Real experience of a true mother son incest relationship

I am going to share my personal experience which happened one month ago. So this is my first time here.. If there is any mistake in grammar I apologize now for it 😋 So let’s begin the story. Guys this will be quite a long story because this is not a story, this is a personal experience of me and mom which I’m going to share today to let everyone know that mom son incest is the best among any relationship. I will tell you what happened exactly and every detail of it, so read it fully and go fuck your mom.

First of all I introduce me and my family. We belong to a Gujarati family. My name is Uday and I am 21 and in my family there is my sister who got married 5 years ago and lived happily abroad and my father(52) working in a private company and my mother’s name is Priyanka(47) and she is a teacher. Coming to my mother’s figure, she is having 36-32-36 which can make anyone’s cock raised. Her boobs are having amazing bouncy feel and ass is quite sturdy and well shaped not too big but amazing for me.

I had no feelings for my mom until when I was 15.. one day my mother came from school and she was changing her clothes in kitchen and I saw her accidentally but the view I saw was so fucking amazing.. she was removing her saree and then her blouse and then her petticoat.. now she was only in her bra and panty… I was looking at her innocently and suddenly she removed her bra and then her panty too… at that moment my cock raised to the fullest and now my mother was fully naked infront of his 15 yrs old child who is looking her from behind and then my nude mom went into bathroom for shower and I went to toilet and masturbated imagining her sexy body and at that day I released the cum which is more than any usual day. Now my mother became my sex goddess and from that day I started daily imagining my mom and masturbated. I was so frustrated because I wasn’t getting any chance of fucking my mom. Years passed and one day my sister got married and went to abroad with her husband.

Now I’m so happy that now I can fuck my mom easily because my sister will be not at home. My father doesn’t comes in the picture because he is very busy with his office work.. he daily leaves for office at 8am and comes back at 10pm.. so my father is not my hurdle.. only hurdle is to how to convince my mom for sex. When I was in 11th standard I decided to fuck my mom after school hours because my mother comes back from school at 1 pm and I decided to seduce her. I tried many things such as roaming in very little shorts in the house and when I awake from the sleep at afternoon my cock is raised and I tried to show my cock while holding in my hand but mom gives no response.. I was so fucking tired by this behavior of my mom because she is not giving any response.

My parents sex life… ummm I didn’t know much about their sex life.. because I have never seen them fucking. Once I saw at midnight when I was 16, my father wanted to do sex with my mom but my mom denied and then my father was pressing my mom’s boobs but my mother had denied. By that fact I was always wondering that my dream of fucking my mom will remain a dream only.

We were living in a 2bhk duplex.. so me mom and dad sleep in bedroom at ground floor. As a kid and now as a teen I always used to touch my mothers body parts when she is sleeping at night. I was sleeping in between my mom and dad and my parents had no sex life. So I was always worried about how to fuck my mom.. by watching 3 years passed and I had no clue to how to fuck my own sexy mother.

As my 12th ended I got admission in a reputed engineering college which is 500kms far from my house. So as the time passed my dream of fucking my mom was also passed. So I had taken admission in hostel which is near to my college but the thought of fucking my own mother never gone out of my mind… I used to masturbate watching incest videos of mom and son and imagining fucking my own mother. But the dream of fucking my own mother never became reality.

In vacations time I went home at that time I found that my mom had changed. She never used to leave her under garments in bathroom but she left her under garments in bathroom and went to school. I ran towards my mom’s panty which was so fresh and the smell of that panty was so fucking amazing and I started sucking her panty just like I’m sucking her pussy and I found some of the pubic hairs on that panty… oh that long black hairs of my mother’s heavenly pussy.. I can’t describe that scene and I ate that pubic hairs of my mom and the desire of fucking her has increased. The dressing sense of my mom has also changed and now she wears sleeveless blouse and due to which her melons are exposing and to my shock her ass had grown a bit.. I don’t know from where this change came but I was really happy to see my modern sexy mom.

Now once again I tried to start seducing her but this time she is giving response to my moves. One day at noon I was talking to her in kitchen and I was moving my cock upwards and downwards and she is looking at my cock for nearly 20-30 seconds and then I saw her smiling and went to do her kitchen work. Now I want to move one step forward so I started to cum in my moms panty which she left in bathroom before going to school. I started cumming in my moms panty daily and I was waiting for her response but to my amaze she gave no response but she kept quiet and I understand that she knows that I want to fuck her.

