Hockey coach pleasured

“Its a surprise Natalie” said blindfolding her hockey coach. Three other players around him from his under 18 hockey team. They had gone unbeaten during the season winning the inter school competition. Others had left only four stayed behind for his surprise

“Should I be worried ” he said as they spun him around several times.

Natalie the captain a 17 yr old 5′ 9 long blonde haired girl. 12 C

Cherie held his other arm. She was 17 5′ 8 short dark shoulder length hair. 14 B

Paula 16 short shoulder length blonde hair 5’10 14 C

Lisa 17 short brunette hair 5 9 12 D

” This way ” they said leading him into the female dressing room. ” Arm out ” Cherie said lifting his arm. Natalie smiled as Cherie wrapped the pink shackle around his wrist.

” What’s going on ” he said pulling on the shackle. The other girls smiling as Natalie pulled the blind fold off. The other three girls standing around him. ” What are you doing, ? I shouldn’t be in here. ”

“Sit ” Cherie said. He sat and they shackled his other wrist to the frame of the middle changing stall. The all stood in their uniforms. Short blue shorts with a yellow strip down the side and a V Neck yellow singlet with blue strips down the side, the school emblem on the breast.

” What are you doing ?” He said. Natalie knelt in front of him smiling up at him.

” Well you have said how team building has helped this year. We thought we would do some team building of out own. Right girls. ? ”

” Yes ” they all said. Four girls ranging from 16 to 17 stood in front off their 52 yr old coach.

” Never been in the girls changing room or showers, have you ? ” Cherie said. The girls stood in front of him smiling.

” What are we going to do with him.? Natalie said

” Don’t know. ” Marie replied.

” Let’s get these pants off ” Natalie said smiling she pulled his shorts off his cock hard and erect. ” Wow ” Natalie said. She grabbed it stroking it.

” Its big. ” Paula said sitting next to him sliding her hand inside his thigh playing with his balls.

” Girls no.” Wayne said.

” Oh shut up ” Marie said sitting next to him opening his other leg playing with his cock with her hand with Natalie.

Natalie licked his shaft circling it then slid her lips down his shaft sucking it as she held his balls. Marie knelt down between his legs. Natalie and Marie took turns sucking his cock fondling his balls. Lisa and Paula sat either side watching. All girls still dressed.

” Want some young teen pussy ? ” Paula asked him smiling.

” God ” Wayne said as Paula lifted her singlet up taking it off. He saw her bust in her bra. Lisa did the same. Wayne trying not to look but impressed with Lisa’s cleavage. She got up knelling her breasts in Wayne’s eye level. She reached behind undoing her bra taking it off her D Cup breasts falling out.

” Nice tits.” Paula said reaching over fondling Lisa’s breasts. Paula took her bra off Wayne seeing Paula’s C cup breasts.

” Suck them. ” Paula said lifting one off Lisa’s breasts to his mouth. He sucked her nipple as Lisa pressed her bust into his face as Natalie and Marie kept sharing his cock. Paula and Lisa taking turns putting their breasts in his mouth.

” Fuck ” Wayne said.

” Think he has to cum girls.” Marie said. Soon he had four girls taking turns sucking his cock. He looked down watching. Natalie wanked his cock the girls waiting.

” Who wants to have his cum. ? ” Natalie asked. He then cum. It shot up into the air over his body and down his cock. Marie put her mouth over his cock sucking it. She licked his cum. Paula then licked his cock.

Soon the girls had licked him clean. Natalie stood up in front of him. She lifted her singlet taking it off she caressed over her bra then slid both hands to her stomach rubbing it and pushed her other hand down over her shorts rubbing over her pussy. Lisa sat on his left, Paula on his right topless playing with his cock.

Marie stood next to Natalie. Natalie turned around. She bent over pulling her shorts down her arse and thighs revealing her black G String she slid her shorts off and. Paula and Lisa spread her arse cheeks. Natalie slid a hand between her legs rubbing her pussy over her underwear. She then sat back in his lap sitting on his cock. She grabbed his cock pulling it. She pressed it against her underwear.

