Trapping my Father in Law – A day to remember

Hi Guys, This is Sunitha. Sorry for posting the story late. Firstly let me thank all of you for your love. I was afraid in the beginning about how the readers will respond, how they are going to see my relationship with my father in law but I am overwhelmed by their response and support. Most of the readers ask me if it is a real story or not. I am just going to say only one thing to them. Yes it is. I don’t wanna say that we just had sex, I say that we made love. We have made it thousands of times till now. We kiss, fondle each other when ever we get time. I am just writing only the important and most wild experiences that we had. For the new readers please read my experiences under “Trapping my Father in Law”.

For new readers I am Sunitha, 32 years old, married to a very good and caring husband. I love my husband very much but I love his father too. My sex life with my husband is good and my sex life with his father is awesome. Let me describe about myself, I am fair looking and I am not fat and not very thin. I have right amount of fat at right places. I am very proud of my breasts, they are large enough to make everyone stare at them for a while. My ass is equally bigger, when I wear saree, it makes men go crazy. When I walk my big boobs swing up and down where as my ass moves to and fro. I am fair and I have pinkish brown nipples. I keep my body in good shape. I regularly shave my pubic hair and legs and arm pits. I wear sleeveless blouses and sleeveless salwars often. My arm pits are fair and clean. I love people noticing me, I expose my waist and mostly wear deep cut blouses. Whenever I wear any sleeveless, I expose my fair armpits, Guys I was with have told that they went crazy over my arm pits. I love attention. Hence I dress in the same way too. I am having affair with my FIL, I have few more affairs before and after marriage as well which I will narrate later. This incident happened when my husband was out-of-town for two weeks. Please read my earlier parts for better understanding.

The alarm rang at 6:30, I opened my eyes, I was half asleep and we were completely nude and my half of my darling’s body was over me. His limp cock was touching my thighs. His hairy legs completely locked my legs and I was completely wrapped under his arms. I wanted to get up but I wanted to be there for some more time. I rolled my fingers on his face, he was completely in deep sleep.. I buried my boobs completely to this chest and gave a slight kiss on his lips. I could smell something.. omg!! it was whiskey.It was all over me last light. I could never forget the pleasure screams and the whiskey which we had. It was a night which could be cherished for a long time. I got up and tied my hair, wore nighty and collected my dress which was lying on the floor. My maid came, she was completing her daily work and I got freshened up and dressed as per my FIL’s choice, in a good saree, bangles, anklets, bindi and sindoor with kajal on my eyes. I desperately wanted to be with my FIL but my kid was not having school.

I went to my FIL’s room and locked it from inside. The AC was still running and woke him. He opened his eyes, gave a smile. I said Mavayya (FIL) it’s already 7:30, wake up. He removed the blanket, he was completely nude, his limp dick was lying down… He caught me and pulled me over him, I fell on his chest and my boobs crushed his chest he hugged me tightly and asked “Is anyone at home?” I pinched his chest and said naughtily “What you did at night!! Isn’t that enough!! You are horny again ! omg” I got out of his grip and was walking out of the room.. He laughed and said “I am always horny suni, your MIL is not as sexy as you are. If she was as beautiful as you I would have forgotten the difference between day and night. You are a tigress Suni.” I got impressed by his statements and replied “You are my hero Mavayya. I am not showing you heaven in fact you are showing me heaven. I just wish I was your wife. Though I am not your wife, I am yours! Just wait for the time, This tigress can’t stay away from the Lion King” saying that I winked and left the room.

