Aunties Farm

When I was 15, my father died and my mother wasn’t able to take care of my half sister and me.
We went to live with my aunt and my 13year old cousin.

Peggy Lou, was just 13 and getting teenage girl smart ass. We used to play together on visits but now she was way too cool for that.

Auntie was rather strict to me, but gave the girls some room to run.
My sister, Kate, was 17 but very shy.

Kate started learning fast from Peggy Lou and the two of them started ganging up on me. My life started getting difficult.

But things really got tough for me the day my aunt decided I needed some female guidance and corrections.

I guess I had been getting a little head strong, living with three females who all thought the were in charge .

We were doing a little work in aunties garden just outside the kitchen door. The girls were getting kind of bossy and busting on me just because they thought they could.

I finally had enough and said “why don’t you fucking bitches just leave me alone and do some work!” .
Then auntie came out saying “you don’t use that kind of language around here, and never speak to the girls that way!” .
Saying that, she grabbed me by the ear and pulled me into the house.
Using the grip she had on my ear, she held me as she pulled out a chair and pulled me across her lap, as she sat down.
“Peggy Lou, give me the hair brush”
Peggy Lou handed her the hairbrush and right away, whack, whack, whack, three hits on my upturned butt.
It hurt!.
But, Peggy Lou chimed in with “he won’t feel anything with those jeans on.”
Auntie said “of course your right. Stand up and take down those pants.

I got off her lap, and dropped my jeans around my ankles.

Then Peggy Lou chimed in “that’s not good enough.”
And pulled my underwear down too.

I was now standing there in front of them bare bottomed and my little hard 4 inch manhood poking out.
They laughed and noted I didn’t really have anything to cover up anyway.

Then I was back over my aunt’s lap and receiving an awful spanking. Again and again she hit my naked bottom until I was crying and kicking my feet and my nose was running. I was in real pain.
Finally she stopped.
Said ok stand up.
I stood up, and reached for my pants.
“Leave them down. And go stand in the corner.”

Peggy Lou stopped me and hung a pair of her panties over my erection. Then she slapped my butt and said, “ok now to stand in the corner.”

Now I shuffled over to the corner and stood there, crying red, bare butt, exposed, and her panties handing on my hard on.
Hurt, beaten, humiliated, and totally owned by the women.
Kate now spoke up saying “lace your fingers together behind your head” .
I complied.
Now I was standing in the corner, bare but out, panties hanging on my little cock, and my hands up behind my head. What a whipped ridiculous s might I just be.
All for the amusement of the girls.
They continued with their humiliation of me, finally deciding that from now I will be wearing girls panties not boys underwear.
“Now strip out of clothes, and put on the panties” .
I complied.

I stood there hands at my sides, wearing only the panties, tented out a little.
Sniffing and whimpering.

Now Kate chimed in again, “down on your hands and knees, and miss our boots”.

Oh my God!!
More humiliation!
But seeing auntie sitting there smiling, with the hairbrush in hand had me on my knees, kissing their boots.

The were giggling so and made some remarks about me being a sissy!
More humiliation than I could stand and I started crying again.