Author’s Note:
All the characters are fictitious and there is no resemblance to any real event.
The story is set in the years between 2001 to 2004, Fifteen years ago from the present India when India was heading towards technological advancement particularly in the field of IT sector. The usage of computer was just stepping in although TV was common to all households. Four wheelers or luxurious cars were being used by Business community, higher middle class Indians and Rich class people. The usage of Cell phones (Mobile phones) were limited to these class of people. The usage of internet was very limited unlike essential requirements of everyone in present days.


It was a bright March morning at 7.00 AM. The radiant ray of morning sun was falling on the Terrace. Viswanath Mishra was sitting comfortably on rattan chair enjoying the pleasant morning. A small wooden table was placed beside him for the purpose of keeping news papers and Tea. He was enjoying the morning through warmth of sun although the atmosphere was moist and still the blister of dew drops could be seen in the leaves of Ivy hanging over from the Terrace top and petals of roses in Flower pots. A cool breeze flows through the Terrace. The air was fresh and had a fresh smell to it, he looked out over sky, birds and beautiful sunrise. He could see the orange glow on the horizon. The view was relaxing.
Viswanath Mishra looked down from Terrace to the down and he had a pleasant view of the lemon tree, the grave pine and a variety of trees in the campus near main gate. He looked down at the open field near a Telecommunication Tower in front of his Building. It is very quite outside. He noticed a blue colored Truck parked in the middle of the field containing large numbers of Bamboos stacked in open Dala (container). He found six numbers of Boys of Event Manager who have started digging holes in different parts of the open field. He was happy to see that the work has started at so early hour of the day. His daughter’s marriage ceremony would take place after two days and this open field would be turned in to a decorated marriage pandal (stage) with a big Reception and Dinning places. So many Invitees and Guest will be attending the ceremony.
Viswanath Mishra was aged 48 yrs old, a tall person and very fair in complexion. He was strongly built and looking much younger than his actual age. He was a coal Transporter in Dhanbad. During a very short period; he was able to amass a lot of wealth sufficient to feed his next two generation carrying the legacy of his late father who started this business. His pink colored Two & Half storey Building built on 5, 000 Sq. feet Area could be easily noticeable in the posh locality of Hirapur in Dhanbad where most of the inhabitants were Rich/Upper class Bengalies. The locality was a very neat and clean with wide lanes, less traffic and far from the crowd.


Originally, his Forefathers were from Muzzafarpur Area in Bihar with Brahmin Ancestors. He had still huge land properties at his native place looked after by Care Taker and his family was still considered a
Zaminder family (Landlord) in his native locality. Some decades ago, when Dhanbad was not explored & invaded by outside world, his late father Surya Narayan Mishra was lured by heavy deposit of coal in Dhanbad and left his native place for Dhanbad for starting coal transport business. Within a short span of time, the business picked up due to demand of coal in International market and also emerging of various plants/factories in India. Viswanath Mishra carrying the legacy of his father was now an established big Transporter of coal in Dhanbad.
Viswanath Mishra was under little tense as the marriage ceremony of his daughter was coming after two days. Almost all of his Relatives, Kith & kin have reached. He had accommodated all of them in the ground floor which had six numbers of big Rooms with 4 numbers of Toilets and a big Hall. He had arranged to put mattress everywhere serviced by two male servants and two maids. The second storey was occupied by his family members and close Relatives. He was fully satisfied with all the arrangements.
He heard the jingling of payal (Anklets). ’’Papa! Here is your news paper’’, a sweet voice was heard and Viswanath turned his face backside.
His daughter Usha was there. She was 20 years old and had just completed Bsc( graduation in science). She was very fair in complexion, tall like him with a round face, having bright sparkling black eyes with sharp nose and thick rosy lips. She was a typical Indian girl in her physical stature reflecting a very attractive beautiful girl. She had glowing skin. She had an exotic seductive looks. She had olive black eyes with spark and glow in her eyes. She had raven black hairs and the shinning silky long hairs befalling on her narrow waist. She was perfect size of 34/24/36. She was a modern Indian girl but looked very much traditional unlike ultra modern girls of Metros. She was wearing salwar (Loose pajama like dress) & kameez (Long shirt & Tunic both are Indian traditional dress for girls) with dupatta (piece of clothes worn around both the shoulders, used for covering boobs of Indian girls) neatly spread above. Sometimes she was allowed to wear jeans with tops on festive occasions by her parents. She had a natural beauty a person will always remember.
Viswanath Mishra glanced towards his daughter with a fatherly affection and thought that she was the exact replica of his wife Leela. He will be missing her after two days. He loved her very much. Being the youngest and only daughter, Usha was closely attached to her father and always taking care of every small needs of her father.
She was very much obedient to her parents and the moment, the marriage proposal from Kolkata came through a family friend & Relative (Father in law of her elder Brother Aditya), she happily consented when her parents accepted the proposal in spite of the fact that the Boy did not belong to their caste. The Groom is named Aakash Ghosh aged 25 years, a tall handsome Bengali Boy from Kolkatta, doing job in Washington in a very reputed USA Company. Two months before, they had seen each other in front of their parents. They had a formal conversation and Usha found him very caring, gentle and docile. Both of them were very happy to be married soon. Now the time had reached leaving only for two days.


