Mummy’s Massage

She arrived home after a long day at work. She opened the door and walked into the entrance. Her son sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Hi ” she said lifting her leg slipping of her high heel.
” Hi Mum” he said ” How was your day.”
” Long ” she said lifting her other leg slipping off her other heel. She stood side on to him so he couldn’t see up her short skirt. She walked into the kitchen placing her bag on the bench. He entered the kitchen with her.
” Heard from Dad ” he asked.
” Yeh hes home in a couple of days.” Carol said. ” I’m going to run a bath, sore shoulders.
” Need a massage.” He said stepping behind her placing his hands on her neck.
” Yes please ” she replied as he massaged her neck.
” Oh god Christopher” she said moving her head pulling her long dark hair to her front.

Carol a 56 yr old business woman. 5ft 8.She wore a black silk blouse with red spots over it. A short skirt with a split up the back and black stockings. She groaned as he massaged. Chris could see the black bra under her blouse. His cock hardened.

” That nice ” he said.
” Oh fuck yes ” she said as he did her shoulders feeling her bra straps under her blouse. Carol started undoing her blouse button by button eventually undoing it sliding it down her back. Chris seeing the bra. She dropped it to the floor. He felt brave as he pushed her straps down off her shoulders massaging her bare shoulders. She reached behind groaning undoing her bra strap pulling it off now topless
” Mum” Chris said. He was taller than her at 6 ft he could see over her shoulders. He tried not to
” Its ok son, they are only breasts.” She said ” Its not like you haven’t seen breasts before.”
” But yours” he said looking down her bare back at the zip on her skirt. His cock now harder. He peeked over seeing her C cup breasts. She turned around and faced him. He admired her bosom.
” Touch them ” she said.
“Mum ” he said.
” Don’t be fuckin shy” she said as Chris cupped them fondling them.
” Kiss them” she said. He looked at her then her breasts. He leant in kissing her breast and fondled them. ” That’s it.” She said as he found her nipple sucking them. ” Yeh baby” she said holding his head as he sucked her nipples. She reached behind her back unzipping her skirt letting it drop to the floor. Chris looked down at her stockings over her g string. ” Take my stockings off.” She said. He grabbed the top of her stockings pulling them down admiring her g string as he knelt. She lifted her feet one by one as he took them off. ” Never seen Mum naked ” she said.
” No “he replied.
” Take off my underwear.” She said smiling. He grabbed them. Her pussy visible through the lace. He pulled them down her shaved pussy on display. She sat on the bench leaning back, her stepped between her legs fondling her breasts. He kissed down to her pussy opening her legs licking her clit. She groaned as her licked her up and down her pussy lips. He inserted his fingers in her as he licked her. She groaned louder as she slid a hand to her pussy rubbing her clit. ” Oh baby ,” she said ” Fuck me”

He stood dropping his shorts and underwear. He slid his cock inside her. She groaned as her 19 yr old sons cock thrust deep inside her. She opened her legs wider. Chris watching his shaft slide in and out of his mother. He had seen her naked before. He had watched her in the shower through the crack in the door a few times in the en suite bathroom wanking his cock. She knew he had. She enjoyed him watching. She groaned louder as he sped up. He wasn’t a virgin. A hooker had done that three months before. He thrust her hard and deep. Moments later he cum. He filled his mother’s pussy with cum. She groaned as he filled her. He had not only seen his mother naked, which is all he thought would happen. He had touched her tasted her and now fucked her.

They went upstairs to the master bedroom cum from her son dripping down her legs. She filled the big two person bath. They got in and opened a bottle of wine. They sipped and talked. He couldn’t believe he wad naked with his mother sipping wine after fucking her in the bath with her.
” That was lovely” she said.
” Yeh ” he said.
” I know you watch me in the shower sometimes” she said.
” Do you ?” he said ,” Sorry”
” Don’t be sorry, I find it quite erotic, my son watching me. Just don’t let your father find out.”
” No” he said.
” Lets see your cock.” she said. He sat up on the bath his cock hard covered in bubbles from the bath. She put her glass on the side blowing the bubbles off his cock. She smiled up at his as she grabbed it and stroked it. ” Nice cock” she said. It was 6 inches and circumcised. She looked up lowering herself over his cock sliding her lips over it. She sucked up and down his shaft as she wanked it. He watched her as she sucked she took it out. She licked up and down his shaft circling her tongue around his knob then back down his cock. For 10 minutes she sucked him. He groaned as she knew. She wanked him them he orgasmed. She made him cum in her mouth. She licked and sucked his cum then got back in the bath to soak.

He never forgot the night with his mother. He still watches her in the shower and is allowed to wash her back and give her regular ‘massages’ when dad is away.


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Hi I'm jess 35. I love writing erotica. I have experienced Incest taboo and group sex. I love writing about and been involved in all. I am going to share both true story's and fiction. I will introduce it as true or fiction at the start. Happy reading.