A Rough Night

Cindy was a pretty 16-year-old petite brunette haired brown eyed girl who was a late bloomer. She just developed beyond a training bra but her hips have developed nicely, Though her skirts were not tight and were down just above her knees her round cheeks were still pretty well pronounced.

She was seeing a boy for about a year although her father still didn’t trust him. She was getting ready for her date and her dad called her in.

He said,” Hi darling, so are you going out with that boy Todd?”

She said,” Yes daddy, please he hasn’t done anything bad with me, we just kissed,”

He asked,” Where are you going tonight?”

She said,” We are going to a movie and go to the Sonic drive-in.’

Her dad said,” Here is $10 just in case you need a cab.”

She took the money and there was a knock at the door and Todd came in and her Dad looked at him;

He asked,” So where are you taking Cindy,”

He smiled and said,” To the movie Young Love and then we will be going to Sonic.”

Her dad David said,” You will bring her back by 11 or you won’t see her again.”

He said,” Yes sir.”

As Cindy and Todd were walking to his car she didn’t know he had something else in mind.

He opened the passenger door and she got in and he got in the driver’s side and started the car.

She said,” I have been wanting to watch this movie.’

He said,’ It should be good,”

They drove past the cinema and she said,” Todd you missed it.”

Todd said,” Time for you to reach womanhood.”

She started crying and saying, “Todd, what are you doing/”

He kept driving and he drove to the rougher side of town to an old house and he stopped.

He ran to Cindy’s side and he grabbed her and started dragging terrified Cindy and went up to the door and as he knocked she tried to break loose and he grabbed tighter.

He laughed and said,” Not so fast.”

A guy of about 20 opened the door and he smiled and let them in.

Guys from 19 to 35 went around her and one said,” She will be great.”

Todd said,” I get her first.’

The 19-year-old said,” Great.’

Todd said,” Cindy time to strip.’

She cried and said,” No.”

Hands grabbed her and they ripped her blouse, skirt and her bra.

The 35-year-old man said,” I love small tits like that she does look innocent.”

Todd stepped forward and ripped off her panties and shoved her on the couch and spread her legs and saw her hymen.

Todd stripped naked and Cindy screamed and cried,” No, please!”

Todd’s 7″ cock was hard and dripping precum and he was laughing.

He forcefully started kissing her and playing with her pussy getting it wet and then he shoved his cock in all at once blood going down her legs and she was screaming and crying.

He brutally thrusted in and out of her pussy stretching it mercilessly and 20 minutes later he shoved it in full length his cock violently inside her about 4 times.

Now she was just laying and crying the 19-old-man flipped her over and he spit on dick and shoved his cock between her cheeks and she screamed as he shoved his cock deep inside her ass hole.

He roughly sodomized her for an hour and flooded her hole.

They raped and sodomized her for hours and she cried in a fetal position.

After that Todd said,” Get dressed now your body belongs to me.”

He took her home and walked her up the porch and she put on a brave front and a fake smile and just went to bed.

After she dressed for bed little did she know he would make her do such disgusting things until she went to college.