Usha looked at him. He noticed tears in her eyes. ‘’Papa I will not leave you’’, she suddenly sobbed and embraced him.
‘’What is this Beta!, why should you leave us?, Kolkata is not far away from here. At any moment, we can visit and see you’’, he said.
‘’Papa I love you, ’’ she said and sobbed more.
“Don’t worry Beta! Akash is a very good boy and your Father In-law & Mother in- law are finest human beings in this world. Further, Amit Uncle (Father in law of Aditya) is your next neighbor there”, he said and patted on the back of Usha. Then he said ’’ Beta I am reading news paper, inform Bahu(Debashree, his Daughter in law) to serve me a hot cup of tea’’.
‘‘Yes Papa’’ she replied after wiping her tears and left.
Usha was very much nervous, feeling jittery mixed with excitement as her marriage day was coming nearer. While coming back from her father, she thought of Vijay Bhaiya.
Vijay was a neighbor boy aged 23 years in final year of his MBA course. His father was adjunct neighbor to Viswanath. Being the next neighbor to Viswanath; his father had a deep friendly relationship with Viswanath for so many years. From his child hood, Vijay had a free access to Viswanath’s household. He regarded Viswanath Uncle & Leela Aunty with utmost respect in the similar manner he was paying respect to his parents. Viswanath’s elder son Aditya always regarded him as his younger brother. The young Aditya had left for Delhi to pursue higher education. In his absence, Vijay was like a second son to Viswanath family and a big brother to Usha. He would take care of all kinds of needs of Viswanath family including accompanying Leela Aunty for shopping or escorting them to distant journey on occasions.
He was very happy after birth of Usha when he was 3 years old. He found a play mate. When Usha grew up gradually; she looked so cute like a Doll that she became the darling of the nearby locality. But Usha would not allow any other kids to play with her, she would only play with her Vijay Bhaiya. Even when they started going to school, in weekend they would play together whole day. He was very protected towards Usha and the Viswanath family was aware of this and feeling very proud of Vijay.
The innocent mind of Vijay was corrupted after the age of 18 years when he just entered in to his college life. Some wicked boys from back Bench confided him the secret of sex. He came to know the names of private organs of both male and female, such as Lund (Dick), chut (pussy) and inserting lund inside chut as chudayee (fucking). The Boys explained in details how they have watched secretly their parents


fucking in night, fondling /squeezing each other’s private organs, kissing and sucking each other’s dick/pussy including nipples.
After hearing all of this, immediately Vijay’s growing up dick would get hardness. After school, at home, he will have a strong urge to touch his dick always. After touching continuously. he discovered that hardness will come after continuous touching. He derived a secret pleasure out of this. Gradually another secret was revealed by some of the boys regarding masturbation. Vijay also tried that after going to bed in night when his parents were asleep, in the darkness of night, he experienced the real ecstasy.
He also came to know that sex is a Taboo thing amongst blood relations. He would often stare at Boobs of big girls and ladies and spontaneously getting hardness.

Time was passing very rapidly. Vijay at the age of 19 yrs old had developed a 6.5” cock in size engulfed with black hairs coming in around his cock and Balls. To fulfill his sexual urge, he would masturbate vigorously and sometimes he would invite his class mate, a boy named Ramesh who had a soft and smooth body. He would fuck in his ass hole and would ejaculate his hot semen deep inside the ass hole of Ramesh. But his brotherly affection and duty towards Usha was continuing as usual. Viswanath uncle had sent Aditya Bhaiya to New Delhi for pursuing higher education.
Vijay now turned in to a tall young man and was pursuing his education of graduation. With long hairs and growing of moustache and beards in his face added to his masculine physique, he was a handsome young man in the locality. Young girls in the locality as well as in his college would stare at him intently and sigh. He gradually watched the growing up of Usha but discarded it from his mind as a natural growth and considered her as his little sister. But whenever he will see other girls, immediately he will have a hard erection which was quite natural for his age. His cock had now grown in to 6.5” size, long and thick in black color like a black cobra with a round pink bulbous head which will be visible when he will stretch the foreskin downwards. He was well aware of the fact that it was very risky to fuck an outsider girl or woman, particularly a prostitute because he may invite STD (Sexual Transmission Disease).
So it was better to masturbate to relieve him. When he would feel very horny, he would call his old pal Ramesh and fuck him in his ass hole in doggy style. It seemed, Ramesh was very fond of his big cock from his school days since he had a small cock which did not arise automatically and was very soft.
Ramesh had a girl like qualities; his skin was very smooth and soft and had a shrill voice like girl. Nature had made him in such a way that unlike flat nipples in chest of a male person, he was having a puffy nipples and his chest area seemed to be swollen and appeared like a breast of small girl. His hips were wide and fleshy. No one knew the secret of their affairs. Vijay would always share their secret affairs as an active male partner where as Ramesh would act like a girl.


Ramesh was also a good actor. Whenever any Drama will be played, he will be selected as heroine and Vijay will be the Director. Recently few days before, they had a play staged in college for which Vijay borrowed women wig with long hairs, thickly padded bra resembling bulging breast of a woman and a pair of salwar and kameez from some theatre personnel. He also requested Leela Aunty to borrow him the lipstick and some glass bangles for this purpose. Wearing all these outfits, when Ramesh came to stage, all the spectators believed that he was a real girl. The play was very successful.

One day Vijay was thinking to return all those dress materials which were lying in the corner of his room. Being a creative Director of the plays, suddenly an idea struck to his mind and he became very horny. His parents were outside, they had gone to visit some relatives and he was alone in the house.
Immediately, he went to the house of Ramesh who was staying nearby his house. It was evening and he called Ramesh and briefed his plan. Ramesh was very much pleased to hear the plan but he was hesitant as his parents will not allow him for overnight stay anywhere. The parents of Ramesh knew well that Vijay was a very close friend of Ramesh. Both of them were discussing in the Bed room of Ramesh. In the mean while, Mom of Ramesh entered in to the Room with plates of sweets and glass of water. Vijay greeted her with respect.
‘’Aunty! May I request you something?’’ said Vijay.
‘’ Yes, my son, tell me what’s the matter?’’ Ramesh’s mom looked at him questionably.
‘‘Aunty! I am facing a problem. My parents have gone outside. I am staying alone and in night I am feeling afraid to be left alone and unable to sleep. If you allow Ramesh to give me company then we will study together in night and sleep in my house and I will not feel alone’’, Vijay requested.
‘’ Sure son, ‘‘she said. Then she moved towards her son and said ‘’Ramesh, from tonight you will be with Vijay till his parents return’’.
‘’Thanks Aunty’’ said Vijay.
Then both of them left Ramesh’s house. On their way, they purchased a bottle of whisky and some snacks along with dinner package of Chicken & Roties.
It was 9 PM and everywhere darkness was there. Vijay locked the main entrance of their house and both of them entered in to the bedroom of Vijay.
‘’Ramesh! Let us play a real Drama. Let it to be in a realistic manner and lively. We both have to play the characters lively and I am the Director and for that you have to put on a makeup of a girl. The dress materials which you wore last time during the stage of play are lying there. Put lipstick on your lips and


You have to wear bindi (colorful dot worn on forehead of Indian girl for makeup) and glass bangles which are borrowed from Leela Aunty. The atmosphere has to be slightly dark. I will put dim blue colored bulb replacing all the bright lights. You will play the character of Sapna, a fictitious character of my girl friend; I will be your lover. Tonight will be our first fucking night. But to make it more lively, we both have to be intoxicated so that real characters inside us will come out.. Understand.. Go.. Be hurry.. In the meanwhile I am preparing drinks for both of us’’ said Vijay.
Acting on his direction, Ramesh went to next room for the makeup. Vijay replaced all the bright lights of the rooms with dim lights. The atmosphere was like a night club… Sexy. Everything was visible but in a hazy manner. Vijay opened the bottle of whisky and poured the contents in to two glass tumblers, mixed the required soda and placed the plate of snacks nearby which had to be taken in intervals of drinks. He was waiting anxiously for the arrival of Ramesh.

