Two Timers – Part 1

Dawn was a sixteen year old school girl who was known for being a hard faced girl who had a violent streak in her, she was also known for being fair and helping people if she could. It was a weekend and Dawn’s parents were away for the weekend leaving her in charge of the house and her sister Tina who was four years younger than what she was. The two girls were sat in the kitchen talking when Dawn’s seventeen year old boyfriend Steve arrived at the house, Dawn told Tina to open the door and let him in, Tina did as Dawn had told her and opened the door, Steve walked into the kitchen as soon as he was in the kitchen Dawn hit him hard in the stomach causing him to double over before he could recover from the surprise attack Dawn hit him very hard in the face knocking him to the ground then kicked him a few times in the ribs and as she did she was calling him a dirty cheating two timing bit of shit, Dawn stopped kicking Steve and told him that she knew he had been screwing one of her friends from school and that he was going to pay for it, Steve lay there looking at Dawn knowing that he was in serious bother, Dawn grabbed Steve by the his hair and forced him to lay flat on his back on the floor then told Tina to remove his shoes and socks, Tina did so with out hesitation, one his shoes and socks were off Dawn told Tina to removed his joggers which Tina did and again with out hesitation, after removing Steve’s joggers Tina stood smiling as she looked at Steve’s seven inch hairy dick which Steve covered with his hands, Dawn slapped Steve hard round the face and said to him ” get your hands away from your cock let my sister have a good look at it” Steve knew he had no option but to obey and did as Dawn had told him to do, Dawn then stripped Steve of his tee shirt leaving him naked, Dawn pulled Steve by the hair onto his feet and forced him to sit in a chair where she tied his hands and feet to the chair, then once Steve was tightly secured Dawn started to gently rub his chest giving his nipples a lot of attention and after a few minutes Tina was looking at Steve’s dick and watching it as it grew and once it was standing fully erect at nine inches said ” nice one” Dawn then told Tina go on you know what to do, Tina reached out and held Steve’s dick in her hand then slowly and gently started to stroke it, as she stroked Tina got faster and after a few minutes noticed that Steve was breathing heavy, Tina felt Steve’s dick buck and saw the cum fly from his dick in four long spurts, as Steve’s cum flew from his dick Tina said ” yes spunk” after a few more strokes Tina stopped stroking Steve’s dick and stood back. Tina looked out the window and said to Dawn they are her, Dawn told Tina to let them in, Tina went to the door, Dawn pinched Steve’s noise forcing him to open his mouth the pushed tablets into his mouth forcing him to swallow them then stood back smiled at Steve then said to him ” that was Viagra you have just swallowed there was five tablets your cock is going to be hard for hours” Steve looked at Dawn who then added ” you are going to regret two timing me you wanker but others will be glad you did and that I found out” Steve then saw Chanda the Bengali girl who was Tina’s mate and the same age and her sister who was two years younger standing mouths wide open staring straight at his dick which he felt start to stiffen again Chanda said to Tina ” wow I thought you were winding us up ” Dawn said ” go on do it” Chanda started to stroked Steve’s dick which was now fully erect again and after a few minutes when Steve squirted his cum Chanda said ” yes just made a naked white boy squirt spunk nice” and after five minutes when Steve’s dick was fully erect again  Chanda’s sister started to stroke it and when Steve squirted his cum for the third time Chanda’s sister said ” yeah this is cool” Steve saw Padma the sixteen year old cousin of Chanda who looked at Dawn and asked her if she could ride him, Dawn smiled and told her that she could, Padma unclipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor then after taking her panties off stood astride Steve’s knees held his dick which was still erect up and slowly lowered her self letting Steve’s dick push between her thick dark bush and slide inside her love tube and ground down on the white boy’s dick, Padma sat still for a minute enjoying the sensation of having a white boy’s dick inside her moist love tube something she had never had before she then started to bounce up and down breathing heavy and moaning as she did, after a couple of minutes Padma sat still then undid her blouse  and unclipped her bra letting her boobs fall free, she then leant forward pushing one of boobs into Steve’s mouth and said suck it, when Dawn asked her if he was sucking Padma told her no, Dawn slapped Steve hard and said to him ” suck her tits you cunt” Steve started to suck causing Padma to moan, after a few minutes Padma started to bounce up and down on Steve’s dick once more and soon felt him cum and not long after climaxed herself, after a couple of minutes Padma stood up glad that she was secretly taking the pill. Steve looked round and saw a few more girls in the kitchen and to his horror saw Mark who was a couple of years younger than what he was, Steve knew that Mark was gay and he hated him, Mark was stood with his jeans open and his five inch erection on show, there were shouts of yeah go for it Mark as Mark slid his dick into Steve’s mouth and started to thrust in and out Making Steve gag as he did and when Mark squirted his cum into Steve’s mouth Steve dry heaved and gagged. Dawn knew that that evening her friend that Steve had two timed her over would be in the park waiting for Steve, she also knew that Steve would not be there as he would still be sitting on the chair in her kitchen, but Dawn knew she was going to be there as would be a lot of boys from their school as would be one or two of the lesbian girls.