Joan’s Punishment

” Your late. ” Baz said sitting on the couch.

” Sorry ” Joan said ” Traffic was a nightmare. Baz stood stepping over to his wife sniffing.

” I smell sex. ” He said. ” Do I smell sex. ”

” No. ” She said.

” SON. ” Baz yelled.

” Yes Dad. ” He said coming from the bathroom to the lounge.

” Your mother here is late home from work and smells of sex. ” Baz said.

” Really ” Dave said smelling her.

” She does smell of sex. ” He said putting his hand on his mothers arse squeezing it. ” Mummy been fucking aye. ” He whispered in her ear as kissed her neck over her long dark hair.

Joan a 56 yr old advertising executive. She had long dark hair. Her 36 30 34D figure. She stood 5ft 10. Very beautiful and sexy. She wore a high waisted blue pencil skirt a short sleeved red satin v neck blouse fitting over her chest. Blue high heels.

” He made me. ” Joan said. Dave grabbed her hair pulling it down pulling her head back.

” He made you did he bitch ? ” Baz said putting his hand in her throat.

” Yes ” she said.

” Well you know what happens to whores that lie ” don’t you ? ” Baz said kissing her lips.

” Sorry. ” She said.

Dave knelt taking his mothers high heels off her feet. He slid his hand up the inside of ankle up the inside of her calf and over her knee up the inside of her thigh to her groin feeling her knickers. He gripped them pulling them down her thighs to her feet. He pulled them off her standing looking at her lacy white panties cum stains in them.

” Well dad fresh cum. ” He said showing his father.

” Well whore. ” He said kissing her lips. Its time your husband and your son taught you a lesson. On your fucken knees. ” He said undoing his trousers. Dave undid his. Both men ls hard cocks out. Joan now on her knees. Dave getting rope and tied his mothers hands together behind her back as Baz put his cock in her mouth holding her hair pulling his wife’s head up and down his cock.

Dave stood next to his father holding her underwear. He undressed. Baz took his cock out. Dave rubbed her underwear over his cock spreading the remains of the cum over his cock. He grabbed his mothers hair bunching it in his hand guiding her head to his groin his cock entering her mouth. She sucked up and down his hard circumcised shaft. Dave deep throating her. Joan gagging as he pulled it out, then putting it back in.

Baz rubbed his wife’s knickers over his cock. Joan swapping putting her husbands cock in her mouth deep throating her.

” Suck them whore. ” Dave said. For ten minutes she sucked both cocks swapping around. Dave groaned and wanked his cock holding her knickers knob on her tongue. Baz wanked his cock his knob next to his sons. Dave cum first onto his mothers mouth she swallowed her sons cum. Dave pushed cum into his mothers knickers wiping his cock with them. Joan swallowing and licking his cock clean. Dave rubbing her knickers over her mouth pushing them in her mouth. Baz groaned as he cum as Dave pulled her knickers from her mouth Joan sucking and cleaning her husbands cock swallowing his cum. Baz cumminng on his wife’s underwear and pushed them in her mouth.

He reached for the tape taping his wife’s mouth with her knickers in her mouth. They stood her up leading her to the garage.

They stood her by the frame set up, they undid the ropes. Baz ripped open her blouse, buttons flying off, Dave pulling it down her back. Dave undid her skirt dropping it to the floor. She stood naked except for her bra. They tied her hands to the catchs above her head. Her feet to the catchs on the floor.

Dave kissed her forehead. Baz squeezed her breast over her bra

” Cum whore. ” Baz said. Softly slapping her cheek.

Dave slapped his mothers naked arse.

Baz ripped the tape off her mouth pulling her underwear out of her mouth.

” Taste nice slut. ” Baz said to his wife.

” Umm. ” She mumbled.

” Cant fuckin hear you bitch. Do they taste nice slut. ” Baz said again as Dave slapped her arse pulling her head back by her hair.

” Yes. ” She said.

” Yes masters. ” Dave said.

” Yes masters. ” She said.

” Fuckin louder. ” Baz said.

” YES MASTERS ” she yelled.

Dave stood behind her sliding his hand between his mothers open legs rubbing her pussy. Baz pulled her breasts out over her bra and put nipple clamps on her nipples.

Dave put a ball gag in her mouth, he lifted her hair up bunching it together putting a rope around it and tied it up onto the frame above her head.

” Look at this slut. ” Baz said

” Shes late home from work and been fucking other cocks. ” Dave said putting his finger into her pussy finger fucking his mother from behind listening to her groan.

” She has ” Baz said slapping her cheek. ” Can you feel his cum ? ” Baz asked his son.

” Sure can dad ” he said. ” Her slutty pussy is full of cum. ” Baz saw cum ooze down her leg been pushed out by Dave’s finger.

Dave pulled his finger out covered in cum he took the gag off and put his finger in her mouth. ” Suck it off. ” Dave said.

