A visit to my aunt’s house – part 2

Part 1 is here. The next morning I woke up to the sound of my aunts yoga DVD.  She had put her t-shirt back but I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties or not.  “Well good morning”. She said “How did you sleep last night? I slept great, best sleep I’ve gotten in a long time!  I feel so good this morning!”  “I slept pretty good too,” I replied “Do you always do yoga in the morning?”  “Not always,” she said, “but I woke up a lil sore so I’m getting some stretching in.  You want to give it a try?” “Na, I’m not into that kind of stuff. I’d rather go to the weight room.”  I replied She began reaching up in a stretch and then I noticed she still didn’t have any panties on.  Not realizing how obvious I was staring at her I hear, “Enjoying the view?”  Trying to save myself I attempted apologize but got cut off. “Damn boy relax.  I’m just messing with you.  Hell look all you want!  I figured you seen all you wanted last night anyway.”  She started another pose that really showed off her ass.  “Are you gonna get up anytime soon or keep staring at me?” She asked.  “I said you could join me.  As a matter of fact I could use your help.  Here get up and help me with my next pose.”  Considering I now had a raging hard on from seeing her naked again and I couldn’t find my boxers she ripped off me the night before.  I thought it best to wait to get up.  “Well, what are you waiting for Christmas?  Get up and help me hold my balance.”  She demanded.  Begrudgingly I pulled away the bedsheets and got out of the bed. She had a really high bed so she couldn’t tell that I didn’t have my boxers on yet but as soon as I rounded the corner, I heard “What the hell boy!  I told you to keep your damn underwear on. Where are the boxers you were wearing last night?”  “Well you pulled them off of me before you fucked the hell out of me” I thought to myself, but I replied, “I don’t know.  I must have kicked them off in my sleep.” Well, shit I don’t know why I’m getting so upset at you while I’m standing here with my pussy all out.” As she talked her eyes started traveling downward.  “So what’s up with your hands? You hiding something?  You got the morning wood or something? I bet you do!  I bet that lil pecker is hard as a rock right now!  Move your hands.  Let me see it.” She demanded. I tried to talk my way out of showing her but she tones her voice down and says, “Are you embarrassed or something? Honey I’ve seen you naked plenty of times.  You pretty much grew up in my house the first 8 years of your life. It’s ok.  You used to run around the house naked as a jay bird all the time!”  “Yea, I was 5 then.” I responded. “Well now your 16 and still naked in my house!  Time to see how you’ve grown!”  She said smiling.  “Ok how about I even the playing field then” and she removes her t-shirt.  Now we are both standing naked starting at each other.  “Ok, now we’re both naked.  I’m not ashamed and neither should you be.  Honey an erection is a natural thing your body does.! I just want to see it.  Will you just let me see it?” I removed my hands to show my aunt my throbbing hard on.  “Oh my!  You’re a pointer aren’t you!  Look at that it’s pointed up to the ceiling!”  “Thanks I guess.” I said  “Your uncle jim’s had a little curve in it but it never pointed like that!  Guess that youth for you.  So you’re what four or five inches?” She asked.  “I don’t know.  I’ve never measured it.”  I replied .  “What!  Oh hell we got to measure it.  I’m curious now.”  She went to a drawer and came back with a small measuring tape.  “Don’t you boys ever compare your junk in the locker room?  Shit, women are always comparing their tits.” “No, we don’t usually walk around the locker room with hard ons.  They are usually soft and everyone’s looks kinda the same.”  I said.  She got behind me almost directly behind me to watch as I struggled to hold the tape measure against my erection. “Looks like 4 1/2 inches long I guess.”  I told her.  ” Nah, I think your bigger than that.  Here give me that tape.” she said grabbing the measuring tape from my hand.  She moved even closer pressing her boobs against my back and reaching around my waist to grab my throbbing dick.  When her hands touched it it made me jump. “Lil sensitive there aren’t ya!  I’ll be careful and won’t do anything to hurt it.  You just keep it as hard as you can ok.” She grinned.  Then she lightly gripped my dick, giving it a few short strokes, and pulling it down slightly.  “Your kinda thick.  Did you know that? I mean I can barely get my hand around the shaft.”  She said.  “You definitely got some girth.  Ok, you got to measure from beside the shaft not on top of it.”  Still gripping my erection she moved the tape measure and remeasured it saying “See, you are 5 inches!  