After few moments, Vijay heard the jingling sound of Bangles. A beautiful girl entered in to the room. A beautiful girl in salwar/kameez with bulging boobs. Ohhh… God… he was mesmerized for a moment. Ramesh was casting shy glance towards Vijay.
Vijay got up and proceeded towards Ramesh and said ‘‘Sapna! You are looking extremely beautiful in this dress, I love you Sapna’’.
Then he embraced Ramesh and felt the soft body. Ramesh’s face was glowing with the Bindi put in forehead and the lipsticks applied in lips were looking very sexy. Vijay could not resist himself and started kissing in the cheeks and on lips of Ramesh. He carried him near to sofa and made him sit very closely to him.
They started taking drinks. After finishing 4 numbers of pegs, the wine had started affecting them. The girl inside Ramesh came out. Ramesh embraced Vijay tightly and said in a husky tone ‘’ Vijay.. I love you’’.
Vijay took Ramesh’s head and caressed it and just looking at him. Next, Vijay ran his finger along Ramesh’s lips, putting slight pressure and entering Ramesh’s mouth. Ramesh started instinctively to lick his finger, to suck on it, never losing eye contact.
Vijay started squeezing the padded breast and imagined the real breast of Sapna. Vijay was completely drunk. ‘’Sapna! Can you come and sit on my lap facing me, ’’ he ordered.
Vijay widened his two legs for giving space to Ramesh. Ramesh climbed on his lap placing his two legs by the both sides of Vijay’s thighs facing towards his face and put his two hands on the back side of neck of Vijay tightly. The distance of their face was hardly an inch. Vijay intently looked at the face of his Sapna, it was sexy, Bindi was glazing in the darkness, the lips were covered with Red lipstick provocatively inviting him and he was feeling hot breathing passing on his face coming from his Sapna.


A strange sensation was passing through his entire body. Unable to control himself, Vijay put his hot lips on the lips of Sapna and started smooching. After receiving a hot kiss in his lips, Ramesh was shivered, a Current swept through his spine to entire body. While smooching, Vijay was also continuously squeezing the padded Breast imagining the breast of Sapna.
Suddenly Ramesh parted his lips, seeing this Vijay put his tongue inside the mouth of his Sapna and started probing the mouth of Sapna. Ramesh on the other hand started to suck the tongue of Vijay. They were exchanging their saliva and both of their mouths were wet since the saliva was dripping out from their mouths. Vijay’s dick was hard rock and knocking at the ass hole of Ramesh. A sexual current was passing through the entire body of Ramesh and he felt sensation in his ass hole and his nipples were hard.
‘’Sapna! Now I am opening your upper portion’’ saying this, Vijay unzipped the zipper of Sapna’s kameez on the back side. Ramesh raised his two hands above and Vijay removed the kameez. After removing this, Vijay also removed the artificial breasts in the form of a padded Bra. Now Ramesh was in bare body facing Vijay. Vijay touched the bare small puffy nipples of his Sapna and touched in his finger tips. He started cupping the Breasts by his palms. He put his lips in one of the Breasts and started sucking it.

Ramesh felt the hot tongue of Vijay on his nipple and moaned ‘’AAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh”.
Vijay was now grabbing Ramesh’s head playfully rubbing it in to his crotch area of his jeans then he said ‘look! Give me your hand’. Next thing, Vijay had somehow maneuvered Ramesh’s hand between his belt and waist, down his jeans and in to his boxer.
Ramesh held the cock of Vijay. It was huge, he slowly began to move his hand up and down, exploring every inch, even reaching and massaging his hairy balls, which was full and hanging low. As Ramesh kept exploring Vijay’s pelvic regions, Vijay had begun to remove his belt, lowering his jeans and kicking them off. In one motion, he loosened his boxer, kicking them to one side along with jeans. Ramesh’s eyes lightened up. A large enormous and proud cock was standing to attention. Vijay had a thick amount of pubic hairs at the base of his cock, black and curly. His legs were muscular and toned with coarse black hairs hanging from every inch. Ramesh continued to stroke him as he was getting harder and harder.
Vijay lowered up to his face and his smile beamed back to Ramesh. Ramesh was touching his hot big, thick cock. He fondled it and was moving the foreskin up and down.
Vijay cried ‘’ Ohhhhhhhhh… Sapnaaaa”. Ramesh came over to Vijay, he unbuckled his belt and undid the pant. As his pant falls, Ramesh found the bulge as enormous cock.
While sucking the nipples of Sapna and squeezing the other boob simultaneously, Vijay put his hand in the backside. Ramesh felt the touch of Vijay’s finger inside his ass hole. Vijay imagined it as the pussy hole of Sapna and inserted his finger in and out.


