Temporary Care

Sixteen year old Steve had been out for the night with his mates and had just arrived home. As Steve entered the house through the rear door he saw Oma the Bengali girl who was four years younger than what he was and lived in the house next door to where he lived sitting at the kitchen table. Steve looked at his mum who explained to him that Oma’s mum had rushed off to her sick dad in Bangladesh but could not take Oma because her passport was out of date so Oma could no go with her and so was staying with them till her mum returned home. Steve asked where she was sleeping, Oma quickly said ” in your room and your sleeping in the shed” Steve laughed his mum told him that Oma was going to be sleeping in the spare room. The next morning Steve woke early went down to breakfast where his mum told him that she had been called into work and that he had to keep an eye on Oma till she got back later in the evening, not long after Steve’s mum left for work. Steve finished his breakfast and went up to his room and after a few minutes went to have a shower, Steve was stood under the shower when the bathroom door opened and Oma walked in, Oma looked at Steve smiled and said ” wow a naked white boy ” Steve quickly lowered his hands and covered his dick, Oma said ” to late I have seen your cock and it is a big one” Oma walked out the room, Steve finished his shower put his dressing gown on and went down to the kitchen where Oma was sat at the table, as Steve went in the kitchen Oma smiled and said ” no need to have put your dressing gown on I have seen you naked and seen your cock” Steve looked at her smiled said ” big deal” got some orange juice and went back up stairs to his room, after a few minutes Oma walked into Steve’s room and sat on his bed beside him and to Steve’s surprise Oma said ” let me see your cock again” Steve just looked at her, Oma grabbed Steve’s dressing gown and pulled it, Steve told her to behave, Oma pulled the gown harder and said ” I want to see your fucking cock” Steve was surprised at the way Oma was talking, Oma said ” come on I want to see your cock and watch you have a wank” Steve told her to behave and go back to her room, Oma stood up as she did she used her karate skills and  hit Steve with her elbow, Steve fell back stunned, after a minute he regained his senses he looked at Oma who said to him ” I am not joking get your gown off and wank off” Steve could not believe what Oma was saying but could tell she was being serious, he sat up and told her no way, Oma delivered two karate hits to his head knocking him back on the bed then kicked his legs,  Steve lay in pain which after a minute had subsided, Omar looked at Steve and said ” get your fucking gown off” Steve stood up undid his gown and took it off, Oma smiled looked at Steve’s seven inch dick and said ” yeah it is one of the biggest cocks round here” Steve looked at her, Oma said ” get a fucking hard on” Steve rubbed his dick and soon had a full nine inch erection, Oma made him stand with his hands by his side while she admired his rock hard dick then told him to jerk, Steve started to jerk his dick with Oma smiling as he did after five minutes Steve squirted his cum in four spurts as he did Oma said ” yeah cool ” and left the room. A few hours later Steve was sat watching telly when Oma walked into the lounge with her cousin who was ten years old, Oma looked at Steve and told him to get naked, Steve looked at Oma and said  ” what in front of her” Oma said yes and raised her leg, Steve undressed, Oma’s cousin smiled when she saw the naked white boy and stared straight at his dick saying nice, after a minute the girl left, Omar told the still naked Steve to lay flat on the sofa, Steve did as he had been told and when Oma knelt down and got hold of his dick he flinched, Oma started to stroke Steve’s dick which soon became erect,  Oma sat slowly stroking Steve’s dick and after a few minutes of having his dick stroked by Oma Steve was breathing heavy and was surprised by how good it felt, Oma carried on slowly stroking the now throbbing solid dick of the white boy and after ten minutes Steve said ” I am going to spunk” and seconds after saying it he squirted his cum in four long spurts, Oma said ” yes oh yes you white boys always spunk a lot when we wank your cocks” Steve lay where he was surprised at how much he had enjoyed being jerked of by Oma. The next day Steve’s mum was working late again and not long after she had left for work Steve was laying on his bed while Oma stroked his solid dick, a hour after he had squirted his cum Steve was laying on his bed when Oma walked into his room with one of her class mates, Oma told Steve to take his dressing gown which he did, Oma stood and watched as her friend sat on the edge of Steve’s bed slowly stroking his dick and when Steve squirted his cum in six long spurts Oma’s friend smiled said ” oh yes he has got a lot of spunk on him” about three hours later Steve was laying naked on his bed when Oma walked into his room, Steve was surprised when he saw that Oma was naked her boobs were just starting to develop but her nipples were erect, Oma said to Steve ” I want you to lick my cunt” after a couple of minutes Steve was licking Oma’s love tube thinking to himself I hope your mum stays away a long time I am having great fun.