feet also using my phone. I could see her ass popping off in those yoga pants. Suddenly she said,”Aouuch, my feet are hurting me. Brad could you give me a foot rub.” I was so into her feet so, without hesitation, I said of course. She put her feet on my lap, still lying on her belly so she could not see me. Her feet were perfect. Straight up perfect! Her toes were perfectly aligned and her nails were in black.

I started rubbing her feet, thrusting my fingers in between her toes. She definitely noticed something and said,”You like playing with my feet, aren’t you? Haha.” (joking). She could not see me so I lowered my body on the couch and my face reached her feet and I started gently kissing her feet. After some time I could not resist it and I started sucking on her toes with my my tongue licking in between her toes. She felt something and turned her head back. On seeing the situation she said,”What the fuck are you doing?”, remained silent for one second or two and then said,”Wait, continue on”. I stood up and pulled her whole body to me by her feet and started sucking her feet wildly. Then I took both of her feet and hooked them together behind me and lift her up by her hand and then grabbed her ass. She said,” You’re such a perv”, and we started kissing. I squeezed her spongy ass and kissed her for about ten minutes. Afterwards, I walked to her bedroom while lifting and kissing her. There, I threw her on the bed and quickly undressed myself while she was doing the same to herself and she got down and started sucking my dick. That feeling was extraordinary. After five minutes, she turned around and I started thrusting my dick in and out of her fat ass in doggy style. Then, we switched to missionary. I was fucking her while sucking on her feet. Afterwards, I told her to lay on her belly and I took both of her feet, put my dick in between her arches and fuck the hell out of them till I cum the biggest load on her sexy feet. Then, I lay my head on her ass and we talked a little bit.

Since that day, everyday after school, I would go to her place and have some fun with that hot, sexy woman.