Paternity test

There had been rumours. The sort of snide little remarks, titters behind hands, reflections, ‘do you remember that wedding they went to, well…’. Kirsty, my wife, I suspected had enjoyed a little fling. Two years back. Around about that time I was crap company.. I was! Work consumed me and I was usually ‘deadline irritable’. But knowing that she might have done it with someone else, well, it gnawed at me.

Suspicions can play on your mind, so I did something pretty dirty. I persuaded our 18 year old daughter Petra, to take a DNA test. Petra is very very beautiful, ultra stylish and very sensual, like her mum I suppose. She is bright too, and will I’m sure go to a great university. Still, given the murmurings I was suspicious about the long ago past too. I said to Petra that its was an ancestor origins test, just a sample of spit from her mouth. She was fine about it. I had the test done, and compared it with mine. Petra was not my daughter.

Try to imagine how that feels. That you’ve been suckered and you’ve been raising some other man’s kid for 18 fucking years. Try to imagine it, what a complete fucking lemon you feel. Back 18 years ago I was still in the army and an company officer, a captain in my regiment. Kirsty was active in the wives club and liaised with the RSM (Regimental Sergeant Major’s) wife to run socials that sustained the family reputation of our battalion. There was this arrogant fucking sergeant, a right bastard of a man who seemed bullet proof. It was rumoured that he was fucking the CO’s wife so no one could touch him. A sergeant called Craig. The fucker was handsome, he was an army standard fencer or something like that, and he was worshipped by a lot of the women. I wondered. I wondered, long into the night and the on some. Perhaps the fucker had given Kirsty one.

I suppose I lasted three weeks before I confronted my wife with my little discovery. We were out at dinner, I didn’t want a scene so company seemed a container, a restraint from this exploding on us. I remember, she was wearing leather hot pants and high heels. She looked fucking ravishing with her silk blouse and her hair up. She wore a diamond studded choker about her neck.

‘Petra’s not mine…. is she….’ I said, ‘we did a test, an ancestry thing, but she’s not mine, the DNA proves it.’

You should have seen Kirsty then. She looked as though I’d run her through with a jousting lance! I watched her reach for her glass of wine, her hand trembling. Somehow, she composed herself, somehow.

‘No, ‘ she said softly, ‘she is Craig’s daughter. I…. I though that you would guess. I had thought that you would query her blonde hair… Craig… blonde, neither you nor I.’

I felt my pulse quicken, palpitations in my chest. Fuck!

‘You went with him…’ I prompted. May be I hoped that it had been a one night stand. May be I could explain it to myself as an accident.

‘Susan, Colonel Johnny’s wife, she was sleeping with him too. We were both fixated by the man and the Colonel wouldn’t deny Susan anything, Craig ruled in their house. So… so she had the Colonel send you on the secondment, so that Craig could enjoy fucking me for three months as well.’

‘Three months!’ I exclaimed. Someone glanced our way from another table. It was an unseemly out burst on my part. Kirsty looked as though she was about to scarper. I begged her to remain seated, I needed to understand.

‘Craig pulled the strings because of what he did with his cock. He always got his way. Susan couldn’t say no to him and neither could I.’ said Kirsty.

‘You knew about each other, going with the same guy?’ I asked, manage to whisper the question incredulously.

‘Craig was the man… he out ranked you, the colonel, whatever was embroidered on your shoulders’ Kirsty said flatly, ‘he serviced us, satisfied us both… easily’.

I dabbed my mouth with the napkin. She fucking well knew what a betrayal of army rules that was. It virtually made Craig boss of the battalion and all because of what she and that fucking CO’s wife needed between their legs!

‘I love Craig. I loved him then and now, forever, even though I hated myself for hurting you’ she said. She drained her glass. I poured more, into the glass rather than over her.

I shook my head.

‘There are some men who always get their way. They’re always the best, always the most arrogant and the most deserving, women give themselves to them.’

I imagined the bastard laying my wife, in our bed, making Petra, whilst I was away doing clever military things on fucking secondment. I rarely got home those three months. Kirsty was getting a lot of superior cock.

‘Susan made Colonel Johnny recommend Craig for the commission. He went for officer training. Then she wanted him posted back to the battalion, but her husband couldn’t swing that. She was furious with him and threatened to show pictures of what they did…’ Kirsty seemed to have composed herself. She even seemed relieved to relate this sordid muck at last.

I was wide eyed.

‘She made Johnny kneel and suck cock for Craig. He was in control….’

I started to choke on the asparagus. Kirsty passed me a glass of water. Her look said, don’t be naive, don’t be a prude. Life is like this, it is!

‘So Johnny went up to the top brass and made a crazy case for why Craig would make the perfect adjutant in the battalion, the disciplinarian. You would have been under his direction too, but we were leaving the army then… you escaped, Johnny didn’t… I think he sucked a lot more cock.’

I told her then that the restaurant seemed way too hot. Perhaps we could walk in the walled garden before taking dessert. I needed to hear things, to say things to the bitch. Part of me wanted to hit her, another wanted to kiss her, she looked so fucking svelte in the leather pants.

