India Trip

At sixteen years of age Tina’s parents thought that she was old enough and responsible enough to travel on her own to India where they owned a hotel and sort out a couple of small problems, Tina saw this as a test to see how she would cope and intended to make a good impression. On arrival at the hotel Tina had her bags taken to her room and went straight to the office where she found the manager fast asleep with his feet up on the desk, Tina rudely woke the man by pushing his feet off the desk, the man blinked his eyes stood up and said” guests are not allowed in here” Tina told him that she was not a guest and that she was the owners daughter, Tina had noticed the way the man had been looking at her ample boobs and said to him you can quit looking at my tits and get me some tea. The man left the room, after drinking her tea Tina went to her room and changed  into a tee shirt and pair of shorts leaving her underwear off in the hope it would help her stay cooler, as Tina went back to the lift she saw one of the house boys who was about her age hit the lift boy round the ear, the lift boy who was about twelve fell to the floor, Tina grabbed the older boy by the arm spun him round and told him he was fired and to get out of the hotel, the boy went off leaving Tina with the boy,  after checking the boy was ok Tina returned to the office where she found the house boy talking with the manager who told Tina the boy was his son, Tina said ” he is still fired” and walked out she went into the staff room where she saw the house boy talking to other boys, Tina told him to hurry up and get out then went back to the office, where the manager told her that in India girls do not tell men or boys what to do, Tina said to him ” you better get used to it because I am in charge and will tell you what to do” and left the office went to reception where she checked the register and found no reservations, an English girl of about her age told Tina not to push things to go easy or she would regret it, Tina saw the girls name badge said Sandra, Tina saw the house boy still in the back went in grabbed the boy by the hair and dragged him out and pushed him through the main door into the street, Sandra smiled at Tina and said ” you should not have done that you silly cow you will regret it look” and pointed, Tina looked and saw the main doors closed and all the staff gathered in the lobby, Sandra told Tina the boy was very powerful and she was finished, Sandra then told her she had better strip as the staff wanted her naked, Tina looked at Sandra who said ” get your fucking clothes off bitch because I want you naked as well” Tina looked at her said ” no way” Sandra slapped Tina hard grabbed her by the hair and held her head down on the counter saying do it the hard way then, Sandra yelled out ” hold her down” Tina then felt her arms being pulled over the counter and her ankles held, Tina felt her shorts being undone and pulled down and Sandra say oh no panties, Tina’s legs were lifted one at a time and her shorts pulled right off, she then felt her tee shirt get torn clean off leaving her naked, Tina was stood up straight giving everybody a good view of her naked body, Sandra told her told you to strip and cupped her boobs the staff cheered, Sandra had Tina taken into the staff room where she was laid on the floor and held spread eagled she then saw the house boy stand between her legs and undo his trousers letting his eight inch erection spring out, Tina yelled out no as he went down and pushed his throbbing erection into Tina’s love tube and start to hump away and after twenty minutes of humping away stood up and smiled at Tina who had climaxed, Sandra knelt down licked Tina’s nipples and said ” told you that you would regret it, it will be a long night, Tina saw the manager standing between her legs with his erection out ready for action, Tina also saw other men and boys standing with their dicks out Tina closed her eyes as the manager slid his dick into Tina’s love tube and start to hump away, after a hour four more boys had taken great delight in humping the naked white girl who had climaxed a few times, Tina heard a crashing sound and splintering of wood followed by the sound of whistles being blown and lots of loud shouting, Tina saw the staff all run off then saw some Indian police officers standing over one who covered her with a blanket, Tina felt her self being gently lifted and carried out on a stretcher and put into an ambulance which took her to a local hospital. Tina learnt that the lift boy who she had helped.  had raised the alarm but most staff had escaped, after a couple of days Tina was released from hospital she was told the hotel was empty and she was given a key to the new doors, as she left the hospital she saw the hotel manager laying on a trolley and was told he had ran in front of a lorry and would not live. Tina went to the hotel and after letting herself in was surprised to see the place as she had left it apart from a few broken things, Tina saw the lift boy thanked him for what he had done, the boy explained that as soon as he knew there was going to be trouble he had ran to get help, Tina saw the way the boy was looking at her boobs and she asked him if he had seen her get stripped the boy told her no, Tina opened the safe got some money out which would make the boy and his family rich gave it to him and told him to go home, as the boy was leaving Tina said” by the way” the boy turned and saw Tina stood with her boobs on show, the boys eyes lit up and he smiled, Tina told him to go, after the boy had gone, Tina checked the hotel and found it empty when she checked the top floor she found the house boy hiding in a room, nobody else was about, Tina smiled at him told him to stand up and told him to strip, the boy did as he was told and stood naked after a minute his dick had grown to a full erection Tina smiled and told him that from now on he did everything she told him, the boy nodded then to his surprise Tina stripped naked and said ” you can start by fucking me again” soon Tina was laying on her bed moaning and groaning as the boy ponded into her. A month later the hotel was running smoothly with a full register of bookings, Tina’s parents were very happy at the way things were going and left Tina to run things for six months the house boy was happy as he was now the deputy manager and kept trouble away from the hotel, after six months Tina returned home to England but knew she would return when a permanent work visa was issued.