It was almost 9:30 and my FIL was in taking bath, my kid was watching TV. I couldn’t resist myself, I wanted my darlings touch. I slowly went to his bathroom without being noticed by my kid. I went and knocked the bathroom door. My FIL opened the door slowly. I pushed it and went inside quickly and locked it from inside, he was smiling naughtily. He said “I knew that you would come.” I pushed him over the wall and held his dick in my hand. It started growing in my hand and I locked his lips with mine. He was completely nude, I was in saree, I was moving my hands over his bare back, I pushed my tongue into his mouth and I was exploring his mouth, his other hand was pressing my boobs, we broke our kiss. He said “Looks like Suni, you are in need of my touch” I replied “Mavayya, It’s not just the touch, your daughter in law is in love with are my man.” saying that I removed my clothes, I sat on my knees, then kissed his hairy thighs, slowly moved over to his Dick,it was completely erect. I kissed on it, moved my fingers around his balls. his fingers were moving in my hair, I took my tongue out and touched it to the tip of his dick. I moved his skin behind and it was like a strawberry, I was just rolling my tongue around his sensitive part, the smell was different but it was erotic. I took his tool into my mouth and started sucking it slowly, he was in moaning in pleasure , I was moving my hand over his thighs. He was pushing my head front and back, with one hand I held it tightly and sucking deep in. He was pressing my nipples hard. Harder he pressed, Harder I sucked.. I took his dick out of my mouth then held it firmly and moved my hand to and fro, his pre cum started flowing and I took it near my nose and smelt it, the smell was making me more horny. My darling laughed and said “Is it stinking Suni ?” I smiled and said “I love your juices Mavayya, I love the smell and taste too, I always want to be drenched in your juices..” saying that, I licked his pre cum, Then again took his whole tool in my mouth and started again. My darling was moaning “Suni .. you are best sucker.. Leave it .. I am about to do it ….” I was not in a mood to leave.. I started doing it more vigorously and finally there was a warm rush of juice over my tongue. I took it out gave a naughty smile and showed my tongue with his juice to him.. I took my tongue out and applied his sperm to my lips and said “I love you Mavaya..” and swallowed his juice and then a drop rolled from my lips to lower chin, I took it with my finger and licked it too.. I like swallowing the juices.. His sperm is very tasty, slightly sweetish and more salty.. He held his dick and pulled it tightly then again there was a slight flow of sperm, he placed it near my forehead where I apply my sindhoor and leaked his juice there, then on my forehead near my bindi area.. He laughed and said “See Sunitha, we got married, I applied sindhoor and bindi, we are husband and wife now.” I laughed and hugged him my big breasts we getting crushed to his hard chest and said “so dear husband, is this wife taking care of you?” he said “Yes, she is taking great care of this old man..” I laughed sand said “so what gift will you give her ??” saying that I switched on the shower. I started kissing his neck bit his ears, and asked again “Where is my gift??” He was kissing my shoulders, held my one boob and said “Ask dear, anything for you..” I kissed his chest and held his dick and dick and said “All I want is this…. Promise me that you will always love me..” saying that I placed his dick near my cunt. My pussy was already wet then, in a single push it went inside. I gave a sound ‘ummmm… my hero.. I always want this inside me….’ and looked into his eyes. He was about to give another push, I asked him to stop and to check what my son was doing. I took a towel dried him, and while going I gave him a kiss on his nipples and said ‘your darling will be waiting for you, come fast…’ He kissed me on my forehead and gave me a wink. He went out of his room, I applied shampoo to my hair and soap to my body, I cleaned my pussy as I am sure that its going to be eaten, I applied soap to my arm pits, and had bath in cold water… In the meanwhile my father in law came to room, he locked the door from inside, I was in bathroom still taking bath, he knocked the door and said “Suni, he is busy playing games in TV, open the door, my dick is hard… It needs you.. My dick needs its beautiful daughter in law..” I laughed and said him to wait, I took towel and wiped my pussy and my legs and armpits and hair, I looked myself in the mirror and thought such a great slut I am, completely hairless pussy, waxed legs, hairless armpits, not a single hair over body neatly shaped thighs and good boobs which can make any man go crazy, became a slave to an old man,.. such a pity… but I was also feeling proud and happy that I was getting laid by him. I wrapped towel around my boobs and pussy, it was just covering my pussy and opened the door, he was waiting for me on the bed, his dick was completely erect like a flag pole, I walked two steps, and removed my towel and threw it on his face,he smelled it and kept it aside, I walked to towards like a model, swinging my ass and moving my round boobs up and down, I raised my right hand and brought all my hair from being to over the boobs, I went him and placed one thigh on bed, held his chin, raised it and gave a passionate slow kiss and said “your slave is at your service master” and kissed his tongue, He rubbed his hands over my thighs, after the kiss, he started kissing on my thighs, slowly he reached my pussy,I was still standing, I was moving my hands in his hairs, he held my ass and pulled me over bed and then started kissing again, his each kiss on my pussy was making me horny, he kept his fingers in my pussy and pushing them violently and kissing at the same time, I was in heaven, I was biting my lips and pressing my nipples myself with one hand and moving my hand violently on my father in law, His tongue was hitting my inner walls deep, each time it was like an electric shock hitting me, I was getting goosebumps over my skin, Finally I begged him to put his dick inside me as I could no longer wait, finally he came up hugged me,he spread my legs wide, I held his dick and guided it into my love hole, he started with a slow pace, I was giving out cries, “ummm…ummmm..” as the pace increased I was moaning loud in pain “ummm… slower… harder… please deeper.. I loveeeeuuuu..” We were in missionary position and he was giving me violent pushes, he pulled his dick out and turned me around , made me kneel, and pushed from behind and he gave a big smack, he smacked by ass cheeks I am sure it would have turned red. He held my love handles and started giving pushes. It was so vigorous that I was crying “ahhh… you will kill me with please.” He was breathing heavily saying “ahh..Suni love your pussy..” He pressed my ass cheeks and said “They are as soft as your cheeks..” I was moving out of control.. I was pulling out the bed sheet ans screaming “Do it inside … please do it inside, I cannot take anymore..please do it.” He was not in a mood to listen, he was fucking me violently.I kept on outing out moans. He then pulled his dick completely out kissed my ass cheeks and turned me around, kept a pillow below my waist and started pushing into my pussy. I was completely shocked by his stamina, his dick was moving like a knife, I was giving out cries, he was giving pushed and kissing all over my neck, biting it, and pressing my erect. He was pressing my boobs very hard, I felt he would pull my nipples out !and finally the moment that I was waiting for, I could feel the hot juices inside my pussy, it is ,most pleasurable one, once he pulled his dick outside, white fluids oozed outside my pussy. He collapsed over me. His rock hard chest over my smooth boobs. His entire body was over me. I kissed on his cheeks and said “I am lucky to be your daughter in law.” and was moving my fingers in his hair. I reminded him about my kid, he said “just wait inside, I will check what he is doing” He got up and went downstairs in towel wrapped around his waist. I collected all my clothes and tiptoed silently to my room. Just wore nighty without wearing anything inside and saw what was happening down. My kid was still watching TV and my father in law was talking to him. Suddenly my son got up wore his chappals and went out, I understood my darlings plan, he sent my kid to his friends home, who happens to stay very near by our home. I went to my room, removed my nighty and waited naked for my darling. I was ready with a glass of whiskey for him, so soon as he came, i said “You clever wolf!! So ready for another hunt? sent my son away so that you could get me??” saying that I pushed him on bed, sat on his lap.He moved his palms over my thighs, I gave him whiskey, he was shocked and said “whiskey! now !! I will have it in the evening. moreover that is from my son’s bottle, He would come to know if I use it.” I kissed him and replied “Is whiskey only the thing that you are scared of using from your son’s belongings” and laughed. He pulled me more closer such that my boobs crashed his chest and said “You are my property, I am your true owner not my son. Say Suni who is more important me or my son..say..” he was getting jealous and possessive, I loved it I kissed his chest and said “He is just my husband and you are my love Mavayya. I am yours.I always wished that we could have started our relation just after my marriage, I am not your wife but more than that.” He sipped whiskey and gave me a lip kiss and passed the drink into my mouth. I drank it. After completing the drink, I took out his favourite saree, which has very deep and sleeveless blouse.