‘I suppose you want a divorce now… do you know what that will do to Petra?’ Kirsty scowled. She actually looked as though she thought that my finding out things was the venal sin. Fucking hell!!

‘I don’t want a divorce, ‘ I snapped, ‘and I love Petra’.

Kirsty watched me. I could almost hear her thoughts. But she has her father’s dreamy blue eyes. She has his easy arrogance. If Craig was a confident bastard, then Petra would become a spoilt bitch, capable of wrecking havoc with her looks.

‘So you accept it… that I wanted his baby, not yours? That I had to be with him, despite all the kindness you showed, the decency you exhibited as a husband?’

I shuddered.

‘Yes’ I said through clenched teeth. I stared angrily at her and she looked, well, she looked amazing.

‘You’ve spoilt her, Petra got everything, the pony, the BMW roadster… you’ve been turning her into a bitch just as much as Craig’s genes have’ Kirsty insisted.

‘Yes’ I conceded and felt as though my innards had been drawn. I thought that if I looked down then my entrails would have been hanging on the grass. I breathed as slowly and deeply as I could whilst we walked. Kirsty kept looking at me, reading my mood.

‘Will you kiss me…’ she asked.

I glanced at her. Reassurance, she wanted reassurance, forgiveness, something.

‘Susan made Johnny kiss her, after she and Craig had fucked. It was their confirmation, their acceptance of what had to be.’

‘You still love the guy don’t you?’ I retorted.

‘I’ve already confessed that’ she answered, ire in her voice too now.

I drew my wife to me. I felt the leather stretched over her perfect hips and then around to cup her pert bottom. Her mouth opened to mine and I caught her perfume as our lips touched. She kissed with her eyes open like she was taking control. When my mouth opened to hers too, she slipped her tongue inside. It was as if the woman was mesmerising me, her sensuous green eyes locked onto mine. I could feel myself getting a hard on. She felt it. There was the briefest confirmatory smile. Yes, that’s right, feel your cock against my pubes. Do you like that darling?

When her hand ran down to rub my crotch, I couldn’t stop her. It was as if I was paralysed like you can be in a nightmare. She gently rubbed my erection through the material of my trousers.

‘I want to see Craig again’ she whispered, like he was a fond cousin or something. I juddered against her hand.

It was a repulsive thought. A complete insanity. Kirsty’s hand stroked and I sank into another moist and seductive kiss.

‘We had a time together, two years ago…. but not enough’ she breathed, working my tool, ‘I want him to fuck me regularly, and to do to you what Susan did to Johnny.’

‘No’ I gasped, but I couldn’t let go of her, I couldn’t keep my hands off her bottom or stop my heart pounding when her nipples brushed my chest.

‘But I wear the pants already… I only have to dress a certain way and you do as you’re told’. I felt her eyes search my face like a spotlight. Her mouth opened and her tongue brushed her perfectly made up lips. I had to kiss her again. She was masturbating me through my slacks.

I went to kiss her, but now she resisted. Her eyes narrowed.

‘It’s easy Richard…. you ask Craig, nicely, to fuck me, to see me as often as he wishes. You say you’re fine about he and Petra getting to know one another. Then I will kiss you, wank you, bring you to pussy for licks….’

A car swerved the other side of the wall, a cat called sharply. Near miss. But Kirsty didn’t relent.

‘Kneel’ Kirsty said.

It was dark. It was very dark. I glanced back to the restaurant which lay beyond a medlar tree.

‘Craig was always meant to be your boss Richard. You should have stayed in the army and admired how got on. He finished as a Colonel, did you know that? Working for intelligence… he was good at making people do things….’

I felt drunk. I felt giddy. My knees gave way. I knelt. Fuck.. OK, I knelt. I was in shock. I was in shock. Fuck you and what you think. I remember shaking.

‘Take down my hot pants’ Kirsty breathed. Her eyes find mine and my cock jolted inside my pants. My cock was bouncing, jerking, like a fucking dildo on slow burr. I undid the button of Kirsty’s leather hot pants, slide down the prominent heart shaped zip and eased the garment down. There… her cunt. What he had owned.

‘Do you need to lick pussy?’ she asked primly.

Like a lummox I nodded. She stroked my hair.

‘Good’ she soothed.

Then, ‘Are you going to call Craig, say hi, and ask whether he would take me out, because you would very much appreciate that?’

Fuck Susan, fuck what they learned and did back then. I shook, visibly juddering before her. Her legs where slightly akimbo. I could smell her wet sex.

‘Yes’ I said. May be I thought it would be just a lie. I could rectify all this shit in the morning. Kirsty was watching me intently, assessing my response. She took her phone from her shoulder bag. She punched up the text screen, she had the fucker’s number. The screen and numbers were lit, she handed me the phone.

‘Something short… something encouraging Richard’ she demanded.

Hi Craig-long time, but Kirsty sez u live nearby. Listen, the past, no hassle. OK you see Kirsty honest. Richard.

‘Press send’ said Kirsty.

I did…. and started to lick her sex.


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