Vijay looked at Ramesh and whispered ’’Sapna, should I let you suck my cock?. ’’
‘‘Yes Dear’’, nodded Ramesh looking in to his eyes.
Ramesh put the big cock in to his mouth and started sucking like a lollypop. At first it was salty, with all the precum and he could smell Vijay’s manliness and the sweat manly smell was pouring out of him. Ramesh tried to fit it in to his mouth as much as possible but it was too big. Ramesh felt the velvet head of Vijay’s cock which felt erotic to him. As Ramesh sucked and out of his tongue on the tip of the cock, he could feel Vijay’s cock getting bigger and bigger in his mouth until Ramesh could not breathe and started to gag. Vijay felt the touch of hot tongue and cavity on his bulbous head, he started to throat fuck. After 10 minutes of sucking by Sapna, Vijay was about to burst. He immediately withdrew his cock, took out it from mouth of Sapna. The cock was glistening with wet saliva which was dripping from the cock. Both of them were completely naked.
‘’Sapna! Now I will fuck you in doggy position, get ready, ” said Vijay.
Both of them went to bed. Ramesh moved to the end of the bed with his back to Vijay. Ramesh knelt down and put his two hands in front of his chest. Vijay imagined Ramesh’s ass hole as Sapna’s pussy hole. He spat in the ass hole of Ramesh, his throbbing cock was already bathed and lubricated with the saliva of Ramesh.
‘’Sapna! My darlinggg, now I am going to put my dick in your pussy’’ saying this, Vijay inserted his big cock in to the ass hole of Ramesh and made a heavy thrust.
’’ Puuuuucccccchhhhhhhhhhh’’ a sound was heard and the entire cock of Vijay was pushed inside the ass hole of Ramesh. Ramesh could feel the big head pushing in to his rectum hole deeper and deeper.
’’Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh’’, cried Ramesh with pain.
Then Vijay slowly started pumping, it was very tight velvet passage and he was feeling something inside has grabbed his cock. He pushed further 5/6 times, now the tightness has gone and his cock was moving freely. Ramesh also felt his pain to be receded. God it was amazing, it made him quiver and shake. Ramesh could feel the big head pushing in to his hole deeper and deeper.
Ramesh was surprised when he asked ‘‘how much was inside?’’
Vijay replied ‘‘this is only a half of an inch left’’.
Ramesh was stunned and excited. He fully felt Ramesh’s balls up against his legs. Vijay started to pump in and out and Ramesh could feel his tight hole opening up. Vijay started to go further and Ramesh could feel the whole cock and it was making his own cock hard.


He moaned ‘’Vijay! I love you… love you… Fuck me harder’’.
‘’ yes Sapna Darlingggg! Yessssss’’, by saying this he was giving stroke after stroke, pushing harder and deeper. He put his two hands under the arms of Ramesh and was squeezing the breast of his Sapnaa.
Then Vijay laid down flat on his back. Ramesh straddled him so that he was facing Vijay. Ramesh sat down on his hard cock and it slid right in, no force needed. Ramesh felt so full and his dick was hard again as he lifted his body up and down on Vijay’s cock.
Vijay was smiling and said ‘’ your ass is so tight, I am going to come soon’’. He kept whispering more dirty things about how he wants to come inside him and how his Sapna could be his little slut.
‘‘Sapna! Again be my doggy’’, said Vijay. He had Ramesh stand up. When Ramesh knelt down like a doggy. ‘‘Now, I am going to fuck you like a bitch which you are’’, Vijay said. He slid the cock in to his ass hole and started to pump hard and fast, pushing his cock in to Ramesh so that his ball sack was slapping Ramesh’s ass every time Ramesh came back down on his cock. Ramesh started to scream as he had never been pounded that hard before. Ramesh’s dick was flapping around and he could feel his load moving its way to his dick.
Ramesh whispered in his ear ‘’I am near to coming’’. Ramesh started to moan louder and screamed out
’’I am cominggggggg… ohhhhhhhhhh’’ and he could not control himself as his semen was coming out from his soft cock and his gizz loaded all over his chest.
Suddenly Vijay started to breath heavy and Ramesh could feel Vijay’s cock throbbing inside his ass. Vijay fully grabbed a hold of Ramesh’s shoulder and could not control himself and cried very loudly ‘’Sapnaaaaaa, ! I am comingggggggggg… I am comingggggggg’’ and he ejaculated a hot jet of sperm inside the pussy of Sapna. At the same time, Ramesh also felt that a hot stream of liquid was falling inside his ass hole in a non-stoppable manner and a large warm load filled up his ass. In the same position, both of them clung together and slept with the sweet memory.



When Usha attained the age of 18 years, Vijay was already 21 years old. After completion of graduation at Dhanbad, now he was in Calcutta (Kolkata) doing his MBA in 1st year. He had already started going to Gymnasium and getting transformed in to a very handsome, muscular young man. He would find beautiful girls around him in the college and most of the Girls would find themselves attracted towards him. Vijay was befriended with many girls of his college but still he had not started any relationship with any of them. He always felt that he was not a gay but always he remembered his relationship with Ramesh. On each and every occasion of holidays, he was visiting his native city Dhanbad and resumed his relationship with Ramesh which was just the sexual satisfaction of his urge.
At the same time, he will always ensure to visit Usha’s house. He will always visit Viswanath Uncle & Leela Aunty and also to his beloved little Usha.
During course of time, Usha by this time had attained the age of 18 years, stepping in Adult girl stage from teen stage. Her physical stature had completely been changed. She had become tall of 5’2” with long silky hairs falling up to her waist which she used to tie often. She had a round face with wide forehead, long sharp nose, thin eye brows and deep black eyes. She had a pair of thick lips which were in natural rosy color and containing a set of prominent lines of white glistening teeth. She was very fair and the skin color was a mix of white and gulabi (Rosy) color. She had long slender hands with a narrow waistline. She had a rounded wider butts in comparison to her waist which was bulged out accompanied by very big and fleshy thigh and calves. Whenever she walks, her ass cheeks will move in a rhythmically way. Her enlarged boobs were in round shape erecting upwards. The puffy and pointed nipples were a mixed color of reddish and brown containing small pores and aureole in brown color.
Some time while taking bath, she would be naked in front of the mirror. She would unfold the layer of her pussy skin to have a glimpse of her interior pussy region. She would find her clitoris in the upper region of her pussy in hidden manner. It looked like a knot. She would find her two pussy lips extended from clitoris to downwards covering the entrance to pussy. But she will be surprised to find her pussy lips in light blackish color which is totally in contrast to her fair white colored body. A thick bush of black hairs were in and around the mound of Venus particularly above and two sides of pussy in shape of Triangle. She also noticed small hairs were coming up under her armpits. She will find the part of sleeves of her dress near the armpits drenched with sweat the dark patch of which will be seen from outside and emitting a sweet odor.
Some of her friends would suggest her to shave off the hairs of armpits as well as of pussy but another friend would intervene’’ Don’t do it, again thick hairs will come up there, better to trim those with small scissor from time to time’’. Over all, she was a very beautiful girl in physical size of 32/24/36. Her parents