But then after my vacation ended and I returned to my college and then I decided to fuck my mom emotionally because she loves me a lot and very emotionally attached with me. So I want a perfect opportunity to make love to her and fuck her and make her mine completely and permanently.

So 3 years passed and now finally my engineering completed and I was on a break and decided to do a job but after 2-3 months later. So now I’m at my home with my mother and father as usual busy in his office work and no time for us.

So finally the time come which I was waiting for.. after 2-3 days passed I started executing my plan and now I want to fuck my mom by hook or by crook. My mother normally wear gown at home and inside no bra but only panties. So at night I started touching her butt from behind and she is in deep sleep and didn’t respond and now I’m touching her asshole as the gown as very thin material but she had wore panty that’s why I’m unable to touch her asshole properly. So I gave more pressure and because of that mom awakes and she turns behind and looks at me angrily and I was so scared and my mom told “kal subah tujhse baat karti tere papa ke jana ke baad (I will talk to you tomorrow morning after your father’s leave)” in a angry tone and I was so shocked and scared that what I had done such a bastard I’m. That night I didn’t sleep and as dad went for the office.. mom came to me and started yelling at me that what are you doing are you mad have you lost your mind? I’m your mother you idiot.. I was so ashamed and started crying and then my mom came to me and sit beside me and then I started executing my plan of emotional blackmail…

She came to me tell that whats the problem beta.. I know you have a strong desire for me but it cant be possible.. I’m your mother. I know you masturbate on my panties and always seduced me. I know all your moves but what you are thinking is a sin and which cant be possible but I have an idea for you and what I’m thinking is to find a good girl for you and you will be very happy after your marriage.

After hearing all this I started crying silently and told that no no I don’t want to marry.. I just want you because I admire you from so many years and I only love a lady in my whole life is you. I just want you and only you and no one else for my whole life. I made no gf and had been not in any sexual relationship with anyone because I want you.. only you mom. And this is not a bad sin or something which was not done by anyone before.. Mom son sexual relationship is the purest and the best among every other relationship I explained. I was explaining and she was listening from last 10 minutes… I started giving example of my friend who is fucking her widowed mother daily and they are enjoying their life to the fullest. I was so jealous of my friend that she fucks her mom daily and then I had given example of my cousins and other friends who also want to fuck their moms.

My mom was shocked and said “is it”? Now I came to know that my manipulation started working and I added that in foreign countries more than 50% sons had fucked their own mother and which is very common there and now in India also people started accepting incest relationship and incest is the best feeling in the world.

I added that I have seen you.. your life is so dull and boring and I know that your sexual life is not at all interesting with father and to that she shaken her head. I said Mom I love you and I only love you and there is no lust and I just want to be in you from where I came into this world and after that I touched my mom and my mom looked at me and said nothing. I will make your life like heaven and even I want to make love to you. Mom said ok but still sex with my own son… no never in a dream.

To that sentence I quickly went to kitchen and took a knife with me and said that “Why don’t you get this thing… if a mother and son are involved in a healthy sexual relationship then that is the purest relationship and what do you want from me that I go to any slut for my sexual desires.. OK I will go to a slut and will fuck her because you will not allow me even at the cost of my life.

To that my mom started crying and started hugging me and telling me “Sorry beta me tujhe samjh nahi paai..mujhe maaf karde.. tu jo bolega jesa bolega me vesa karungi (sorry son I couldn’t understand you, forgive me, I’ll do whatever you say)…

I was on cloud nine but I want my sexual relationship natural without any embarrassment.. So I started reading mom son sex stories and after 2-3 stories her embarrassment gone completely. And now the time has come. Its 3pm in the afternoon and me and mom went to bedroom and I started kissing my mom and she is also responding as well. This was my first time lip kiss and I was like madly in love with my mom and I started crying and to that my mom said what happened.. now I’m completely yours now why are you crying… I said its a dream come true of fucking you my sex goddess. To that my mom became more emotional because she don’t know her son is loving her madly and after being emotional she wiped her tears and started kissing me more deeply and sucking my tongue like a pro. Our kissing session lasts for 15-20 minutes. Now we both cant wait and started pulling up my moms gown and she is not resisting. And finally my sex goddess is in front of me, I added. My mom is in panty only which is brownish colour having floral print on it. She is having so so so fucking amazing boobs and having medium size brown nipple and I started staring at her boobs for nearly 2-3 minutes and to that my mom said “ab aise hi dekhta rahega yaa kuch karega bhi (now you’ll keep staring or gonna do something)” hearing that I gone mad and I pressed her boobs wildly and she gave a moan ahhhh. Hearing the first time moan from my mom was an amazing experience. Now I started sucking her boobs and she is playing with my hairs and started kissing my hairs. This session lasted for nearly 10 minutes.