That’s not bad at 16!  I know grown men that length and you still got a few years left to grow.  Now let’s measure the girth.  That’s how thick it is.  As she fumbled with the tape measure her hand slid down my shaft and grazed my tight balls.  All this attention had me on the edge of cumming.  “Ok, your doing a great job staying hard and I’m really surprised you haven’t blown a nut yet.  An older woman fondling your junk like I’m doing. I’d expect you to have cum already.  You know it’s ok if you cum.  It’s a natural thing that men do and I’ve seen plenty do it. By the looks of your purple tip, and them tight lil balls you may be closer than you think.” Then she took her fingers and pinched my cock head squeezing out drops of precum.  “Mmm, you are close.  You got some spooge already coming out of that dick.” She took the tape measure and wrapped it around my shaft.  “Wow another 5.5 inches!  You are pretty thick.”  She turned me around to look at me and smiled.   Then she moved in closer hugged me, then reached down to grasp my dick in her hands once again.  Ohhh it’s so hard.  God it’s been so long since I held a hard cock like this.  Yea boy you grew a nice package.”  “Thanks.” I said She released her grip on my dick and slid her hand down to cup my loosening balls.  “Mmmm.  Yea these are some mans nuts here.  These nuts are full of cum.  Then she looked right at me and asked How long has it been since you emptied these balls?” “I don’t know..mmmmaybe a week or so I stuttered. “Well they are overdue for a release.” She said seductively.  Then she turned around and said, “guess since I’ve been feeling you up, it’s only fair you get some too.”  She said Taking my hands and placing one in her tit and one right on her dripping pussy.  I cupped her small breasts and gently caressed her nipples until they started to get hard. “Aunt jill, it looks like your getting hard too.”  “Yea, you got my lil nips excited didn’t you.  And that’s not all.  You got my damn pussy on fire! Feel how wet I am right now.  I haven’t been this wet in months!”  She slid her legs apart opening her pussy lips allowing my finger inside “Mmm, damn boy your hand feels good on my pussy.  “Ahhhh!” She moaned as I slipped 2 finger inside her.  “Oh  it’s been way too long since someone has touched me like that.”  She reached behind her back grabbing my shaft.  “Robbie, i need for you to be a man right now.  Don’t think of me as your aunt ok.  And I can’t think of you as my teenage nephew.”  She said stroking my hard on.  “I need this hard cock inside me.  I need it bad.”  she spread her legs wider and pulled my closer inserting it into her.  “Mmmmm” She moaned deeply.  “Push it in nice and slow.  Mmmm, Doesn’t it feel good inside me?  It’s been so long since I’ve done this.  Having that wild dream last night and now seeing you so hard for me I just couldn’t fight it off anymore.”  Slowly I began thrusting into her.  She was still tight even after last night. “Man I must really be tight.” She said.  Bending over she grabbed her beds foot board giving me full view of her ass as she starts starts moving her hips back and forth sliding her pussy on my straining cock.  “Man i hope you’ve fucked before because I ain’t got time to be teaching a virgin!”  Grabbing her hips I slide my dick into her matching her rhythm.  Ohhhh,mmm!  She groaned. “I know what to do!” I said  “oh fuck boy you sure do!  You ever fuck a woman doggystyle?”  She asked.  “No, never, only regular”. I said “Well then you better hold on cause I’m bout to give you a lesson.” And she started grinding her hips into me harder and harder.  “Fuck this feels so good.  Oh your cock feels so good.”  As we ride each other’s thrusts I feel my balls start to churn.  “Aunt Jill I think I’m about to cum.”  “Fuck don’t you cum right now” and she reaches under neither and grips my balls with such force I feel the sensation go away. “There we go, now fuck me boy.  Fuck me hard! Ok, I said then I gripped her hips harder and drove my dick deep into her.  “Ohhh FUCK, Shit that’s good!  Yea like that. I won’t break.”  Pumping my dick harder she started gripped the bed her tits bouncing with each thrust.  “Can I grab your boobs?”  I asked innocently “grab whatever the hell you want.  Just keep that cock pumping in my pussy.”  Reaching around I grabbed her tits cupping and squeezing them as I continued to thrust. “Ugh, ugh, oh, OH GOD here it cums!!” She shoves her head into her covers to muffle the sounds of her orgasm. I felt her pussy grip my dick and her body shake as cums over and over again her juices oozing down my shaft.  She takes a breath and looks at me, The she looked at me, “i want you to nut on my ass!  Let me feel you blow your hot load on me!”  Grabbing her hips I Pumped faster and faster Do it boy, yea give me that young nut!  