Joan sucked his fingers as Baz unclipped her bra .

” Think she needs a good fucking. ” Baz said slapping her arse.

” She does dad. ” Dave said ” Don’t you mum ? ”

” Yes masters. ”

” Because you have been a bad little slut. ” Baz said.

” Yes masters. ” She said. Dave took off the nipple clamps Baz and Dave fondling a breast each leaning it sucking her nipples Dave kissing up her neck kissing his mothers lips.

Baz untied the arms above her head bending her over putting her arms behind her back tieing them and tieing the rope to the frame above her lifting her arms up. Dave put a collar around her throat. He tied a chain from the collar to a catch on the floor. He gripped her hair lifting her head sliding his cock in his wife’s mouth fucking her mouth.

” Fuck that pussy son ” Baz said smiling. Dave lifting his cock to his mothers pussy guiding it in her. He slapped her arse as he fucked his mother. Baz deep throating his wife. Joan gagging as he pulled it out and sliding it back in.

” Fuck yeh ” Dave said watching his cock fuck his mothers pussy.

” Love that cock bitch, you shouldn’t go fucking other men should you slut. ” Baz said slapping his cock on her face.

” No masters. ” She said

Baz kneeling kissing her forehead.

” Open your mouth slut. ” He said she opened it and Baz spat in her mouth , then stood thrusting his cock back in deep throating her. Dave thrusting her.

They then swapped. Dave thrust his cock in his mothers mouth as Baz thrust his cock in his wife’s pussy holding her hips as his thrust her hard. Dave holding her head watching his mother suck his cock.

” Yeh bitch. ” Dave said. ” Suck it whore. ” He pulled out holding her head up by her hair. He rubbed his cock around her face over her eyes forehead nose cheeks lips he pushed her head down wrapping her hair around it holding his cock wanking it in her hair.

Dave had already fucked his mother many times. With his father and alone with her. Her pussy had been filled with his cum many times. She loved comming home with a pussy full of cum and been dominated and humiliated.

Dave knew her was about to cum again he held her head wanking himself over her head then cum. His semen shooting over her face and hair. Cum dripping down her face he grabbed her hair wiping his cock clean. He rubbed his cum in her hair and pushed his cock back in her mouth. Baz pulled out of his wife’s pussy walking around to her face wanking him self and cum.

His cum shooting over her face and hair. He wiped his cock with her hair. They made her suck there cocks clean.

” Need to piss. ” She said.

” What. ” Dave said ” Your talking without permission bitch. ”

” Sorry masters, I have to pee. ”

Baz laughed. ” Oh the slut has to pee. Do we. Your a big girl hold on. ” Baz said. Dave got the ball gag putting it on her.

” Time for a beer son. ” Baz said ” Let this slut think about her actions.

An hour later they returned a puddle on the floor. Piss down her legs.

” You naughty bitch. ” Dave said.

” What a fuckin mess bitch. ” Baz said.

” Get bucket of water and a sponge ” Baz said to Dave.

Dave untied her pushing her to her knees. Dave brought the bucket and sponge.

” Clean it up. ” Baz stood holding the lead. Joan on her hands and knees cleaning up her piss on the floor. Dave whipping her arse with the crop.

” Good girl, girls who piss on the floor have to clean it up.

Ten minutes later she finished.

” Sparkling. ” Dave said. ” On your knees. ” Baz took out her ball gag. She got up on her knees. It wasn’t long before they took turns putting their cocks in her mouth.

” Time to finish this bitch off. ” Dave said. They moved her to the bench and lay her down. They tied her hands together underneath it they tied straps around her knees pulling them opening her knees open wide. They tied her head down with the collar around her throat.

Dave grabbed a vibrator turning it on pushing it in his mothers pussy. She groaned through her ball gag. Dave rubbing her clit as he pleasured her with the vibrator. Baz putting in nipple clamps lifting her breasts with them. They blind folded her listening to the groans of pleasure and pain.

After ten minutes Dave and Baz took turns watching each other fuck her pussy.

Another fifteen minutes later her pussy was full with her sons cum and her husbands cum. Both guys rubbing there cocks on her stomach and breasts leaving her there for another hour as they went and had another beer returning and fucking her for another hour before cumming in her again.

They untied her and went to bed. Joan showered and sat watching TV naked rubbing her sore swollen pussy.


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Hi I'm jess 35. I love writing erotica. I am single and never really wanted to settle down. I have experienced Incest taboo and group sex. I dont have a problem with incest. I am currently in a sexual relationship with my father and mother as they to love to play with other couples and are active swingers. It is fun and very erotic. Its just normal now. I love writing about incest, been involved in it. I am going to share both true story's and fiction. A lot of my stories are true, or based on experiences with other people. I will introduce it as true or fiction at the start. I love sharing my sexual experiences, re living them through writing about them.Happy reading.