Supporting Mum – Part 3

Later that night 6pm.

Anita Racheal and Ben sat around naked talking. Racheal sat at the end of the couch her legs stretched out her feet on Ben’s thigh. Anita sat on the single chair opposite sitting sideways her feet dangling off the end.

“So Ben you have fucked your Mother and Sister” Racheal said smiling.”

“Guess I have ” he said proudly. “Enjoyed it to” he added.

” Our secret” Racheal said.

“Yes ” Anita said

“So round two ?” Ben said smiling, his cock hard. Racheal stretched her toes over rubbing his knob with her toe.

“Why not “Racheal said ” Think mums pussy needs some cum in it.”

Racheal swung her legs off the couch sitting over next to Ben grabbing his cock stroking it. Anita swung her legs off the edge of the chair opening them. Ben looking at his mothers pussy as Racheal pushed her arse back going to Ben’s cock. She put her lips over his knob sucking it as she caressed his balls.

“You like your brothers cock ?” Anita asked.

“Yeh its nice” she said taking it out of her mouth kissing his circumcised knob. She licked and circled his knob stroking his shaft. ‘ “I will warm it up for you mum ” Racheal said smiling at her mother.

“Thanks dear ” Anita said she slid off the chair knelling between Ben’s legs. Anita licked his cock with Racheal. Ben groaning watching his naked mother and sister taking turns licking and sucking his cock, sometimes licking up each side of his shaft together.

“Fuck yes ladies” he said holding both of their hair out the way to watch them. Watching their tongues working his shaft and knob. They occasionally kissed as they played with his cock.

Racheal got up. ” Back soon ” she said smiling. Ben slouched in the chair watching his mother suck his cock. A minute later Racheal returned with a bag putting it on the sofa. Ben looked up. She reached in pulling out a strap on. She put it on and knelt behind her mother. She put it deep into her mothers pussy. Anita groaned as her daughter fucked her pussy. Ben sitting looking down at his mother suck his cock and admiring his sisters breasts as she knelt behind Anita doggy style fucking her pussy.

Ben held his mothers head and his shaft taking it out of her mouth. He circled it around her lips, Anita poked her tongue out. He slapped his knob on her tongue and cheek rubbing is knob over her mouth and cheek. She opened her mouth wide he put his knob in slapping it around in her mouth then she closed her mouth around it and sucked it.

“Suck it hard mum” He said smiling at her. Racheal and Ben listened to their mother groan as she sucked cock been spit roasted by son and daughter, sucking his cock and been fucked with a strap on by her daughter. After a while Anita sat on the couch. Racheal knelt between her mothers legs she started giving her oral sex kicking her clit and finger fucking her with her strap on still on. Ben sat watching playing with his cock.

After a few minutes they got up and went to the bedroom. Racheal lay on the bed with her legs dangling off the edge. Anita straddled Racheal hugging her kissing her lips. Ben stood between Racheal’s legs, admiring two pussies on display. Both wet and moist Racheal had taken the strap on off, the girls kissed and fondled each others breasts. Ben knelt down circling his sisters clit with his tongue and slid his finger in her, and his other hand he slid his finger into his mothers pussy.

He knelt their licking his sisters pussy and finger fucking both pussies listening and watching his mother and sister kiss and fondle each other groaning. He went to his mothers pussy licking her as he kept finger fucking them swapping pussies as he licked and sucked them. He then stood up directing his cock to his mothers pussy guiding his cock in her. He fucked her listening to her groan. After a few minutes he took it out and put his cock in his sister rubbing his mother as he fucked his sister.

For ten minutes he stood there swapping pussies with his cock spending a couple of minutes before swapping.

After ten minutes. Anita and Racheal got into a 69. Anita lay on the bed her legs off the edge, Racheal straddled her watching her brothers cock in her mothers pussy, rubbing Anita’s clit as he fucked his mother.

Racheal got off and went over to the dresser opening her drawer, she pulled out a two dildos. She smiled at her mother giving her one. She got back on the bed over her mother. She rubbed her mothers clit with it watching her brothers cock fuck her.

Anita teased Racheal’s pussy with the dildo. Racheal groaned.

Racheal watched her brothers cock fuck their mother. His shaft sliding between her pussy lips. Racheal spread her mothers pussy open holding her pussy lips and clit watching her brothers shaft. Ben holding the underneath of her thighs as he fucked her listening to his mother groan, admiring her pussy.