Show me how you can cum!  “Ugh, Ahh, here it comes” I grunted as I pulled it out and shot my first load all up her back, some of it landing on her shoulders.  “Oh god I feel it on me!  I really feel it on me.  My nephew is actually cuming on me!” She squealed.  “Ugh! I’m not done!” I grunted as another load shot out landing on her lower back and ass.  “Oh, yea.  That’s a good boy!  Give me more of that cum.” Spurting a few more times on her ass, my cock started to go limp between her reddened cheeks.  She slowly stood up and turned around grasping my softening dick in her hands.  “Wow, I wasn’t expecting you to last so long.”  But this lil guy can hang with the best of um.  Made me cum hard that’s for sure.  Listen, We can NEVER tell your mom ok.  NEVER, oh god she would have a nervous breakdown if she knew I actually fucked you.  I just couldn’t fight it.  I’m so sorry.  I bet you think I’m a huge slut, but I’m not!”  “Aunt Jill , I’m not sorry and I’m not embarrassed that we just had sex.  It was amazing!  You were so patient and so passionate.”  “You don’t have to be nice.  I know I’m not 20 anymore but i don’t think my body is that bad.” She said. “You have a great body and you felt so good inside.”  “You felt good inside of me.  That’s for sure!” she replied, “That hard dick of yours was stretching me good. Yea you shouldn’t be embarrassed for that thing at all!  It works great!  Made me feel like a woman again. I’m still feeling it.” She looked down at the clock, “Damn, it’s almost 9:00.  I bet your parents are already up let’s take a quick shower and go get some breakfast.”  “Ok!” I said enthusiastically.  We got into the shower together and took turns bathing each other.  When she started to soap up my dick I could feel myself getting hard again.  “Oh shit I think it’s getting stiff again!  Geez boy you got to calm this monster down.” She laughed and patted it with her hand.  “Down boy” she told my seminhard dick.   “We don’t have time for another round.  Shit I don’t know if my old ass can take another pounding like that not without some rest first.”  We rinsed each other off, dried, and put on bathing suits and went to to the kitchen where my dad was already making breakfast.  “Hey there bud,  how did you sleep last night?”  “Fine.” I replied  “Fine” my mom said, “I don’t see how with your Aunt Jill moaning and hollaring like she was last night.  She was having a crazy dream or something.”  I almost wanted to grin knowing that I was the one that made her scream. “No, I didn’t hear a thing.”  Aunt Jill came walking into the kitchen carrying her cell phone.  “I just got off the phone with Carol and Russell they are coming over later on their boat and Mike and Joan may come over too.”  “Well good.  I haven’t seen any of them in months!”  Mom said enthusiastically.  “I don’t suppose any of the kids are coming with them?” I asked.  “Sorry kiddo” Aunt Jill replied “Most of them are off at camps or summer school.  Guess you are stuck here with us old folks” she giggled.  “It will be fine.” Mom said.  After breakfast Aunt Jill took us around on her boat and showed us some of the changes around the lake.  When we got back I saw two boats docked to her pier.  “Looks like the gang is all here.” She said.  The men all started talking to each other and then grabbed fishing gear and a cooler.  “We are going to take mikes boat and go to the other side of the lake to try and catch some dinner.  Robbie do you want to come along?”  “No thanks,” I replied.  “Ok, it will be just you and the 4 women.  Try to control yourself.”  All the women laughed, “Maybe we will try to control ourselves, Joan said.  “Your the ones leaving us alone with a very attractive young man.”  The men piled to the boat and road away.  “Were just picking at you Robbie.”  Don’t be embarrassed.” Joan said.  “I’m not embarrassed.  I think I’m in some good looking company.”  “Oohh, you hear that Debbie, your son thinks we’re lookers.”  “Yea, over 40, saggy titted, grey haired lookers”. Mom said “Hey wait a second, Carol shouted  “My tits don’t sag anymore.  I just paid three grand to make sure of that!”  “What!  You got a boob job?” Aunt Jill  asked surprisingly.  “You already had bigger tits than Debbie.”  “Thanks Jill for pointing out my big boobs.” mom said.  “Well you’ve been a D cup since high school.  I’m the only one here who’s tits stopped growing after middle school.”  “Mom” I interrupted “I’m gonna go to the rope swing ok?”   “Ok, just be careful.  I don’t like you just swinging off a rope 30 feet in the air!” “I’ll be careful.” I said walking off.  “Debbie I wish you wouldn’t treat him like a baby.  He is NOT a baby anymore.”  I heard Aunt Jill say as I walked away.  “He is my baby.”  Was the last thing I heard before I was out of range.