Blackmailed for sex ( Sister’s phone pt 2 )

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Rich sat in her bed looking around her room. She was in the shower. Parents at work. He waited playing through the clips on his phone.

His sister was a real movie star.

Rick heard her coming he thought this could go to ways, really good or really bad. He sat in his underwear and Tee shirt. She walked into her room seeing her younger brother sitting there.

” What the fuck are you doing ” she said.

” Hi sis ” He said she wore shirt black denim shirts and the pink singled in the movie. His cock hardened.

” Ok fuck , get out of here now you little shit.”

” No ” he said showing her the phone ” Push play ” he said handing her the phone. She snatched it out of his hand and pushed play.

” Fuck “she said seeing her sucking her neighbour’s husband’s cock.

” How did you get these.” She said knowing she was caught.

” Security on your phone sux” he said.”

” Well I’m deleting them. You cant tell anybody Rich. No one will believe you. Because Ive deleting them.” She said.

” Sorry sis “he said standing stepping over to her reaching out touching her breast, she swiped his hand away.

” Fuck off” she said.

” I emailed them from your phone to me, then downloaded them. So you can delete all you like.

” Delete everything or…”

” will tell mum. Your fucking the neighbour. Does his wife know. What if I emailed these to her.” He said.

” No. ” she said

” Well tell you what, do some things for me and I will delete them ” he said.

” Pardon, what kind of things.? ” she asked.

” Well” he said reaching out again touching her breast again.

” No , no fuckin way. ” she said.

” Consider them emailed” he said turning grabbing his phone to walk out of her room.

” Fuck Rich. What do I have to do.” She asked

” Thats better, don’t want Mrs King to know your fucking her husband do we.” He said.

” No ” she said ” Or my boyfriend.”

” Lets see those tits then.” He said. She sighed and lifted her singlet taking it off. She wore a black bra. She reached behind her back unclipping it taking it off drooping it to the floor standing in front of her brother topless. He admired her beautiful breasts. Her perky nipples on her well tanned c cup breasts.

” Nice tits sis” he said. He reached out squeezing her nipples and fondled her breasts. He stepped closer fondling them both with each hand. He sucked her nipples and circled each nipple with his tongue.

She stood watching him, she couldn’t believe her had found the clips on her phone.

” So you like my tits” she asked.

” Oh yeh” he said smiling. He took off his shirt and pulled down his underwear his hard cock free. ” On your knees and suck it ” he added.

” No way” she said.

” Mrs King ” he said.

” Isn’t there some other way we can work this out ? ” She asked.

” No fuckin way” he said to his older sister. ” Now suck it like you suck Mr Kings cock.”

” Fuck ” she said looking at his knob. She put her tongue out touching the end of his circumcised cock. She put her hand around his shaft putting her lips over his knob. He held her head, pushing his cock in her mouth.

” Oh yeh ” he said smiling watching his sister suck his cock, up and down his shaft. ” Yes, not so bad sucking your brothers cock is it. ”

He looked down at her, he watched her breasts. She licked up his shaft circling his knob, she stroked his shaft as she sucked. She still couldn’t believe she was even doing this to him let alone Mr King their neighbour.

She had got to know Mr King chatting to him over the fence. He was 52 handsome with a beard, for some reason beards made her extra horny. He had perved at her in her bikinis sunbathing and her short skirts. Her breasts bigger than his wifes. One day it happened he came over to drop off a parcel delivered to the wrong house.

Ironically it was sexy lingerie she had ordered on line. They had a coffee and told him what was in the parcel and would he like to be the first person to see it on her before her boyfriend. He said yes. She let him open it. He admired it giving it to her she went to her room to change, walking out Mr King loving it. Which lead to them having sex. Had was a on going affair, which lead to her filming their good times, filming the oral sex, even him fucking her. She made sure she sent them to her email and secure folders. She had forgotten two which her brother found. She didn’t care about the others just her playing with herself. But Mr King Fuck.

She kept sucking his cock, not enjoying it him holding her head over it, every time she tried to slow down or take it out of her mouth.
He pulled her head into it. She felt him tense and groan. Fuck hes going to cum she thought. Please not in my mouth. Luckily he took it out.

He sat down and looked at her.

” Undress” he said ” Lets see that shaved pussy”

She undid the button.

” Dance and do it erotically” He said playing with his cock. She danced turning side on rubbing up her pussy and arse, wriggling her arse. Running a hand to her breasts she then slid them down her thighs her back to him. He slapped her arse. ‘ You have seen me naked in the clips Why this ‘ she thought as she stepped out of them. He pulled her to him. She stood in front of him. He rubbed over her black G String over her pussy, then turned her around kissing her arse.

” Bend over ” He said. She did it he kissed down the fabric spreading her arse cheeks down over her anus seeing the bulge of her pussy. He slid his hands over her pussy. ” Nice ” he said standing pushing her to the bed. He stood between her legs pulling her G String off her. He dropped it to the bed and knelt on the floor looking at her pussy. He rubbed her clit and ran his fingers down her pussy lips. He kissed and licked them tasting her juices, pushing his tongue deep into her womanhood. She groaned.

He put his fingers in her finger fucking her licking her clit ad he fondled her breast. He stood up grabbing his cock.

” No your not going to fuck me are you.” She said.

” Yes bitch ” he said pushing his knob against her pussy.

” No its gone far enough, please I don’t want to be fucked by my brother. ”

He thrusted deep inside her, she turned her head to the side as he pumped her pussy. He watched himself in her pussy. Her sweet pussy lips spread by his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy. He watched her breasts bounce as he fucked her.

” Yes ” He said fucking her.

” You better fuckin delete them after this ” she said.” Are you a virgin. ?

” Oh I will delete them as promised, and yes I’m a virgin but not for long ” He replied slapping against her pussy rubbing her clit with his thumb. He felt himself build up. So did she.

” God Im taking my brothers virginity. Don’t cum in me.” She said ” Please don’t.”

That gave him the invitation as he cum, he filled her pussy with semen.

” Fuck ” she said ” I said not to cum in me jerk”

He didn’t care. He emptied his fluid into her pussy. After a while his semen spilling from her he sat her up grabbing her hair putting his cock in her mouth.

” Last job. Suck it clean.” She licked and sucked his cum off him as cum spilt out of her pussy onto her sheets. ” All done ” he said.

She immediately stood walking to the shower.

” Fuck ” she said.

” That was nice sis” He said walking to his room. She turned giving him the finger.

Twenty minutes later she was in the kitchen he walked down stairs with his computer and phone putting them in front of her.

” My computer, my passwords. Delete them yourself. ” He said.

” I fuckin will. ” she said as he walked away

He smiled as he walked back to his room pulling out a flash drive labelled Sister Naked.

” Only said delete whats on my computer ” he said holding it smiling.

One week later.

Rick sat watching his sister performing as sat playing with his cock.

” Our little secret big sis” he said.


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