Were conservative and very much traditional so from her childhood they put her in Girls school and now she is in 1ST Year in Junior Women College. In her school days, she used to wear school uniform which was skirt & tops but now she would wear salwar/kameez with Dupatta covering her boobs (Indian traditional dress for girls). Her mother has purchased multi colored Bras & panties for her?
Usha from her school days knew all about the secret of sex. she knew from her friends all the details about sex, the names of all organs and how it is performed. She also learnt the art of masturbating by putting finger inside her pussy.
But one of her friends warned her ‘’Do not push your finger too deep inside your pussy, other wise your hymn will be ruptured and it will bleed’’, then mischievously she smiled and said ‘‘that is the duty of your Boy friend or your husband to break the seal’’.
She also came to know that it is a taboo and sin to have sex relationship with close blood relatives. She has never seen a real cock. Usha at the age of 18yrs was studying in a Women Junior college and she was in 1st year of her graduation in science. Her college was far distant from her Residence located outskirt of the city around 18 KM from the city. Her father arranged a Driver to carry her to college in the car. In absence of Driver, sometimes, her father would drive the car and would drop her in college. In her college, very few girls will be coming by car. Seven or eight numbers of girls including her will be coming by car as they belonged to Rich community.
Most of the girls belonged to middle class community and they will be coming by Local Bus. They would express their plight during coming to college by Bus. The Buses in that route will be always jampacked, sometimes they will get a seat or they will have to come by standing. The Bus will have frequent stoppages not less than 15 numbers of stoppages and will take more than 1 hour to reach near the college. The passengers would be generally local low class people, jostle with each other in their sweating bodies. Her friends would tell her how the sweating smell of the people, a strong odor would pervade in the air and would spread inside the Bus. Usha would feel nausea by imagining all this and she hated going by Bus. But her friends had no other alternative but to come by Bus only and it seemed they were all acquainted with this because of their regular coming by Bus. Usha’s father had purchased a Nokia Mobile phone and once Usha had brought it to college to show them the new device. Almost all the girls gathered around to have a glimpse of it. Usha’s father promised to present her a new mobile phone set in future. Sometimes during leisure hours of the classes, Usha along with her friends would discuss about sex and every one will feel horny.
Usha would masturbate 3 or 4 times in a week while going to bed in night imagining Vijay Bhaiya fucking her. She would dream of Vijay Bhaiya in various situations romancing her and fucking her and in the next morning she would find her pussy hole moist and wet. Once in a month, she would trim her pussy hairs and hairs growth under arm pits although those hairs are very thin, small and just coming out.


Vijay was very much surprised to find the transformation of Usha. His little Usha has now become a big girl but still he thinks her as a little Usha. He had no other feelings towards her except a little sister of him, a kid he had been seeing her from her childhood and her growth.

Actually now she was in love with Vijay Bhaiya knowing fully aware of the fact that he was not his blood brother although she regarded him as his elder brother. But at the time of her fingering pussy, automatically the image of Vijay Bhaiya would come as he was the closest outsider male person other than her family members whom she had been seeing from her childhood. When she would think about Vijay Bhaiya during her fingering of the pussy, her sexual excitement will be increased and her pussy juice will gush out from inside. She would try to be with Vijay Bhaiya maximum times by talking all nonsense topics, will exhibit her body movements and intentionally she would bend to show him her cleavage from loose top she wears. From the corner of her eyes, she would try to notice any reaction from Vijay Bhaiya.
But Vijay Bhaiya will be always the same. He was still thinking her a kid unaware of the fact that she was the sexiest girl in this world and in dire needs of fucking by him. Usha in her mind determined to loss her virginity by Vijay Bhaiya only. She will not let any other person to fuck her; her Vijay Bhaiya will be the first person to fuck her. Whenever Vijay will be at Dhanbad, she would insist upon that Vijay Bhaiya will drop her by his Motor Bike, She would always enjoy the riding of Motor Bike with Vijay Bhaiya. Intentionally, she would cling to the Vijay Bhaiya so that her boobs will be pressed maximum time with back of Vijay Bhaiya. She would feel strange sensation and her nipples will be hard. She will derive maximum pleasure when there will be jerk due to pits on the road or sudden break applied due to traffic resulting her boobs will be pressured much in the back side of Vijay Bhaiya.
Whenever Vijay will be back from Kolkatta, he will never forget to bring some gifts for Usha. Vijay had a long vacation during Durga Puja. Ramesh was outside of the city. So every day, Vijay will visit Usha’s house. He will help Viswanath uncle & Leela Aunty with small needs of household works. At that time, Cricket Match was going on and Usha would be fully immersed in watching the match.
Vijay entered in to the Drawing Room and noticed that Usha was watching TV crossing her shapely legs. Usha was wearing a sleeveless tops and a skirt up to knee. She turned her head and met his glance and smiled at him. He returned the smile. She giggled at Vijay ‘’Come, Vijay Bhaiya! Sit next to me and watch the match’’ she said.
Vijay handed over her a big Cadbury chock let. Usha was. Usha will always tease him whenever they meet. Usha started at him and said’’ Vijay Bhaiya, your physique has been changed, your’s Bicep in Arms are bulging out, chest has been widened, you have become a very muscular man like a Bollywood hero’’.
‘‘Yes Usha, I am regularly visiting Gym and doing weight lifting’’ said Vijay.


‘’ Waaaaaaaoooooo’’ exclaimed Usha but then teased him’’ Vijay Bhaiya! I guess all the girls of your college must be after you”.
Vijay smiled and said ’My little Usha is still naughty’.