And now the time came when I started removing her panty, and finally I removes her panty and to my excitement… my mothers heavenly pussy is in front of my eyes and it was covered by so many pubic thick hairs and pussy is not visible because of that hairs and now also I started staring at her pussy. and mom is like you started staring again with a big laugh and I told I had never seen something like this and I’m so thankful to god that he made all this possible and my mom got emotional again and said “chal ab jaldi aaja mere paas (come to me quickly)”.

Now I had pushed my mom to the bed and now I’m touching her pussy for the first time and ohhh god that pussy…so pink from inside and I started licking and fingering which I seen in porn movies, and because of that my mom started moaning and she got excited as I was licking her clitoris. She asked where did you learn all this.. to which I answered that I only watched mom son sex videos porn and I saw every son doing the same thing I do. Licking of pussy lasted 15 minutes.

Now mom pulled me towards her belly and she said that now I cant wait anymore.. I had no sex life with your dad and now I want you please come inside me and fuck me because I’m tired of masturbating and fingering myself.

After hearing that I had gone mad and took out my 6inch cock and after seeing that my mom was shocked. She was like “itna bada (this long!). Your father has half size compared to yours. He never satisfied me in my entire life that’s why I avoid sex with him” and after hearing that I understand that that’s why mom was ignoring dad long back. After that I told mom that don’t worry I’m all yours and will take you to the heaven and after seeing my long big thick cock… my mom started touching her and said such an amazing thing and I don’t know my small boy had grown up in this way… I would love to take that cock in my pussy. After this I started pushing my cock in my moms pussy and then suddenly she moaned so loud and told “aahhhhh jara dhire..mere andar aaj se pehle itna lamba aur mota lund nhi gaya (Slowly, I have never had such long and thick cock in me before)” and to that I asked mom that you know that in local language our penis is called ‘lund’ and mom said “haa I know and meri jo h usse chut kehte h (Yea I know and mine is called ‘chut’)” I was so amazed in the middle of fucking session and to that mom said “ab baate nahi kar aur kaam kar jiske liye tu saalo se bekaraar tha (stop talking and start doing for what you were waiting for years)” and I said yes mom sorry mom. After that I was stroking my moms pussy with my cock and I was fucking her so hard and after 5 minutes I told her that “mom nikalne wala h ( mom I’m cumming)” and she told wait just keep inside me and move your cock inside outside and lets think about other thing. I know mom wants more pleasure from me, and I controlled myself anyhow and after that my cock is inside my moms pussy and I was in heaven and mom started kissing me and biting my lips like hell and I shouted because of that. after that my mom licking my ears and I had just gone mad because of that and to that mom said “ab start kar vapas (now start again)”.. and now I started again and she said “thoda aaram se kar kahi bhaage nhi jaa rhe hum.. puri zindagi ab yahi karna h (relax, I’m not going anywhere, the whole life’s ahead)” and to that I was so happy to hear that and now I’m stroking very gently and slowly and deeply to that mom started moaning again “Aaahhhhhhh bus aise dhire dhire aur kar..bohot achaa lag rhaa h plsss aur 5-10 minute tak rok le (just like that, keep doing this for 5-10 minutes more)… I said ok mom as you that mom smiled and kissing me again and after 7-8 minutes I told mom “ki ab nhi raha jata ab to nikal hi jata (I cant hold it no more)” and mom said “ok nikalde andar hi (ok cum inside)” and after 30 seconds I did cum inside my mom’s pussy and at that time mom reached climax and moaning like a slut aaahhhhh aaaahhh “aur kar beta aur beta aur daal de sab daal de mere andar (cum all inside me, cum more inside me)” and withing few seconds I filled her pussy with my cum juices.

After I cummed inside my mom… we both breathing heavily and I was on top of my mom and after that cum started coming out of my mother’s pussy and she took her finger there and started touching my cum and told best sex of my entire life and then gave me a lip kiss. and after few seconds I taken out my cock from my moms pussy and she saw my cock and now she started staring at my cock and I told.. “kya mummy aap bhi dekh rhe ho (you’re too staring mom)” and then we laugh hard.