Natalie reached behind her back unclipping her bra taking it off, looking behind smiling at him as she took it off. She dropped her bra to the floor. She stood up and turned to him leaning over kissing his lips. She stood grabbing the top of her underwear turning sideways to him. She pushed them down her hips and legs stepping out of them. Now naked she turned to him, fondling her breasts and rubbing her pussy.

” Want some pussy.” She said.

” Stop girls ” he said.

” Take that as a yes” Marie said as Natalie turned her back to him leaning back in his groin. She grabbed his cock rubbing her pussy with it. She rubbed his knob over her Vagina and slid down his shaft, she groaned as he entered her.

” Oh fuck ” she said ” Do fuckin nice.” She slowly rode up and down his cock. Marie got on her knees between Wayne’s legs watching their teachers cock in Natalie’s pussy.

” Shes not a virgin.” Lisa said to Wayne.

” Paula’s the only virgin” Marie said. Lisa stood taking off her shorts and underwear. She sat opening her legs as Marie knelt between her legs. Lisa sat back as Marie licked her clit circling it with her tongue. Marie licked up and down her pussy sliding a finger inside her. Natalie then got off Wayne and turned around straddling him, she slid back down his cock facing him as he sat.

” You should be enjoying this Paula said smiling. ” Four horny girls at your disposal.”

” Not my under 18 hockey team.” He said ” Your teenagers.”

” Oh well, we still have horny pussies.” Lisa said watching Marie work on her pussy. Natalie slowly riding his cock.

” Want some Lisa. ” Natalie said.

” Yes please” Lisa said standing up. Lisa straddled Wayne as Natalie guided his cock to Lisa’s wet pussy. Lisa slid down his shaft she rode up and down it.

Natalie sat down. Marie between her legs licking her pussy.

” Going to fuck him Paula.” Natalie said.

” Don’t know ” Paula said only topless.

” Go on.” Lisa said ” Loose your virginity, I did at 16.”

Marie stood up and undressed. All girls naked except for Paula who still wore her shorts. Marie and Natalie swapped. Natalie between Marie’s legs licking her clit.

Lisa held his head. She pulled his face into her breasts. ” Suck them. “She ordered. He put his lips over her nipples sucking it as Lisa slowly rode him. Paula stood up turning grabbing his hand hanging loose from his wrist in the shacked. She grabbed it lifting it to her breast. She rubbed his hand against it. Natalie had an idea. She stood up on the seat guiding her pussy to the other hand grabbing it lifting her hips rubbing her clit with his hand.

Marie stood up straddling him as Lisa sat back. She pushed her pussy to his face pulling his head into her. ” Lick it ” she ordered. He slowly licked up her clit.

” Oh yes ” she said ” Lick that pussy.”

Lisa got off and turned around sliding back down his cock. Paula stood up in front of Lisa. Lisa fondled her breasts as she rode Wayne.

” Want to fuck him.” Lisa said the Paula

” Not sure.” She said.

” Its a nice cock.” She said. Natalie stood next to Marie. Marie moved over and Natalie put her pussy in Wayne’s fact. She held his head into his pussy. He licked her clit as Marie knelt putting her finger into Natalie’s pussy.

“Oh fuck ” Natalie groaned. Lisa kept riding Wayne’s hard cock.

Marie got down and reached into her bag. She pulled out a strap on dildo. Natalie sat down opening her legs as Marie put on the strap on kneeling between her legs guiding it into Natalie’s pussy. Natalie groaned looking down as Marie thrusted her pussy with the strap on.

” Fuck yes.” Natalie said smiling fondling Marie’s breasts.

” Fuckin Lesbians.” Lisa said.

After five minutes. Lisa got off Wayne , she swapped with Marie. Marie faced Wayne sliding down his cock. Paula knelt between Wayne’s legs playing with his balls watching his cock ride in and out of Marie’s wet pussy. Lisa put on the strap on guiding it into Natalie. She fucked Natalie both girls fondling each others breasts.

