The way it is

I think at first Keith was very depressed about it all. He sulked around the place, was polite but pretty quiet. There weren’t many helpful conversations. I think he was trying to coerce may away from it, just by looking and acting mulish. But the truth of it was that I had been ridden. Not just by one black guy, but by Erroll and his two bros from the club. Erroll had danced with me, casually felt my sex, and made me ache for something completely adulterous. He’d insisted on having my phone number and said that he would pick me up for a date the next Friday night. I’d laughed at fist, saying that Keith wouldn’t stand for that. Erroll laughed too saying the white guys did- they really did.

Anyway, I told Keith that Erroll was going to take me out to dinner then a comedy club and my husband didn’t blow his top. I was astonished! I dressed sexily for the date, but still Keith didn’t fight. I think I was cross at that point. Erroll picked me up at the house, brazen as you please and we had an amazing evening. At the comedy club two of Erroll’s friends joined us and they said that they would all come back to our house for drinks.

I remember that Keith blanched when he saw all three of them, imposing black figures beneath the porch light. I was frightened, excited, wondering about what would happen! I wanted Erroll, yes, to fuck with him. I couldn’t imagine how that would happen. Perhaps Keith would join in and share with Erroll whilst the bros watched a porno (Keith watches some strange channels on the TV). Perhaps the bros would calm Keith down whilst Erroll fucked me. Anyway, having kissed and petted with Erroll, felt how thick and hard his cock was I was feeling terribly aroused.

It was unpleasant. Keith finally thought he might object. He whimpered the order for the men to ‘get out’ and Erroll said that was impolite. He said that I wanted them there and I did, well, I didn’t want Keith to get hurt doing something foolish anyway. So the brothers restrained Keith whilst Erroll kissed me and felt my sex beneath my little skirt. It was dirty, provocative and terribly terribly wrong. But I wanted Erroll, so I responded to him. I kissed him back and felt his erection.  Keith started to wriggle, I think he was panicking, but one of the bro’s put his arm back around his back Hugh up which seemed to calm him down.

I was pushed onto the sofa by Erroll, told to take my thong off and show him ‘my cunt’. I did as ordered and ran my fingers down through my pussy hair, opening my sex lips so that Erroll could see the pink interior. Keith wasn’t resisting any more, he saw what Erroll was about to push into me. His cock was massive.

‘You needing this lady?’ Erroll asked.

I glanced at the mesmerised Keith and nodded.

My husband murmured sheath, he had some in a drawer.

Erroll laughed, he didn’t use sheaths. No fucking way man. But he told the brothers to march Keith to the drawer and make my husband roll a sheath on is little cock, whilst Erroll took me.

I screamed when Erroll took me. I wasn’t used to going with a man that big! I felt his cock burrowing, thrusting inside of me and felt like I might split down the middle. I remember digging my nails into his shoulders, then catching my fingers in his swinging dreadlocks as he broke me properly and started to thrust as if he didn’t care.

‘Fucking take it bitch!’ he growled. I arched my back and he ripped open my blouse. Even through my lacy bra he could se that my nipples stood proud.

‘God…. Erroll…… oh God!’ I gasped, as his cock made a heavy and rhythmic slap, slap, slap sound as he owned me.

Glancing to my right Keith looked ridiculous. The men had made him drop his pants and he stood there his erection covered easily in a sheath. His cock was jerking.

‘Look fucker, look, see how she’s taking it nice and grateful?’

The brother sneered in Keith’s ear, watching me kiss my lover eagerly.

‘Jerk your pencil’ ordered the bigger of the two imposing men. Keith started to masturbate, into the sheath. It took a moment, then Keith grunted and the teat filled with a milky mess.

‘Please Erroll, please… please…. please’ I was becoming hysterical. I wanted it, really badly.

When Erroll ejaculated, it was as if I’d been punched in the belly. I remember exhaling sharply as though winded, then sucking down short breathes, whilst I writhed against the body of the man with his cock inside me. His cock was pumping it into me, I could feel his balls clenching as they supplied what I needed. Erroll marked my neck, a bright blue/black hickey as he sprayed his semen within me. I felt like a bitch, run down and taken. My body was spasming against his, my climax soaring up through my spine and exposing like a grenade in my head.