Then Usha said ’’you see! Vijay Bhaiya, my weight has increased drastically. Although you are doing weight lifting but I am very much sure that you cannot pick me up as you used to do in my child hood’’
When she challenged him, Vijay also teased ’Don’t challenge me Usha, I can carry you like a small flower with my strong arms’.
‘’OK. then, let us see, if you cannot lift me then you have to give me a box full of chock lets, Do you agree?, ’ asked Usha teasingly.
‘’Agreed’’ the challenge was accepted by Vijay.
Vijay came close to Usha and said ‘’Raise your arms’’.
He touched her lightly on the forearm. ‘‘Yes! Why not?’’ replied Usha.
When Usha raised her arms, Vijay found small hairs under her arm pits. A sweet aroma was coming from her arm pits due to sweating. He noticed her skin, which had that soft golden color that he found irrestible. She was only three years younger than him, he thought and he looked at her hands. He hesitated and felt odd.
’’ What are you thinking? You are afraid of my challenge ‘’ Usha teased.
Then without thinking for a moment, Vijay put his two hands under the armpits of Usha and lifted her up. Then slowly he slid his arms alternatively and clasped tightly around the middle of Usha’s back. This was the first time their body close together after they have attained their adulthood. Usha wrapped her legs around his torso and her hands around the shoulder of Vijay.
As soon as Usha’s feet leave the ground and she hung on to his neck, her body begins to slide down and there was a friction of both their crotch areas. Vijay was feeling the soft touch and pressure of Usha’s boobs in his chest which felt like a soft pillow. Usha’s long lock was falling on his face and he was feeling hot breath of Usha on his face. He inhaled the sweet fragrance of her face and hairs. His face was just an inch from her face. Immediately he got an hard one. At the same time. Usha also felt a bulging hard one poking in her crotch area.
Usha being a naughty one suddenly wanted to tease Vijay. She put some of her lock of hairs in the nostrils of Vijay and Vijay sneezed resulting losing his balance. Both of them spun around and fell on the sofa. Usha was under Vijay. Due to this unexpected falling, unknowingly his two hands were holding the


Boobs of Usha and his lips were pressed in to the lips of Usha. Everything changed due to this momentarily unexpected action, a sensation and current swept through both of their bodies.
He pulled her in tightness and kissed her in cheeks and ultimately put his hot lips on her lips. He parted the lips of Usha and probed his tongue inside her mouth. His tongue touched her tongue and touched the cavity wall of Usha. Both of their saliva got mixed and a strange sensation spread out through their Bodies. Both of them tasted each other’s saliva which was like nectar from the heaven and they swallowed the juice.

Vijay could feel the nipples hard under the Tops she wore. He could not resist letting the tops off and squeezing both the boobs. He leaned over and watched the small erected boobs upwards. Both of them were in round shape and the small puffy nipples in reddish brown color were engulfed by tiny brown circles. They resembled small cherries to be chewed and to be tasted. He kissed, wrapped his tongue around one little pink nipple and tweaked the other one with his finger. They got hard and grew a bit. He switched from one to another. Vijay moved his head back and forth between her two tities. She threw her hands back, she was moaning ‘’Ohhhhhh! Vijay Bhaiyaaaa’’.

Vijay moved down her stomach with his tongue, he made a small circle around her belly bottom and then pulling the salwar down in one motion. Then Vijay shifted his position made a 69 position so that his dick was at her face
Vijay’s shorts and Boxer being pulled down to his ankles. Usha unzipped the boxer and the enormous cock of Vijay sprang out from there. In her life, it was first time she was witnessing a real cock. It was a big black colored thick serpent of 8 “in size. Two tight balls were hanging under it. The entire area was covered with black curly hairs. It was throbbing up and down. With curiosity, she leaned down closely to examine the wonder thing and touched the base of the cock.
Vijay took one of her hands and guided down to his cock. Vijay suddenly felt the soft touch of Usha on her cock and with ecstasy he moaned ‘’Ohhhhhhhhhh’’.
Usha felt the wonder thing was growing more in size and becoming harder under her palm. ‘’Usha take your hand to the head and stretch down the skin ‘‘, Vijay said. Usha with her two fingers slightly stretched down the foreskin and was surprised to find a red bulbous round head beneath it.
‘’Ohhhhhh Goddddd!’’ she wondered. She touched it; it was very soft and felt like velvet. She was jerking the cock. Vijay’s eyes were closed in pure bliss.
He slid her pink panty down and it got hung up under her ass. She picked up her ass and her panty slid of easily. He got a whiff of her musky scent. The treasure was hidden in a V shape jungle of pubic hairs.


He opened her legs and got his first view of her bare pussy. It was beautiful. Her pussy lips were tight and puffy. Her inner lips did not even push out yet, so young, so delicate.
He slowly parted the lips…Ohhhhhh.. Goddddddd…it was reddish all over inside and his finger felt wet and slippery. He dipped his head down and inhaled. She smelled great.

At the same time, Vijay felt her warm grasping on his cock. She started stroking it once again. He said ‘’Usha, spit your hand and use the spit to lubricate it’’. Vijay pushed her hand down and up against his hard cock. He told her’ I want you to put your hand around my cock and rub it ’. Vijay found the clitoris hidden in the top. He parted the lips and held the clitoris then he put his hot lips there and started licking it.

After licking there some times, he started licking from the top of her pussy lips all the way to bottom. Usha froze and hold her breath. Vijay did it again, Usha shuddered. Vijay reached up, pulled her pussy lips apart and struck his tongue. He tongued her clit for at least 5 minutes and she continued to just stroke his cock with her hand tongue right on her clit. She relaxed and sighed and went back to work on his cock with a renewed vigour. He wrapped her hand around his cock and then placed his hands over hers. Her hand was sliding up and down his cock smoothly. It was a pure bliss.

He tongued her clit for at least 5 minutes and she continued to just stroke his cock with her hand. Vijay started licking deeper down in her clit; she pressed her hips against Vijay’s face and started moaning ‘‘Vijay Bhaiyaaaaa! Ohhhhhhhhhhh… suckkkkkkk more… suckkkkkkkkkkkkk’’. She started breathing harder and harder. Her legs started closing down on Vijay’s head. She moaned and sighed ‘’Ohhhhhhhh! Vijay Bhaiya, I am comingggggg… comingggggggg’’. She reached the orgasm and squirted all over the face of Vijay. Vijay’s face was soaked with pussy juices and he lapped it up greedily.
She pulled her head, stopped stroking and looked at Vijay.
‘‘Why did you stop?’’, Vijay asked. She stood up and pushed forward her pussy towards the head of cock against her clit but Vijay shifted his throbbing cock and looked up at her. He said ’No… We cannot do that, you are a virgin, sorry! Usha’’.
‘’ Noooooooo! Vijay Bhaiya, fuckkkkk meee, you have to fuckk me… I will never let anybody to fuck me except you.. Pleasseeeeee’’ she moaned and requested with excitement. Vijay realized, he could not fuck her, she was like her little sister. He pleaded ‘’Listen.. Usha.. Your virginity will be a gift for your husband and I cannot break it… I will be a sinner before God”.


