The Break In

At just sixteen years of age Dawn had a very bad reputation, she was known as being violent, a shop lifter, burglar, mugger, drank cheap cider that she often stole and smoked dope. For the last twelve months Dawn had been in a young offenders detention centre but was now free again, after only six days of Dawn being free five cars had been broken into and two houses broken into and robbed, the local residents of the estate where Dawn lived were already fed up with her and knew that the detention centre had not  taught her a lesson. It was just after midnight and Dawn was standing in a dark ally watching a house that she planned to break into, she knew the family who lived there were away she also knew they were all perverts and hated them all, after waiting awhile and seeing no lights go in the house Dawn knew it was empty and after ringing the door bell as a final check and getting no answer Dawn went round to the back of the house where she climbed over the fence and went to the kitchen window which she was able to force open with out any problems, after climbing in through the window Dawn started checking through rooms and was in one of the bedrooms when she heard the main door open, Dawn very quickly got under the bed just after she had done so she heard the voice of sixteen year Steve the owners son and his brother Simon who was two years younger than what Steve was, she then saw the lower legs of the two boys, then heard Steve say ” come out bitch we know your under the bed” Dawn stayed still thinking he was bluffing, after a minute a hand reached under the bed and grabbed Dawn by the hair and start to pull, Dawn yelled O.K. and after the hand let go of her hair she rolled out from under the bed to see Steve and Simon with base ball bats, Steve hit Dawn on the side of her leg with the bat that he had, then prodded her hard in the stomach, Dawn fell backwards onto the bed winded. Steve pushed the end of his bat onto Dawn’s forehead and pushed her head against the wall and held it there, Steve then told Steve that he and his brother were not going away for the weekend just their parents and that that the house security cameras had captured her every move, Steve then told Dawn to take her hoody off, Dawn looked at the two boys and told them to fuck off, Steve hit her leg again and said “get it off or we cut it off” Dawn saw both boys had the base bats raised ready to hit her again with and took the hoody off she was then told to take her tee shirt off, Dawn realised if she did she would be top less and the two boys she knew were flashers would see her boobs and so hesitated, when the bats got raised again Dawn took her tee shirt off and crossed her arms over her boobs, Steve told her to lower her arms prodding her with the bat as he did, after she had lowered her hands Simon whistled and said ” fucking hell look at those tits they are beauties” Steve told Simon to get the cuffs, Mark opened a draw and pulled out a pair of handcuffs and after telling Simon to watch her put the handcuffs on Dawns wrists he then used a second pair of handcuffs put them on the middle bar of the cuffs Dawn was wearing and after pulling her flat onto her back attached the other end of the cuffs to the metal bed frame, Dawn lay there looking at the two boys who started to undress and soon Dawn was looking at a naked Steve who had a nine inch erection and a naked Simon who had a seven inch erection, Simon sat on Dawns lower legs and pulled her joggers and panties down as far as he could then got up and along with her shoes pulled the joggers and panties right off, leaving Dawn naked, Steve got iron leg restraints from a draw and soon Dawn was laying with her legs apart and secured to the bed frame, Simon started to rub Dawns boobs while Steve rubbed her hairless love tube, Dawn struggled to get free but could not, and when Steve climbed onto he bed and knelt between Dawn’s legs she said ” no please don’t” Steve smiled at Dawn bent forward and pushed his dick into Dawns love tube, as he did Dawn yelled so Simon put a gag in her mouth, Steve started to thrust in and out of Dawns love tube while Simon was rubbing her boobs he then started to squeeze the nipples then started to lick and suck them, Steve thrust in deep and hard and after awhile he felt Dawn relax and told Simon to remove the gag which Simon did, as he carried on thrusting away Steve heard that Dawn was now groaning gently  he carried on thrusting away and after awhile longer he felt Dawn cum and heard her cry out ” yes” soon after Steve pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over Dawns body, not longer after he got off the bed, Simon climbed on and was soon pushing his dick into Dawns love tube then started to thrust away at the still moaning Dawn and after ten minutes Dawn climaxed again and a few minutes after Simon squirted his cum over Dawn, both boys stood looking at Dawn their dicks still fully erect, the boys left the room and after a few minutes Dawn heard the entrance door open and slam shut and thought the boys had gone out but then heard footsteps on the stairs and her step brother Joe who was Simon’s age walked into the room, Dawn looked at him and said” set get me free” Joe smiled said ” bollocks to that you fucking bitch I am going to fuck you” and stripped and after a few minutes was pushing his solid six inch dick into Dawns love tube and start to thrust away, Dawn then saw the owner of the local corner shop standing naked with a seven inch erection and when her step brother had finished the forty five year old owner of the shop was humping into Dawn who was soon moaning again and climaxed three times before the man got off her, Dawn then saw a few boys of different ages all naked all with erections waiting after a few hours Dawn was laying naked covered in cum having lost count of how many boys and men had been up her and how many times she had climaxed, Dawn fell asleep and when she woke she was in a room with no furniture except for the bed she was laying on, Simon and Steve were stood in the room, Steve smiled at Dawn and told her she was in their basement and was going to regret all the trouble she had caused in the neighbourhood and moved aside and let his naked twin sister July through, Dawn knew that July was a lesbian and soon July was sucking Dawns nipples, There were no more break in’s in the area or shop lifting but a lot of very happy males and females and an exhausted Dawn.