Girlfriend humiliated me

This is a true story of my first time ever having sex:

I’ll start by telling you a little about me, I’m 19 years old, short blonde hair, and I love in a rural farm town in Tennessee. I recently had a girlfriend and she was smoking hot we had been together almost a month when she decided one night while we were watching a movie she wanted to have sex. She had been with a few guys before me, but I had never had sex before. She took me into her bedroom and I layed down on her bed.she jumped in bed beside me and started to undress me. She took my shirt off, then my pants leaving me in nothing but my boxers.

I was already rock hard just thinking about her. She undressed next, very quickly. When she came back over to me, in nothing but my boxers, she slowly pulled them down and my dick popped out. Soon as it did she stopped and looked at it. She started smirking and laughed. I immediately ask what was wrong. She continued to laugh and said “Is that as big as it gets?” I had no idea what to say… I stuttered and said “yeah, why what’s wrong with it?” still snickering she looked down at it once again and said” it’s freaking tiny! By far the smallest dick I have ever seen!” My cock is almost 3.5 inches when hard and about the size of a roll of nickels around. I was so embarrassed by her calling me small and laughing, she grabbed her phone and took a picture of me naked with my little cock at full attention. Then she went ahead and begin to suck it, taking the whole thing in her mouth with ease and not even touching her throat. She would pause every once in a while and look at it and quietly laugh. I didn’t care at that point her sucking on my dick was the best thing I had ever experienced! She continued to suck it a little while longer, then jumped on top of me. With her wet pussy right over my small cock she sat down on it really quick and it went in, as far as it could anyway, she tried to bounce up and down on it, but it was so short it just kept coming out. Finally she began to just move front to back on top of me. This was my first time every being inside a pussy and I thought I was going to blow my load right then! I think she liked to make me feel bad about being small cause the rest of the time we were fucking she would say things like “I can barely even feel you in me.” and “is it still in”? I didn’t care at the time cause of was in hog heaven! After about 10 minutes of being on top she wanted to try another position, we got doggy style and I got behind her aimed at her hot wet pussy and tried to put it in, every time I pulled back just a little bit my dick would come out. She got frustrated really quick by that and told me to just lay back down and she would get on top again. This time when she got on top she faced away from me and said she was going to put it in her ass so maybe she could get off. She startled me and begin to sit on my cock once again, once she got all the way down it was just touching her as whole with no penetration. She grabbed both cheeks and spread them apart, when she did that it went in. She moved forward and backwards just like before. It felt so good! Even better than her pussy. It was actually tight! To me her pussy felt kind of loose, but it could of been my dick wasn’t big enough to fill it up. She rocked back and forth for a total of about 45 seconds and I couldn’t take it. I told her I was about to cum! She said “no!!! I haven’t even got off one time yet!!!”. But it was too late I blew my load all in her ass hole and ass crack! She hopped off and told me I was disgusting for cumming inside her… And ran off to the bathroom… We didn’t talk very much the rest of the night and I went home about a hour later.

The next morning she broke up with me and showed all her friends the picture of my dick she had taken and there is not that many girls around here. I have yet to get anyone else to fuck me after that…. The end.