She was very much disappointed. She argued ‘‘You are not my real brother and this is not an incestuous relationship nor there is a taboo, from my childhood till my teen I have always loved you and was always determined to loss my virginity by you only and you know, I am very adamant and obstinate by my nature and I promise you that I will never marry any person unless you fuck me’’.
By hearing this, Vijay was very thoughtful for a moment, it was a very ticklish matter and he knew that her little Usha was very obstinate. Ultimately he had to surrender. ’ ’Listen Usha, with one condition, I will agree, I will fuck you only once and that also few days before your marriage’’, he said.

’’Done’’, said Usha and smiled. ’But, Vijay Bhaiya! Let us resume our game again, I want you to suck my pussy again’ she requested.
Down on his knees, Vijay kissed her black tuff of pubic hairs which were wet with pussy juice moments ago. His fingers parted her pussy lips to find her clit. He wrapped his tongue around it and started
Sucking and slowly slipping his fingers inside. He accompanied his slow sucking with slow deep thrusts of fingers in to her hot dripping pussy, going faster as he heard her moaning become louder.
All the sudden, Vijay felt a wet, warm and moist sensation of Usha’s mouth that engulfed his cock head. His cock head was in her lovely mouth with her soft tongue circling around it. Now that was heaven. She was moving her tongue in circles around his cock while alternating between deep, heavy sucks and light teasing one. Her long lock of hairs hanging down brushing his balls.
She grabbed his swollen dick with her hand then sucked him harder and harder and bopped her head up & down furiously. Vijay was in heaven as his dick grew bigger and bigger in her mouth. She made a slurping noise as she inhaled his swollen dick. He grabbed the silky hair and lifted his hips up to sink his cock deeper in her throat and shot a long stream of cum in her mouth.
Vijay went with his two fingers rushing in and out of her pussy. Her hands in his hairs, tightening around the strands. Vijay knew she was coming. Her body shaking, her pussy walls tightened around his fingers, still moving in and out faster than he knew they could.
Usha shivered and moaned ‘’ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’’ and reached her orgasm once again and the squirt gushing out of her pussy drenched the fingers of Vijay. Vijay licked the fingers to taste the sweetness.
She pulled his cock out and pumped the rest of his cum in her open mouth, sucking him dry. Both of them collapsed on the sofa. After sometimes, Usha gave him a smile and left the room.



This happened one day when Vijay was not in Dhanbad, He was in Kolkatta, persuing his studies, when Usha’s father had gone to New Delhi to Visit Aditya Bhaiya (Her elder Brother) who was studying there. Their Driver was on leave and had gone to his village. Usha was under tension thinking how she will go to college. Her mother Leela immediately solved the problem. She telephoned Mrs. Gupta, a Rich class lady and a friend of Leela. Her daughter Kavita was studying in the same class of Usha. Usha and Kavita were also good friends. Leela requested Mrs. Gupta to fetch Usha when their car will be going to college to drop Kavita.

On that fateful day, Kavita left college earlier around 3.30 pm as her section had no classes and could not inform Usha as Professor was taking extra classes to the section Usha belonged to. Usha was a brilliant and studious student and she never misses a single class in any subjects. The classes were over by 5.30 PM. She came out and searched for Kavita but unable to find her, she was sure that she had left. She got nervous as evening was approaching. She noticed that her friends, the flock of girls were moving towards the exit gate of the college. Without wasting her time and any thought, she also joined them.

The National high way was passing just in front of her college. After coming out from college campus, she found, small groups of girls were waiting for Bus by standing near the high way. She hated the Bus but in the present circumstances, there was no any other alternative but to go by Bus. The Buses which were coming and stopped were all jam packed and overcrowded. Due to some issues, the numbers of Buses plying on that route were very few that day hence, every Bus was over crowded.
Some of her waiting friends will jostle amongst themselves to get inside the Bus the moment a Bus stops there. Some of them will jump in and remaining will be left off and will be waiting for next Bus.
Usha had never experienced such type of horrible sight. She had never travelled in a local Bus before although on few occasions she travelled in luxurious night Bus with her parents. As she was waiting for the Bus, the number of people waiting along with her started increasing and as soon as the Bus arrived, people literally flung themselves upon it.
The evening was approaching and there was a twilight atmosphere. Usha got worried gradually. She thought she has to be also jostle with others to get in to the Bus otherwise she cannot reach her home.


Now it was evening with full darkness. She had been waiting a good half hour when she saw the Bus approach. So naturally she had to get on it by hook or by crook or she would be left waiting another half hour. With much difficulty, she tried to get in to the Bus, boarded from the back side and before she knew, she had been pushed on board which was heavily crowded.
She climbed on board and was almost instantly surrounded by over half a dozen men whose shoulders, hands and elbows were touching her. She could do nothing as there was no space to move. People were already pushing each other, trying to adjust themselves in whatever little foot space they could get in. In addition to all of this, the sudden jerks of the Bus made people fall on Usha and made her fall on the man in front of her. Somehow she managed to push and jostle her way in to the Bus inside. People were packed like sardines and the searing heat made the atmosphere unbearable. Their hands was firmly holding the long steel rod or similar other cling for support. It was difficult to move to stretch one’s limbs. All were badly perspiring.

She was slowly getting drenched in her sweat and therefore pulled out her handkerchief to freshen herself. The Bus jerked vigourously. The conductor of the Bus asked the people standing to move to the front of the Bus so that he could squeeze in a few more people boarding the Bus. The conductor of Bus was pushing everybody to move further so that he could accommodate more passengers in next stoppage.
He touched the body of Usha and pushed her ahead. Usha wondered and shocked what types of roughness these Bus people are. He was yelling in a loud voice to all ’’move… Move… move further’’. Usha was in her salwar/kameez, the strap of her college bag was hung over her shoulder. She was standing and to keep her balance, she was holding the long steel rod hung under the roof of the Bus. She was pressed amongst the people. The bodies of the people were being pressed in to her from all sides touching heavily. She had never experienced this before.
The bus had started moving in a slow pace. Noisy discussion began to be heard in all corners. The Bus driver was stamping on the brake pads so often which jolted and jerked every one inside the Bus. Accidentally everyone was rubbed and touched. More passengers were getting in to the Bus at each stop. The inside of the Bus was hardly visible as only one or two bulbs were in a dim light. She was hardly breathing, luckily the windows were opened and air was coming in from outside.
The Bus made a sudden halt and she was being pushed forward by somebody whose body fell on her. She angrily took a quick glance behind her and found a person of 55 yrs old man standing behind her. A black colored person with disheveled grey hairs. His face was full of unshaved white beards and moustache. He was wearing a navy blue uniformed soiled shirt with the letters inscribed in chest as ‘’DM’’ means Dhanbad Municipality. He was wearing a khaki half pant. Usha could easily understood that


the person was a sweeper of municipality. She had seen often these kinds of persons sweeping the street and cleaning the drainage. His hand extended above her left shoulder gripping the steel rod of the Bus.

