The profiling of Mrs Drew

To be fair, the consulting room wasn’t especially clinical. All that stuff had been concluded in the previous two weeks. A nurse had taken blood, there were saliva samples, there was a battery of psychological tests and what Ben assumed was a lie detector test. What ‘Compatibility’ offered was a complete profiling service, on you and on your wife. It was advertised as the best means of ‘managing the fertile years, the fecund decisions.’ Ben, now aged thirty, his wife Rachel aged twenty six, it seemed the practical thing to do.

‘So, ‘ began the crisply businesslike Ms Agnew as she crossed her sinuous legs and surveyed Ben from her extravagantly designed leather chair, ‘it’s time to look at some results Ben.’ He admitted it, he was nervous. Down the corridor, in another consulting room, Rachel was getting the exact same profile results, about Ben and herself. The company interviewed separately, acknowledging that couples often needed privacy to react to the news. Sometimes, the stark results freaked folk out. Ms Agnew had warned that some couples were told that they were frankly incompatible! Sometimes the tests revealed terrible genetic faults that the couple would wrestle with for the rest of their lives.

‘The good news is Ben, that you and Rachel are compatible.’ Ms Agnew let the good news sink in watching the relief spread across the man’s face. ‘There are however, ‘ and she paused again, ‘certain results that will I think require Rachel and yourself to think lifestyle through these next years.’ Ben blinked. Oh fuck! But he’d read that the reports were detailed and brutally honest. You got your monies worth when you handed over the two grand each. ‘Rachel has an extremely high sexual quotient, an immaculate genetic health profile and there are certain traits, to do with judging people, ego development, in her profile, that will I am afraid cast you in a particular role.’

Ben scrutinised the woman. What did all that technical talk mean? Quotients, genetic health profile, it all sounded pretty abstract. Ms Agnew smiled thinly, adjusting her wire frames specs on her pretty elfin nose. She cleared her throat.

‘Let me ask a difficult question, but one that will help you get a handle on the report that I will give you. In the last 2-3 years are you aware of Rachel ever cheating on you… however briefly?’

The consultant waited. Ben’s mouth was as dry as the bottom of a canary cage. His head ached. In an instant it ached with the terrible intensity of an impending migraine attack.

‘There was a skiing holiday… I don’t ski and Rach does. She went with one of the execs from our company. The guy was called Bradley… he fucked her, she admitted it later, she apologised.’

Ms Agnew nodded and ticked a couple of boxes on her form. It was as if she already knew. She fucking well already knew, the tests done on his wife had told her so!

‘Rachel will cheat on you, again and again, over the years. Bradley wasn’t a mistake, a dalliance on holiday, she is 96% likely to cheat on you multiple times and it will probably be other men who sire your children.’  Ms Agnew touched Ben’s hand. This was clearly a shock.

Inside his head the pain was ramping up and now Ben felt his neck flush red.

‘Rachel loves you, but she’s not afraid to judge you. She has already judged you and found you wanting. She knows that she is too good for you. I appreciate that this seems stark but…’

‘She knows that she is too good for me?’ Ben blurted.

Ms Agnew flicked up some comparison charts on the screen and started recounting what they told her.

‘Rachel has an intelligence quota 40% higher than yours and a psychological stability rating of 10/10 whilst yours is 6/10. Rachel’s ego score… self esteem if you like, is 97% and yours is 63%. Her genetic profile is absolutely healthy… no perfect on all fourteen dimensions whilst yours has seven flaws, largely to do with breeding confident individuals. If you breed there is a risk of depression, anxiety that sort of thing. She is expressive/assertive on the sexual attitude scale… you lick your wife’s sex…. don’t you?’

The question was fucking impertinent!!  Ben started to splutter but then admitted yes.

‘When you do that, she doesn’t let you put your cock in her. She either masturbates you or you jerk off over her sex’ said Ms Agnew, using the insight to bang home the message, ‘we know.’

‘She wanks me down the sink’ admitted Ben crestfallen. Fuck, this was astonishing.

‘Rachel is trying to show you, as gently, as sexily as she can, that you don’t make the grade Ben. She loves your quirky ways, your loyalty and humour, she loves you self deprecation, but its not enough for her.’

‘If she had another affair, then I would walk out’ said Ben. He hissed the assertion through clenched teeth.

Ms Agnew smiled and stepped over to the drinks cabinet. She poured him a soda, it being too early in the day for alcohol.

‘That’s unlikely Ben, you are 96% likely to stay and reach an accommodation. You will accept her infidelity and work very hard to make something of your marriage in other ways. You will bust a gut to please in fact.’

She handed him the drink. Her fucking hands looked perfectly manicured. She wore a wedding ring and a flamboyant cocktail ring as well.

‘Rachel’s receiving the exact same report Ben, she will know that her assessment of herself, of you, is perfectly justified. It will be a shock, of course it will, but we cannot put Genii’s back in the bottle. We emphasised that on the informed consent form that you signed.’  Ms Agnew seated herself again and crossed her legs once more. Truth, insight, well it was sometimes painful. She’d been through this with Toby her husband too. Rachel’s profile was not a million miles from her own.

‘The stats have to be wrong’ muttered Ben.

Ms Agnew patted his hand. Yes, understandable. She switched to another screen which showed the profiling checks that they had run. Rachel was simply too well bred, too intelligent, too superior genetically, to consider coupling with her husband. Her psychological profile determined that she would cuckold him. Whether she would leave him rather depended on whether he seemed to offer some kind of further utility. Cute, nice, gentle, supportive he might be, but there was a limit…

‘Christ!’ exclaimed Ben. He took the leather bound report volume and stared at it. The summary was bad enough, he couldn’t bring himself to read the analysis.

‘So I can’t leave her but she could decide to leave me?’ he whispered.

