मेरी गांड मारो प्लीज़

‘मेरे लिए एक टिकेट लेलो’, handing me some rupees he smiled, ‘मुझे अपनी साइकिल लगा कर आनी है . I kept waiting for this guy, he came after 15 minutes by which time the movie had started. ‘आपने देर कर दी, मैं तो अन्दर जा रहा था’. ‘सॉरी, साइकिल लगाने में देर हो गयी’.

I was angry at this stranger, but rushed inside. He came in with me following me closely, he kept holding my waist and arms following me in the dark cinema. ‘अँधेरा है, कुछ दीखता नहीं’ he tried explaining. He was touching me everywhere I felt his cock feeling against my bum. He sat next to me in the back row, this was an adult hindi movie, so I had not missed any ‘scene’.

‘तुम तो चिकने हो, 18 साल से ऊपर हो क्या, ये अडुल्ट फिल्म है’, he whispered in my ear. ‘मैं 19 का हूँ’. ‘लगते तो 15-16 के हो, पढ़ते हो क्या?’. He kept asking silly questions. ‘मैं कॉलेज में हूँ’ I thought he will stay quiet now. But he kept crawling close to me to talk.

‘चुदाई पसंद है तुम्हे, कभी किसी लड़की को चोदा है?’. I had not even touched a girl’s breasts! ‘नहीं, पर ब्लू फिल्म बहुत देखि हैं’.

The screen had a hot song, skimpily dressed girls showing their boobs. I was watching the tits and legs on the screen, but this guy kept talking. I had come to watch the movie alone and the cinema was almost empty, so I liked his company and kept on having conversation about sex and girls with him. He was in his late 30s I think.

‘आप क्या करते हो ?’, I asked him, ‘मैं बिजली ऑफिस में क्लेर्क हूं‘’. He kept his hand on my thigh and whispered.

‘आपने तो बहुत लड़कियों को चोदा होगा’, I smiled and asked him. ‘नहीं, मैं तुम जैसे चिकने और सुन्दर लड़कों को चोदता हूं!’. He moved his hand on my crotch, grabbed my dick and winked. I let him do this, I liked what he did.

‘तुम दाड़ी बनाते हो क्या?’. He kept rubbing my cock in my jeans with his hands. ‘नहीं , मेरी दाड़ी नहीं आती’. He came close and kissed my cheek, I liked his kiss. ‘तुम्हारे गाल तो बड़े नरम हैं’. He again gave me a wet kiss, sucking my cheek, ‘आपकी मूंछ चुभती है’, his mustache was like sandpaper on my face.

He had stroked and made my dick hard inside my jeans. He unbuttoned my jeans, opened my zipper and took my dick out. It was easy for him as I did not wear any undies when I came to see adult films, it helped me masturbate in the cinema.

‘बहुत छोटा है तुम्हारा लंड’.

‘क्या कर रहे हो आप, कोई देख लेगा!’.

‘अँधेरे में कौन देखेगा’. He moved his fingers on my dick, it was hard and excited. He moved his hand inside my jeans on my thighs, ‘बड़ी नरम जांघें हैं तुम्हारी, लड़कियों जैसी’.

He moved his other hand inside my T-shirt and massaged my tummy and breasts, ‘बड़े नरम और चिकने हो तुम, मम्मे भी लड़की जैसे हैं तुम्हारे.’ He pinched my nipple hard, I sighed with pain, but I liked the way he massaged my soft breasts.

‘मेरा लंड देखो’, I turned and saw that he had taken his cock out of his trousers and was massaging it. His glans was shining in the dim cinema light. The movie had a loud fighting scene going on and I was looking at his cock!

‘मेरा लंड 7 इंच का है, तुम्हारा तो बहुत छोटा है, बस 4 इंच’. He was stroking my dick and his cock simultaneously.

‘तुम मेरे लंड से अपनी गांड मरवाओगे?’ he asked me a straight question and moved my hand towards his cock. I instinctively took his cock in my fist and started stroking it. His cock was hard and fat, my palm got wet with his exposed supara and pre-cum.

I asked him, ‘कैसा लगता है गांड मरवाना?’

‘बड़ा मज़ा आएगा तुम्हें’. So I agreed, ‘ठीक है, कहाँ करेंगे?’ Both of us were talking as we were stroking each other’s dicks. ‘चलो, मेरा कमरा पास ही है’. So both of us buttoned up and left the cinema for his room.

Gooey & warm, that’s how his spit felt between my ass cheeks. He rubbed his saliva on my asshole and kept circling his finger around it.

‘मेरा लंड चूसोगे?’ Both of us were naked in his room. I went down on my knees and started sucking his cock, licking his pre-cum and swirling my tongue around his red hard सुपारा. He pinched and squeezed my nipples. ‘तुम्हारे मम्मे तो लड़की से अच्छे हैं’, he fondled my breasts while I sucked his fat लंड.

His cock was throbbing in my mouth, it was all wet with my saliva. He held my shoulders and I stood up, he grabbed me close to him and started kissing my face and neck. He pushed his tongue inside my mouth and started sucking my tongue. I too started moving my tongue around his tongue. His moustache was bristling against my face and lips. His cock was rubbing against my tummy as he was taller than me. He slowly inserted his finger inside my spit laden asshole and moved it, he then inserted another finger. Two of his fingers were inside my hole as he was kissing me and squeezing my breasts.

‘चलो अब तुम्हारी गांड मारता हूं’. I turned around and went on all fours on the floor. He put some oil on my asshole and pushed his finger inside, he poured more oil inside my anus.

My dick was hard, he placed his lund and started pushing it in. It went inside with some difficulty and caused some pain to me. He then started moving and pushed his whole 7 inches inside my hole. He then started moving and fucking me. ‘तुम गांडू हो, गांड मरवाने में मज़ा लेते हो’. He was heaving and breathing hard as he fucked my asshole. After the initial pain, his hot, oily cock felt great inside me, it was pumping me inside. He was stroking my dick and massaging my breasts as he was fucking my anus.

‘मेरी गांड मारो प्लीज़’, I was crying out and begging him to keep fucking me. He was using his hand to stroke my tiny dick as his hard cock was moving like a piston inside my warm, wet hole. I came in his hands in a short while, he also shook and came inside my ass.