Servant fucks my mom

Hello friends, my name is Karan and I am a resident of Haryana. I am 16 years old and in my house my mother, my younger brother and I live. My father mostly lives outside so that we are all three in the house. My younger brother is in 5th class and I’m in college. Now let me tell you about my mother. My mother’s name is Anjali and she is 36 years old, color is fair and figure size is 35 and her height is 5 feet 5 inches.

Now the story I’m going to tell you is absolutely true. My younger brother had gone to school and my father was always out of work in another city. That day my health was bad and I did not go to college. In our house our servant Sukhwinder came to work like everyday. He was 25 years old and the color was black and he was Hariyanvi. My room was on the first floor and my mother was working on that day down with Sukhwinder. My mother wore Salwar shirt that day. As usual, at 10 in the morning, Sukhwinder came to work. Sukhwinder used to look at my mother with a dirty look every day before. That day in the balcony outside my room I was standing and I saw that another man came in the house and he locked the door.

Then I thought what is he doing? I thought there is something wrong. I looked down and saw that my mother was unconscious by Sukhwinder. He thought that I am not in the house. Then I thought what to do? Sukhwinder’s friend came in too. His name was Amish and was looking at all this. Now they both took my mother to the room and then I slowly came down from the stairs and they locked the room door from inside, but I was seeing everything from the window.

I was standing outside and listening to the words. Sukhwinder told Amish that the effect of the bullet will be for 3 hours and today we will get it very choked. My mother was wearing a green suit. Now Sukhvinder first came down to my mother and began to smile to mother with a loud voice. Amish stood nearby. Then I saw that Sukhwinder lifted mother’s saddle and threw it in the side and then Amish started pressing my mother’s boobs. Now both of them were saying how mach soft they are.

Then Amish and Sukhwinder lifted mother’s suit from the top. Mother was wearing a black color bra and Sukhwinder said “I will do sex first, you wait”. Then Sukhwinder also removed the mother’s salwar. Now Mother was only in Panty and Bra. Now Sukhwinder was smacking my mother. Now I was having a lot of fun watching this and pressing my lund in. Amish was also enjoying watching. Then Sukhwinder dropped mother’s bra and sucking mother’s nipples. Mother’s nipples are brown and big.

Then he was doing kissing and sucking mother everywhere. Then he removed her panty and started mashing her pussy and talked to Amish about how sweet the smell of pussy is. Then he started sucking mother’s pussy and I was enjoying standing outside the window.

Then Sukhwinder took out his cock and his cock was big and black. Now he climbed up to my mother and started rubbing his cock in between my mom’s boobs. He was saying repeatedly that today it was fortunate. Then he said that he is gonna fuck her now, he put his dicks in her pussy and started fucking. Now my mother was moving a little bit, but she was not at all sensual, my mother had some hair on her pussy and she looked very sexy and Sukhwinder was loudly fucking my mother. Then he cummed inside my mother’s pussy after a while.

He said “now its your turn”, then Amish took out his lund, he was very black and at least 8 inches. He first brought his cocks to the mother’s mouth and put them together. He was pressing my mother’s nipple. Then he pulled out his cock and started rubbing on her nipples.

Then Amish lay on my mother and began to smile to mother. I was having a lot of fun and now I started fisting out. Then he started licking her navel and stomach and then he slowly came down and said that her pussy is so sweet and cool, today he will eat it and he started loudly pushing his tongue inside her pussy. Then he put his dicks in her pussy and started fucking my mother.

Then after 10 minutes he took out his cock and he overturned my mother and I saw my mother’s face clearly. What the hell was that cute girl? Then he said that he will fuck her in ass today.

Then he took the oil from his pocket and put it on my mother’s hips and ass and he put his 8-inch dick into the mother’s ass. Now he was pushing her ass loudly.

Then he said that he will leave his cargo inside and he cummed. Then Sukhwinder and Amish dressed my mother so that she could not suspect later. They got dressed and went to their houses. Then in the evening mother got up and it was normal, as if something had not happened. So friends, tell me how you feel about my true story.


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