The rundown council estate on the edge of the town was known as the L.L. estate, the L.L. simply stood for Law Less as that is what the estate was, it was law less, repair men refused to go on the estate, the ambulance service refused to go on to the estate unless they had a police escort and the police would only go on the estate if there was at least six of them and they had riot gear on, the few honest residents on the estate had metal grills on their doors and windows and only went out in the day time. There was a gang on the estate called death as that it is what they stood for, the gang was well feared and nobody argued with them, Tina was the gang leader and well feared even by her own gang members. There was a new lad on the estate called Martin who was sixteen years old, there was a gang meeting planning a raid on another gangs turf. Martin stood up when Tina was talking and the room fell silent when Martin looked at Tina and said ” shut the fuck up your talking through your ass” Tina glared at him and asked him if he was challenging her for leadership, Martin smiled  said ” you are fucking shit  I will take you any time” the gang very quickly moved clearing a space in the middle of the floor, Tina jumped down from the table she was on into the middle of the room pulled her knife from inside her hoody and started to walk in a circle round Martin then suddenly lunged at him Martin side step Tina missed him then with out any warning Martin kicked out catching Tina on the thigh knocking her over, Tina got up Martin  kicked again catching her other thigh Tina went down again as she started to get up Martin kicked the top of her left arm then the right, Martin kicked her twice more Tina lay in a crumpled heap on the floor beaten, the gang looked at Martin in silence, one boy looked at Martin and said ” do they call you six belt” Martin replied yes, the boy then said ” he makes Bruce Lee look like an amateur” Martin nodded the boy said he owns six black belts in martial arts, Martin said ” any one want to challenge me”  he then looked at Tina said ” your finished” and put his hands under her tee shirt feeling her naked boobs and said “she aint wearing a bra” he then asked who wanted a look the boys all yelled yeah Martin pulled Tina’s tee shirt up revealing her naked boobs then in one move pulled it over her head and off lay her back on the table held her down said somebody get her jeans off her there was a rush and soon Tina was naked the boys admiring her love tube, Martin pulled Tina to her feet dragged her to the door and pushed her out into the night air telling her to piss off, Martin looked at Tony the boy who asked him if he was six belts and told him he was number two then looked at Amy told her she was number three told the gang to go as they left he called Cindy over asked her if her tis were real, Cindy made no reply just smiled and raised her eye brows, Martin slid his hands up the inside of her jumper cupped her naked boobs ” said I will have to test these myself” Cindy rubbed his crutch and said ” when” Tina was hiding behind the bins at the back of the shop hoping not to be seen, she was plotting how to get revenge but could not think of a plan, after a hour Tina decided it was now quiet enough to go home and took the back way to the block where her flats were knowing it would be dark and she would not be seen, as she crept down the landing Tina saw the Bengali lady holding a blanket out to her, Tina rushed forward as she did the blanket was dropped to the floor and Tina was hit in the face knocking her to the floor she was then dragged into the flat and into a room where she was tied spread-eagled to a bed and left after a few minutes a Bengali boy walked in Tina knew he was sixteen Tina saw he was naked with a eight inch erection the boy climbed on the bed and was soon pushing his dick into Tina’s love tube and humping away after a few minutes the boy squirted his cum onto Tina’s body as the boy left the room another walked in Tina saw it was the other boys brother who was a couple of years younger and he had a six inch erection after the boy had finished with Tina another boy walked in after a hour Tina had been serviced by a lot of different boys and men, then two naked girls walked in Tina knew they were a couple of years younger than her and were both lesbians and soon the two Bengali girls were having great fun playing with the naked white girl, to her surprise Tina felt it was feeling good she felt fingers slide into her love tube and after a few minutes the girl fingering Tina felt her cum and smiled, half hour later the sixteen year old Bengali boy untied Tina and to his surprise Tina grabbed the boy quickly pulled his trousers down and started sucking on his dick after five minutes the boy was squirting his cum into Tina’s mouth which she swallowed,  Tina stood up looked at the boy and said to him ” if you help me I will become the sex slave of all of you doing what ever you want. The boy’s dad was stood by the door Tina went to him pulled his trousers open knelt and sucked his dick till he squirted his cum down her throat, Tina said and I will get you a few of the  girls or boys of the gang that you can have fun with, A hour later Tina was walking home fully dressed after making a deal with the Bengali community.