My Sister – Part 1

Me and my sister we always close, and we were the same age of 16, and she had a plump round ass, massive boobs, blonde lush hair and the best Everything else, she was kind, sweet and caring and one day something happened.

She was laying down in bed in her plaid red skirt from school, He was a wearing just a bra, I walked in ” Hey sis ” ” hey big bro ” I sat next to her and she put her hand on my leg ” what’s up ” she said sweetly ” I had a break up today ” she turned and gave me a hug and wrapped my arms round her, ” it will be okay ” she got up and closed her door ” you don’t need her, you can be happy without her ” ” How?” I asked and she sat down” loves not important, just learn to be independent, come on we can watch a film together ” we watched a film and we both fell asleep. I had a dream about being back in a room with my girlfriend and fingering her wet pussy and felt how wet her pussy was in the dream. When we woke up her boobs was in my face, she was still fully clothed by she was alseep with her boobs pressing against my face, my hand was up her skirt rubbing her pussy all night thinking that it was girlfriend but it was actually hers, I removed my fingers from her pussy and as she did my sister gave out a moan that gave me a boner and because she was leaning on me, it poked against her belly.

She woke up and looked at me and she got up ” I’m so sorry for falling alseep on you, oh shit we’re late for college ‘ we both got up and quickly got dressed, my fingers were still covered in my sisters juices .

It was a normal day at college with a bunch of hot girls walking around in skirts and Jeans, when I got home I noticed my sister was in her room moaning, did she have a guy over or was she doing it to herself, I opened the  door and she quickly put some think under pillow ” bro, I Need your help, close the door ” ” what’s up ” ” I’m so fucking horny and wet, I need you inside me again ” ” again ?” ” I felt your fingers last night and it was so good ” ” I uh” she walked over to me and put her hand down my trouces, grabbed my dick and pulled down my foreskin ” please ” she said wanking me off “okay ” I said and she pulled down her skirt and took off my clothes, I put my dick at her vagina entrance ” Put in inside me ” I shoved my dick deep in my sister pussy , she moaned ” omg yes” I started to push my dick deep inside her she started moaning like crazy, and it felt so good, so I fucked her fast and deep, she started to scream in pleasure, I kept fucking her, “omg fuck me ” she squirted and her juices flooded her bed, when she squirted she made it easier to fuck her, so I fucked her as fast as possible, she screamed and beg as my dick was deep inside me ” I’m gonna cum ” she pushed me inside her so I couldn’t move, so I pumped large amounts of my cum inside her and she left a massive moan ” bro I’m not on the pill so your gonna be a father ” ” what ? ” She started sucking on dick and licking it juices and then we fell asleep.