After that she said “saaf karke aa apna lund and me bhi apni chut saaf karke aati hu (let get clean ourselves)” and then I took my mom’s hand in my hand and told that mom you are the most precious to me and from now onwards I’m your husband and you are wife, to that mom smiled and said yes and then I told her that mom please take that cock in your mouth because it was full of sperm and then mom agreed and took my cock inside her mouth and to my amaze she drank all my cum which was on my cock and I was shocked and she said “beta me teri maa hu sab jaanti hu me (I’m your mom, I know everything)” and she winked. I told mom that right now I’m the happiest human on the earth and she said same here.

After that we both bathed together and at 5pm we had another fucking session of 30 minutes and we tried doggy position and started using abusing language. During our doggy style I said “chal meri kutiya aaj to teri chut faad dunga me (I’ll tear apart your pussy bitch)” and to that mom replied that “haa mere kutte faad de meri chut aur pura lund ghusa de teri biwi ki chut me (yes my dog tear my pussy apart and put your whole dick inside your wife’s pussy)”. And after that fucking session we both decided that we will marry that day only and we burn the fire in our kitchen and with all the rituals we did the marriage ceremony and then my mom touched my feet that from now onward you are my only husband and we will be happy together forever and ever and then I took her in my arms and took her to the bedroom and started undressing her saare and she started undressing my shirt and pant and then I started kissing her and sucking her pussy and then she stated giving me bj for nearly 10 minutes and then ejaculated all my sperms in my moms mouth and she drank all my cum every bit and she said that I promise from now onwards I will drink every bit of your cum. After 20 minutes my cock become hard again and I fucked my mom for nearly 20 minutes and then we went for bath and wear regular clothes again because dad will come from office in nearly 1 hour.. so we cleaned all the house and cleaned the bedsheet which is having all our juices spread on it and infront of dad we behave normally.

At that night mom didn’t wear any panty and at 2am mom wake me up and told “aaj apni suhagraat h and sex nhi karna aapko (tonight is firstnight of marriage and don’t you wanna have sex)? and so I said that how can we do because dad is in front of you. So she said I have no panties on and I will pull my gown from behind and you will fuck me from behind and I was so excited to fuck my mom with having dad on the same bed… I started penetrating my cock and slowly slowly I’m stroking her pussy and after 15 minutes I came all inside her and she was about to moan and I kept my hand on her mouth and she bit my hand so hardly.

That was the best day of my life and next day as soon as dad went for office.. my mom shut the door and came in our bedroom and wake up saying… Uth jaao patidev..vo gaye (wake up, he’s gone) and I was awake and I was so happy that now I’m living my dream life and all of a sudden she removed my shorts and she undressed herself and she said are you ready? and I was on nine cloud and mom touched my cock and it is raised to the full height and mom is giving bj for a while she came upwards me and she adjusted my cock and sits on my cock and then I’m banging her again and slapping her sexy tight ass and she is like a wild bitch with all her hair open and dancing and shaking on my cock… as she was shaking her booty.. her boobs were just near my mouth and I was sucking her boobs. After that position we were in missionary position and mom was enjoying that and moaning loudly like a bitch aaaahhhh aaaahhh “mere pati…aur karo..aur mujhe chodo..sabse best morning sirf teri vajahse (my husband do it more, fuck me more, best morning because of you)… I love you”.. These are the words coming from my moms mouth. And our fucking session lasted for nearly 25 minutes and then I cummed all over in my moms pussy.

After that we went to bathroom and she made me clean and then we came in bedroom again. She told this is the best morning ever and I told yes wifey this is the best morning in my entire life. After that mom told me to get an Ipill and I asked why. So she said son you cummed inside me 4 times from yesterday and I will be definitely get pregnant because of that, so kindly buy me an Ipill or unwanted72 because I still having my periods cycle every month and also told me to buy packets of condom because from now onwards we will do protection and safe sex and I said yes wifey as you say.

And from that day we have fucking session of 2-3 times everyday and even at midnight and our life is the best life and we decided that I will get a job after 1 year and will take my mom away with me after getting the job and upto 1 year we will enjoy our sex life to the fullest.

Guys this is my personal and real experience and this happened 1 month ago and I want to tell all boys and moms that don’t be worried and have guts to ask your mom or son and this will turn out to be the best sexual relationship and purest among all because the love is so real and sex is so fucking amazing.