Ms Agnew nodded. ‘Rachel’s judgemental attitude score is high, there’s a 82% chance that she will leave you.’

‘Christ!’ repeated Ben. The pain in his head had hold of him now. Ms Agnew checked some of the later pages of the report.

‘You could reduce the risk of being abandoned down to the low sixty per cent range, if you freely acknowledged her superiority, encouraged her to take a lover and accepted that she would breed with him rather than you.’ She raised her eyebrows as she finished that little summary. Toby had decided that way.  He had caved in and she suspected that Ben would too. ‘Because of your anxiety score, we can have our medic prescribe you some Prozac whilst you get used to being cuckolded. It’s going to twist you up, but it will happen Ben. It’s just a matter of helping you cope.’

‘She’s not better than me.. not morally!’ Ben stammered.

‘That’s 93% probability of abandonment, if you fight it’ Ms Agnew intoned.

It was so hard for men like Ben. The report was so brutal. It was necessary that they were helped to find a way forward.

‘Do you like it, when Rachel masturbates you? Do you like feeling her power?’

Ben blushed again.

‘Yes’ he whispered.

‘So… deep down, you have suspected it, she is your superior.’

Ben looked at the woman, ‘yes’ he admitted.

‘Is Rachel still in contact with Bradley do you think?’ Ms Agnew queried.

Ben scowled at her.

‘Ben, honestly, he is the right type for her. Powerful, successful, arrogant I suppose. He’s not black is he?’

‘No!’ snapped Ben. He felt like spitting at the bitch.

‘Pity’ said Ms Agnew. Her own lover was a luscious black guy called Carl. Women adore black guys after they lie with them. She didn’t need stats for that one!

‘He was appointed head of our division three months back. Rachel knows that. She knows he could easily be back on the scene.’ Ben seemed almost to shrink before her.

Ms Agnew smiled.

‘You could encourage her to date him. You could encourage her to sleep with him and show that you would be entirely cooperative’ said Ms Agnew.

‘Fucking hell!!’ snapped Ben.

‘82% Ben, and rising’, she said. Her mouth hardened, in the end the weak male had to accept the situation. He had to accept what evidence lay blatant before his eyes.

‘What about love and affection!’ Ben snarled at her.

Ms Agnew smiled.

‘You are affectionate when you lick Rachel’s sex, she is affectionate when she lets you’. There, she had said it. That was how she saw things with Toby. Licking her stretched out cunt was a treat for Toby. There was still affection.

Ben’s head dropped. He had not a clue how he would face his wife once their interviews had finished. He had not a clue.

‘Just a moment’ said Ms Agnew and she rang Caroline her colleague who was briefing Rachel. The news was much as she expected. There had been surprise rather than shock. Then there had been a little embarrassment as Rachel confessed that she had long thought herself too good for Ben.  Ms Agnew glanced at Ben. Best to move things along right now.

‘Give me your bosses mobile number’ she ordered crisply.

Her client pulled a terrible face. He was all fucked up, already! Still, he pulled his mobile and surrendered Bradley’s number to her. Ms Agnew passed the number on.

‘Yes, Ben thinks its for the best’ Ms Agnew told her colleague, ‘difficult though it seems right now, he’s agreed that Rachel and Bradley should see one another.’

‘He’s my fucking boss’ mumbled Ben under his breath. Ms Agnew ignored him, she was listening to Caroline.

‘Yes, I’ll have doc Richards start him on the Prozac right now’ she told her colleague.

Ben watched the woman put the phone down. He felt like throttling her right then, but his dick was stiff. He had an erection!!

‘That’s a start, ‘ said Ms Agnew softly, ‘giving Rachel Bradley’s number signals all the right things. Now, after you get medicated, just a jag in the bottom, I suggest that for the next week or two you don’t pester Rachel about her dates with Bradley. Try not to sniff her panties, it will only make things worse. Just let nature take its course. Rachel will dictate terms when she is good and ready.’

Ben thought about his boss fucking his wife. He imagined the noises she would make as she rode his cock. He imagined the shame of pretending that nothing was amiss, in the office, during meetings.

Ms Agnew took Ben through to see the doctor and there was the ritual dropping of pants before a reassuring and calming load of anti anxiety medication was delivered into his right buttock. Ben had a small penis, but it was stiff. Best that Rachel went with Bradley.

She led the way back towards the consulting room and then told him to get his erection out again.

He flinched.

‘Do as you are told!’ she said sharply. It was the voice she used with Toby too.

Ben did as ordered. His cock was hard but it didn’t stick that far out of his pants. Ms Agnew flicked it with her fingers, like it was a wee lever to pull or push. Ben didn’t resist, he didn’t retire. The poor wretch was in shock. She took hold of it and started to masturbate him.

‘Do you feel terribly inferior to Bradley?’ she asked quietly in his ear.

‘Yes’ he grunted. The woman knew how to work a cock.

‘Rachel is so turned on by him… the tests showed that. Her recollection, goodness, so vivid Ben!’ she worked his cock till it swelled further. It was a meaty little sausage.

‘Christ!’ he gasped though gritted teeth, he couldn’t hold this any longer.

Ms Agnew drew over the box of tissues and ripped out three or four. She worked his cock briskly.

‘Rachel will be so much more content, once she’s riding Bradley regularly. She won’t be so irritable with you. You’ll be brought to pussy, I am sure that you will’ soothed Ms Agnew.

The semen splurged out of Ben’s cock. It was gloopy and creamy yellow. Evidently he hadn’t ejaculated in a while.

‘All of it!’ she insisted and milked his cock some more.

His cock pounded and his balls ached as though they had been kicked. By the time Ms Agnew had finished with him he was left clinging to her, grunting, thrusting into her tissue covered hand, wanting, wanting, Rachel.


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