Keith watched Erroll drag his cock free. My sex was belching thick white semen from within. Ambrose, one of the brothers took his turn, unzipping his fly and taking his cock out too. I looked at Erroll and he nodded. I was to go with both of his bros, I was to ride on any black cock he told me to. Keith didn’t resist, he simply dropped limp into a chair beside me and watched as I kissed Ambrose too, stroking his tightly woven wiry hair on his perfectly male head. This time it didn’t hurt so much. I was lubricated. I hooked my legs about his waist, so he could thrust inside quickly. Slap, slap, slap, the rhythm repeated again and I moaned.

‘Give it me’  I begged huskily.

Ambrose did, and Tyrone too. Both of them shot a gloopy supplement within. My pussy was awash with it.

I thought that the men would leave then, but they didn’t. First they made Keith lick my sex, but after that proved pointless, he could never lick it all up, they sent him to bed in the box room. Erroll told him he would read him a warning in the morning, for now my new men would stay over, Erroll occupying the master bed with me and the other two men sleeping in the twin bed room next door to Keith’s. That way they could deal with him if he became unco operative.

The next morning Keith fixed them all breakfast. I came down last, dressed in riding jodhpurs and boots, because I always exercised Fletch, my gelding on a Saturday morning. Keith looked terrified. It was as if his night had been one long impotent nightmare. I remember that Erroll had me sit on his knee, then in front of Keith he asked whether I wanted to see him again?

I shouldn’t have looked at Keith. He looked wrecked, appalled at what unfolded before him. But I’d seen him watch gang bang sex on the TV channel. He couldn’t pretend not to know how this looked.

‘Yes’ I said quietly.

‘Kiss me’ ordered Erroll. I kissed him eagerly, open mouthed, my neck mark showing despite my silk cravat.

‘And you’ll fuck the way that I say?’ Erroll queried.

I couldn’t look at Keith again. I knew how beaten he looked.

I paused but a moment. I wanted him and had imagined Errol alone taking charge of me. But I knew it instinctively then. I was just his bitch, one to share around. He had a black wife, a woman he called Odette. But she accepted that a handsome black buck taught white girls some things.

‘Yes…. yes darling’ I whispered.

Erroll asked whether Keith wanted his beating now, a warning about bad mouthing me, or later. He was to treat me as the complete lady. Keith shuddered. He literally shuddered! His bod shook and he promised that he would be as good as gold.

Erroll said he would take me down to the stables, to see my horse and to meet some of my friends. Keith winced. The other bros were left with Keith and he was made to watch some porn movies of interracial sex. Over and over he had to watch two films, rehearsing how right it was, how beautiful it was for the bitches to take black cock. I know that Keith was terrified what they would do if he didn’t approve of the action.

At the stables I was due to hack out with Sheryl. She saw Erroll kiss me, the way he ran his hand over my bottom. I was mortified. This wasn’t to be secret!! We rode off through the woods. Sheryl was full of questions, and smiling like an idiot.

‘That is sooo sexy’ she observed, ‘he is soooo masculine’. And Sheryl stuck with that, always approving, always supporting, always enthusing about how good Erroll and I looked together. Other’s didn’t. Others freaked and suddenly couldn’t be friends any more. The husbands in couples in particular seemed shocked to the hilt. It was this that made Keith sulk. He was being publicly humiliated. I was a black man’s bitch and I looked so content, so fulfilled on that.

There is of course a different society, one that Errol introduced us too. It comprises of dominant black males, their sexily attired conquests and the rather hapless onlooking cuckolds. There are a lot of women going black, those who have now been marked up with tattoos rather than hickey’s on the neck. They dress in a style to invite cock.  Some men, not Keith yet, are quietly supportive of their wive’s happiness. They accept that she will fuck with whichever buck her man tells her too. The women are getting a lot of cock. They are pretty discerning about sex. One day, Keith might understand. He might stop sulking.


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I've been writing erotic literature for something over a year, certainly that with a cuckolding assertive woman twist. I've written a cuckolding novel and as at summer 2018 two collections of raunchy short stories that you'll find by internet searching 'Lutheran Maid'. Frankly I love intelligent cuckolding sex. But there's scope to explore more widely too!