I was getting dressed in front of him, he was completely naked in front of me with semi erect dick. I wore my petticoat and blouse, he pulled me over him and asked , “Aren’t you wearing anything inside?” I held his semi erect dick and said “They are always open for you, I don’t want to have anything between us, I know that, you will come for my boobs and pussy again. Let me get dressed.” I came out of his grip and wrapped saree around me, such that my complete belly was exposed, I was standing before mirror and getting ready, I applied bindi and kajal, I was searching for my mangalsutra, my father in law came from behind with mangalsutra in hand sand said “Are you searching for this ?” I said yes and was about to take it from his hand,he said wait, I will do that for you, I was watching him from the mirror, he was behind me naked, took mangalsutra and packed it around my neck,and kissed on my shoulder from over the chain, took sindhoor and applied it on my forehead. This was happening routine for me. My father in law was enjoying putting mangalsutra and sindhoor, I was confused in what way he was treating me, was he treating me like a wife ? or a lover ? or daughter in law. I didn’t ask him anything, He just hugged me from behind, his dick was poking my ass through the saree and said “Thanks for everything Sunitha. I never thought that I would enjoy this much in my life at this age.” I smiled and said “Don’t worry about me, I will always be yours, I will show you heaven !!”

We went downstairs and started watching tv, He was sleeping on my lap and I was moving my hand over his hairy chest. I said “Mavayya, you look so handsome” and placed my lips over his, I pushed my tongue and moved it into his mouth, our tongues were fighting like snakes,my saliva was directly moving into his mouth. I moved my hand into his lungi and was moving in his pubic hairs and dick. We had a romantic time for a while then my son returned from his friend’s home. We went and had lunch. I sat in between my son and FIL. After serving lunch, I started moving my leg over his leg, he in a confused state said that kid was here, I winked and gave a biting lip action. He whispered slowly “We have been doing it from morning, isn’t that enough?” I caught his dick below the table with hand and slowly whispered “It’s not, I want you inside me again” and laughed. We finished the lunch and slept as we had no proper sleep last night.

It was already seven in the evening, I went to his room, the ac was on and he was sleeping. I locked his room from inside went I removed by upper saree and blouse, hugged him and woke him up. As soon as he woke up I placed by boobs over his face, he was laughing. I took kissed his dick and said “cannot stay away from this” and stoked it for a while, and said “get ready fast” I dressed up and left his room. He started drinking early by 8:30 even he made me drink two glasses, I already got the buzz, with great difficulty I was able to manage serving dinner to my kid and making him sleep. The heat in my pussy started again, whiskey was doing its work, I was unable to control myself. I decided to get laid again. I came out of my room and locked it from outside. My darling was sitting on sofa, I took his whiskey bottle, I removed my dress completely wrapped myself in a blanket and went downstairs, he was stunned watching me like that, I showed him the whiskey bottle first after removing my hand from blanket and left the blanket completely, I was completely naked I gave him a flying hiss and told him to come to room, I till he came, I was on on bed sipping whiskey (which I started due to him) spread my legs wide and said “Welcome Mavayya, Please your daughter in law…”

Guys.. This was my experience. I value your feedback. Please mail me on [email protected] Awaiting for your mails !! I will try to respond for all your questions. Thanks a lot for all your love and support !!