After a while he pulled out. Racheal stood up putting on her strap on she stood between her mothers legs penetrating her pussy with rhe strap on fucking her mother. Ben straddled his mother in a 69. Anita putting his cock in her mouth sucking it. Her knees up under Ben’s arm pits. Ben rubbing her clit watching his sister fuck their mother. He sat up further leaning it sucking his sisters nipples, fondling her breasts as she fucked Anita.

She held his head as he sucked her nipples.

” Oh yes ” she said looking down at her brother.

Anita played with Ben’s cock rubbing his knob over her breasts as he kept caressing and sucking his sisters breasts as she fucked her mother with the stapon.

Ben then stood up. He stepped behind his sister putting his hands on her hips. He moved her hair to one side and started kissing her neck, she tilted her head to one side as he slid his hands to her breasts fondling them. She turned her head their lips met. They french kissed, one of her hands finding his cock.

Ben and Racheal stood kissing there tongues finding each others mouths, Ben fondling her breasts her hard erect nipples as she stroked his hard circumcised cock rubbing it against her arse as Racheal kept fucking her mother. Anita lay watching her son and daughter rubbing her clit.

” So beautiful ” Anita said. ” Such a lovely sight.”

” Whats that mum ” Ben said.

” Brother and sister getting on and so passionately ” Anita replied.” I could watch it for hours. Racheal pulled out of her mother. Anita sat up taking off Racheal’s strap on. Ben and Racheal turned to each other french kissing. Ben fondling her breasts. He slid his hand to her pussy rubbing it. Anita got on her knees. She took Ben’s cock into her mouth holding it in her mouth with no hands sucking his shaft one hand on ben’s hip. She rubbed Racheal’s pussy with the other hand. Rubbing her clit and pussy lips. She slid a finger inside Racheal’s pussy finger fucking her as she sucked Ben’s cock.

Ben and Racheal groaning as they french kissed.

” Lie down ” Racheal said to Ben. He lay on the bed.

” Get on top mum.” Racheal said. Ben watched his naked mother and sister get on the bed. Anita straddled his groin. She guided his cock into her pussy slowly riding up and down his shaft. Ben groaned as his mother rode his cock.

Racheal straddled him in front of her mother sitting on his chest his arms resting on her thighs sliding up to her breasts. Anita held Racheal’s hips using them to support her as she rode his cock. Ben looking down at his sisters pussy on his chest. Her amazing breasts he was fondling. Her mother riding his cock. He felt so lucky. Not every one gets to fuck his mother and sister at the same time. Racheal slid a hand down to her pussy rubbing her clit. Ben squeezed his sister’s breasts. Anita side a hand around the front of Racheal fondling Racheal’s breasts with Ben as she rode his cock.

Ben felt close, he groaned. ” Fuck I need to blow.” He said. Racheal got off Ben Anita leant back putting her hands on his knees riding him faster. Racheal knelt over Ben dangling her breasts over his face bend tongue directing her nipple in her mouth Racheal watched asher mum rode him. His shaft sliding in and out of Anita. Ben then lurched and groaned.

” Faster mum, fill her pussy Ben. Fill mums pussy with cum ” Racheal said watching and waiting for Ben to cum.

Ben then groaned louder as his cum shooted up into his mothers pussy. Anita slowed down. Racheal watched as his cum oozed out of her pussy down his shaft. Anita leant back. Racheal licked up his exposed shaft to Anita’s pussy licking up the oozing cum. Anita gave him short thrusts, his cum been pushed deep into his mothers pussy, and down his shaft.

Anita then got off Ben and lay next to him. They kissed lips. Ben leaning over fondling his mothers breasts.

Racheal got off the bed between her mothers legs. She licked his cum out of his mothers pussy, she slid her finger in her pushing cum out to lick up and swallow. She grabbed Ben’s cock putting it in her mouth sucking up and down his shaft licking and sucking her juices mixed with Ben’s cum off his cock, then back to her pussy licking her clit and pussy lips.

” Nice dear.” Anita asked. Racheal looked up from between her mothers legs smiling licking cum off her lips.

” Yes my brothers sperm, mixed with my mothers cum and pussy juices, yummy.”

Racheal finished licking her mothers pussy and her brothers cock. She moved up Anita’s body caresseg her breasts and sucking her nipples.

They all lay for a while, fondling and caressing each others bodies. They fell asleep in Racheal’s bed.


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