Crashed Out

The sixteenth birthday party had been going all day, neighbours had complained about the noise but nothing was done, it was Tina’s sixteenth birthday party, her parents were away for the weekend leaving Tina to cope on her own which she was happy to do, a hour after Tina’s parents had left Tina’s twelve year old brother Tom left the house to go and stay with his friends till the next night, Twenty minutes after Tom had left the first of Tina’s friends turned up with in side a hour there were loads of Tina’s friends at the house and all were having a good time, there was plenty of booze and drugs share around, the music was quiet to begin with but as the day wore on the music got louder, when at nine o clock old Mr. Khan went to the house to ask for the music to be turned down Sara gave him a lot of verbal abuse and spat at him telling him to fuck off, come midnight when the music was unbearable a resident went to the outside fuse box and pulled out just one fuse with cut off the electric supply for the music not long after people started to leave the party and things became a lot quieter. After a hour a couple of the lads from the area went in through the open door and looked around and found about twenty sixteen year olds all crashed out and despite nudging then hard not one of them stirred even dripping water over them did not wake them up, Mark came down from upstairs and said to his mates ” hey Kim is upstairs completely naked with Tony” the lads all rushed upstairs and were soon gathered the zonked out naked Kim admiring her ample boobs. Steve said ” hey lets fucking strip them all naked” and after a chorus of yeah the lads went to work and soon all the zonked out teens were naked, Steve was stood looking down at Tina who he had fancied for a long time and said ” shame to let these love tubes go to waste and started to undo his jeans his four mates agreed and like Steve started to undo their jeans and soon all the lads were standing over a different girl with their erections out, Steve went down and slid his erection into Tina’s love tube and started to thrust away, his mates each picked a different girl and soon all the lads were thrusting away into a girl, after half a hour the lads were all leaving the house with a bottle or two of booze each and satisfied dicks. Mr. Khan saw the boys leaving and went over to the house and got a pleasant surprise when he saw all the naked teens, he spotted Sara laying on the floor and after admiring the naked body of the mouthy girl undid his trousers went down and slid his erect dick into Sara’s love tube and humped away, then after twenty minutes was walking back home happy at what he just done, John who was gay and hated saw the open door and went in and smiled when he saw the sight inside and when he saw Martin the local homophobic racist thug his smile got bigger, John knelt down and stroked Martin’s seven inch dick and loved it when Martin got a nine inch erection, John gently stroked the zonked out straight boys dick and after ten minutes when Martin squirted his cum in long spurts John said “yes nice one” John then gently rolled Martin over and was sliding his dick into Martin’s tight bum and really enjoyed humping the straight thug who was a couple years older than what he was. All evening there was a steady stream of visitors to the house all who left happy. Later in the day the teens started to wake up and wondered how they got naked and who had fucked them. The party was the talking point of the streets residents for ages after with some residents asking Tina when she was going to have another party. Martin tried to find out who had been up his bum but like the other teens never did find out who done the fucking.