Mr Briggs and George.

George sat up licking Lawrence’s cum off his lips. Jennifer leant over kissing Georges lips. George still has Lawrence’s cock in hand.

” Yummy.” Jennifer said sitting in her lacy bra and panties. Lawrence seeing her erect nipples through the lace. She reached over to the side table picking up a packet of cigarettes. She pulled one out putting it in her mouth. She lit it and took a drag taking it out crossing her legs blowing smoke to the ceiling. George stood. Lawrence looked down at Jennifer. He would love to fuck her he thought. He thought of his wife at home.

” Lawrence dear boy.” George said kissing Lawrence on the lips sliding his hand to Lawrence’s cock holding it. ” Wasn’t so bad was it ” he said.

” No ” Lawrence said feeling disgusted he had not only received, but given oral sex to a man.

” Like that darling,” he said to Jennifer.

” Yes baby.” She said smiling at George. George walked naked to the desk pouring two more brandies giving one to Lawrence. Lawrence took it.

” Cheers to sex ” George said taking a drink. Lawrence half heartedly having a drink.

” Come through to the bedroom ” George said. They walked through to Georges bedroom off his office. A king size bed and a small bathroom with toilet and shower off the room. George sat as Lawrence stood. Jennifer sat on the sofa her legs crossed smoking her cigarette. ” Sit dear boy. ” George said to Lawrence.

Lawrence sat next to George. George putting his hand in Lawrence’s lap feeling his cock.

” This bed has seen lots of naked arses.” George said. ” Isn’t that right Jenny.” George said smiling at Jennifer.

” Yes baby ” Jennifer said.

” Show Lawrence your tits. ” George said to Jennifer. She stood standing in front of them reaching behind her back unclipping her bra and took it off. Her breasts falling out she dropped it on the floor.

” Wow ” Lawrence said smiling.

” Nice tits aren’t they.” George said.

” Yes ” Lawrence said.

” Go on touch them. ” George said. ” Shes my lover not my fuckin girlfriend. ”

Lawrence reached up feeling the 22 yr old girls breasts. George stroking Lawrence’s hard cock.

” Feel his cock ” Jennifer said to Lawrence.

Lawrence reached over feeling Georges cock. One hand on Jennifer’s breasts. Her pussy hiding under the lacy fabric of her underwear.

” Lie down.” George said

Lawrence lay down on the bed. George got into a 69 with Lawrence grabbing Lawrence’s cock sucking it.

Lawrence not wanting Georges cock again.

” Suck it ” George said.

Fuck he thought. He would rather be playing with Jenifer’s breasts. She sat back on the couch topless watching. Lawrence grabbed Georges cock putting it in his mouth stroking and sucking it. Jennifer smoked her cigarette watching the two guys playing and sucking each others cocks. She fondled her breasts squeezing her nipples groaning.

He occasionally looked up at Jennifer seeing her breasts, her young body, the guys played with their cocks. Sucking and playing.

George then sat up.

” On all fours ” he said.

Lawrence got on his hands and knees on the bed. He knew what was coming next. He had not experienced this. It felt so wrong for him. In a room with a half naked beautiful young woman he should be having sex with, but instead was having reluctant sex with another man.

He felt George kneel behind him. Georges cock between his legs, his knob rubbing his testicles. He felt George rub up to his arse, his cock against his anus. George pushed his cock into Lawrence’s anus plunging it deep into Lawrence. Lawrence closed his eyes as he felt the pain. The first time a cock had been in him.

” Hows that Lawrence old boy.” George said fucking him slowly.

” Fuck ” Lawrence said as George continued slowly fucking his arse.

George slapped Lawrence’s arse watching his cock slid in and out of Lawrence. Lawrence looked up at Jennifer, her beautiful breasts meters away. Her probably wet pussy under those underwear. He was hoping he wasn’t going to have to return the favour and fuck George.

George groaned fucking Lawrence harder and faster.

” Wank his dick.” George said to Jennifer.

Jennifer walked over sitting on the bed grabbing Lawrence’s cock wanking in as George fucked him.

Lawrence groaned concentrating on Jennifer’s body. He reached up playing with her tits as she wanked his cock.

He slid his hand down to her groin. Her legs were uncrossed he so badly wanted her pussy.

” No ” She said moving his hand back up to her tits, crossing her legs smoking her cigarette.

” Pussy out of bounds old boy.” George said.

Lawrence felt not only humiliated been fucked by another man, but now embarrassed he was told he couldn’t touch her pussy after his attempt.

” Only cocks and tits for you darling.” Jennifer said in her sultry voice smiling at George.

” The fannys only for me and the dick of a husband ” George said smiling at Jennifer.

He kept fucking Lawrence as Jennifer jerked off Lawrence’s hard cock.

” Looks like your milking a fuckin cow ” George said to Jennifer.

” Yes darling ” she said.

George groaned and fucked Lawrence’s arse faster, spanking his arse hard.

” Hes been a naughty boy, he needs to be spanked and fucked ” George said

” Going to cum ” Lawrence ” George demanded more than asked him.

” Yes ” he said

” Milk him bitch.” George said to Jennifer. Jennifer wanked Lawrence’s cock hard as George fucked him hard.

Lawrence groaned.

George pulled out, Lawrence felt instant relief Georges cock been out of his arse. Instead George made him lie down on his side. George got behind him ordering Lawrence to lift his leg. Lawrence did. George pushed his cock back into Lawrence’s arse from behind and continued to fuck him.

Jennifer sat wanking Lawrence’s cock.

” Suck it.” George said to Jennifer.

Jennifer leant in placing her mouth over Lawrence’s cock sucking it, and wanking it. She circled his knob with her tongue as she stroked it watching George her lover fuck Lawrence’s arse.

George stopped his cock deep in Lawrence’s arse. Jennifer licked both sets of testicles as she played with Lawrence’s cock stroking it.

George started fucking again.

” Home stretch old boy.”

George slapped against Lawrence’s arse his cock penetrating deep into Lawrence. Jennifer sucking Lawrence’s cock hard and fast as she stroked him.

George and Lawrence moaned together as George shot cum deep into Lawrence.

” Oh fuck yes ” he said.

Lawrence knew George had cum. Jennifer took her mouth off wanking hard. Soon Lawrence cum. Jennifer pointing his cock up his body. Lawrence’s cum shot onto his stomach and chest.

Jennifer sat watching

” Suck it up bitch.” George ordered Jennifer. She leant in licking and sucking Lawrence’s cum off his stomach.

George pulled out, cum oozed from Lawrence’s arse. George helped Jennifer lick up Lawrence’s cum.

George then stood up.

Finished now, I’ve got work to do, both of you get out of my fucken office.

Lawrence couldn’t believe it. George had just humiliated him and now he was been ordered out of his office.

” Need to get home anyway.” Jennifer said picking up her bra, she put it on Lawrence seeing her beautiful breasts been put away.

They dressed and left. Jennifer home to husband, Lawrence home to his wife.


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Hi I'm jess 35. I love writing erotica. I am single and never really wanted to settle down. I have experienced Incest taboo and group sex. I dont have a problem with incest. I am currently in a sexual relationship with my father and mother as they to love to play with other couples and are active swingers. It is fun and very erotic. Its just normal now. I love writing about incest, been involved in it. I am going to share both true story's and fiction. A lot of my stories are true, or based on experiences with other people. I will introduce it as true or fiction at the start. I love sharing my sexual experiences, re living them through writing about them.Happy reading.