After five minutes Lisa looked at Paula. ” Want a turn? ” she asked.

“Ok ” Paula said. Lisa got up giving the strap on tha Paula. Paula guided it into Natalie thrusting her. Lisa sat on the other side next to Wayne fondling Marie’s breasts as she rode him. Paula and Natalie kissed lips French kissing. Paula the kissed down sucking Natalie’s breasts and fondling them. Marie slid off Wayne’s cock knelling between his legs sucking his shaft.

” Bit over dressed Paula. ” Marie said. Paula looked around Natalie, Marie and Lisa naked. She was topless.

” Come on get naked with us.” Lisa said. Paula stood up taking off the strap on. Wayne watched as Paula slid down her shorts. She took them off. ” No mans seen me naked, I’m a virgin.” She said. She looked at Natalie’s shaved pussy, Marie had a trimmed bit on the top of her pussy. Lisa was totally shaved.

She turned her back to them taking down her underwear. Marie kissed her buttock and stood behind her holding her hips. She kissed Paula’s neck holding her short shoulder length hair to the side. She turned. Marie’s body blocking her nakedness from Wayne. Marie kissed down her body sucking and fondling her breasts. She slid down to her pussy. Paula opened her legs as Marie licked her clit. She ran her fingers down her pussy spreading her pussy lips licking between them to her vagina opening circling her fingers around it as she licked her pussy lips. Paula groaned as Marie licked her out. Marie then stood up and left Paula naked in front of Wayne.

Lisa sat next to Wayne holding his cock.” Theres a free cock babe.”

“Wow ” Paula said. ” Don’t know.”

“You said you want to loose your virginity.” Natalie said. Natalie stood up straddling Wayne. ” Watch. Guide his dick to your pussy, make it find your hole. Then slid down. ” Natalie slid down his shaft.” Then fuck him.” She said slowly riding him. She got off and stood.” Your turn ” Natalie said. Paula turned straddling him facing him. Natalie knelt between his legs finding Paula’s vagina hole. Paula slid down his shaft.

” Oh fuck ” she said.” Oh God ” she slowly rode the top half of his hard cock.

” All the way in ” Natalie said. Paula slid further down his cock penetrating her fully. Her hymen breaking and stretching her pussy. She groaned as she rode him. It felt uncomfortable. She fucked through it holding Wayne’s shoulders as she rode him.

” Your a fuckin natural.” Lisa said fondling her breasts. Natalie watched Wayne’s cock in her pussy. She saw a bit of blood on his shaft. Paula rode him groaning. Marie knelt behind Natalie putting on the strap on. She plunged Natalie doggy style watching Paula’s arse ride up and down Wayne’s cock. Paula and Lisa fondled each others breasts.

” Ride him till he cums in you.” Lisa said.

” Cum in her.” Lisa said to Wayne. Natalie rubbed his balls. Marie spreading Natalie’s arse cheeks fucking her with the strap on.

Wayne’s cock hard in Paula’s pussy. The pussy juices of four girls covered his shaft with a bit of blood from Paula’s pussy.

” Oh fuck ” Wayne said five minutes later as he lurched.

” Hes cumming Paula ” Lisa said. Seconds later he shot cum up into Paula’s pussy.

” Yes ” Lisa said as Paula stopped stirring on his cock.

” Lucky hes had his Vasectomy. ” Marie said. ” So you cant get pregnant.”

” How did you know” he said.

” Lisa dads the doctor who’s clinic you went to. ” Marie said.

Paula got off. Cum dripping from her pussy. Wayne’s cock shrinking covered in cum and blood.

” How was that.?” Natalie asked.

” Fucken good.” Paula said looking down at the cum dripping from her pussy.

” He did you good and proper.” Marie said.

Paula walked into the showers and showered. They got a flannel and hot water and washed his cock clean. For the next hour they raped him taking turns on his cock. After he cum again an hour later The girls showered and dressed. They left uncuffing him as they left. He sat there not believing what had just happened been raped by four girls in his hockey team.


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