He was grinning and showing his yellow and black teeth said ’’Sorry Beti, (Daughter) the people behind me are pushing hard’’.
An air of foul smell was coming from his mouth and entered in to the nostrils of Usha. It is a mix of smell of cheap country made wine the person had taken and the smell of unbrushed teeth. May be the person might not have brushed his teeth for 2/3 days. He was the dirtiest person Usha had ever seen in her life. She was very angry to that person but understood the situation and kept quite. She coaxed her fate and blamed God for the circumstances she was put in now and praying God for reaching her destination as early as possible. The foul smell of the person’s mouth added with a strong body odor due to drenched sweating of the Sweeper was entering her nostrils. She pressed her nostrils with two fingers to overcome this as if smell was coming from a Drain.

Due to sudden stopping of the Bus and jolt, she felt the touch of Body of that Sweeper. She hated and despised this low class person. His father used to say that in olden times, these persons were untouchable by other high caste people even still in Rural India they are untouchable. Since they were high caste Brahmin, these people will not dare to even enter their house. Remembering this, she despised him more. To divert her mind, she started thinking about her masculine/handsome Vijay Bhaiya. She thought Alas! Vijay Bhaiya would have been in the place of this Sweeper then she would have enjoyed the body of Vijay Bhaiya.
The sweeper behind her adjusted his position and ended up standing really close, touching her. The Bus was crowded and she was too timid to object. The Bus screeched with a brake due to a stoppage and the hand of the sweeper slipped off from the steel rod and touched in reality groped one of her boobs, Bit by bit he edged closer and closer until Usha felt his closeness of the body due to jerk of the Bus. She looked back at him to ascertain if it was a mistake. The sweeper smiled through his yellow teeth.
The Bus was so crowded that everybody literally squashed against each other. She just imagined it. But again his hand slipped in to her boob. She felt a little uncomfortable and turned around and saw. It was the same old sweeper staring back at her with blank expression. She just gave him a semi hard intense look and turned back. For around some minutes after, nothing happened but suddenly Usha felt his crotch against her hips and something poked her from behind.
The dense air inside the Bus carried the acrid smell of stale perfumes and hard sweat smell. She could almost feel a weird hardness pressing her from behind on her butt. She knew well what it was. And it


was not just a brush; he was literally pressing it against her. She was shocked to find that the old sweeper was rubbing her from the back under the excuse of Bus jerking. He was constantly moving back and forth making the best use of opportunity. She glared at him but just stood there doing nothing. She was so angry and there was a sudden urge inside her to turn back and slap the low class person. How dare he to touch a beautiful high class girl.

But somehow she did not want to create a scene there, she was well aware of the fact that all these passengers who belong to low class will definitely support the sweeper, they will humiliate her and her image will be tarnished. Further, the sweeper may take a plea that he has not touched her with the hands as he has held the Bus rod above with his two hands. If he takes this plea then how and where did he touch? There will be no answer for this and it will be a sheer embarrassment. Knowing this, she remained silent because any agitation from her side might tarnish her image and call for an unhealthy exchange of words which most of the girls abstain from indulging in.
There was a stoppage and the Bus halted with a screech of brakes and the sweeper was more pushed towards her. Now his hardness was more she felt. More passengers boarded the bus and again there was a heavy push up of passengers from back side resulted the sweeper was glued to her backside.

She could feel his chest below her shoulder. His face was touching her backside neck. She can feel the hot foul breath of him in her neck side. The strangest part is that his hardness was stuck in to her butt.
The sweeper, an old man is from slum. Every day it was his habit to take cheap country made wine and to be drunk. He was a widower but he will fuck the slum dwelt women by offering them some money. He will always watch Bollywood movies (Hindi movies) and get sexual excitement by watching fair & beautiful Heroine of the movie. He will watch English Adult movies where the fucking scene will be exhibited in an explicit manner. In the night while going to bed, he will dream of fucking the heroine by vigorously masturbating himself.

Today was his luckiest day and God was kind to him when he saw Usha stood before him. He could easily understand that she is a school or college girl belong to a very high society. She was not any ordinary girl because of her very fairness and beautiness. She was so young around 18 years. He had seen, these types of girls generally move in car but may be due to some reason this girl is travelling in Bus. He was under the influence of wine, fully intoxicated. The fragrance of Usha’s shampooed hairs, touch of her very soft body and above all her innocence beautiful face made him double intoxication. He thought God has given him a life time one chance to be closer with a beautiful girl and he should take advantages out of this.


His dick got hardness immediately under his half pant and he was not wearing any underwear. He was heavily drunk and due to intoxication, he had no sense to judge what he is doing or the consequences of his action. He closely watched other passengers, some are murmuring and talking among themselves, most of the sitting passengers around him were dozing, and even some of the standing passengers were also dozing. Nobody was bothered to notice them as their area was full of darkness and hazily visible. When he felt no protest from Usha, he pushed his front further in the backside of Usha.
Usha felt what was going on in her back side. Suddenly something happened to her she did not know, her mind became vacant, all the hatred, difference of classes and foul smell everything was gone from her mind. A pervert erotic sickness covered her mind and body. She did not resist what going on rather she was allowed to continue it further and more.
Usha felt a hand touching her on waist. She felt the hand moving on her butt and squeezing it. She was taken by surprise but also felt a surge of excitement and arousal. She was touched by Vijay Bhaiya quite a long time before and this touch she must admit that the touch aroused her. It felt so good that she let him continue. But the way the old sweeper stroked her bum made her heart beat fast. It was not rough, it was more have a light cares over her salwar.

He sensed that she was enjoying it and he took his time not rushing nor being so aggressive to frighten. She almost felt hypnotized and transfixed from the combination of the pleasant sensation as well as the excitement. The old sweeper kept squeezing her butt for some minutes.
Seeing no resistance from Usha, the old sweeper put his lips on the back side of the neck of Usha and when he saw no resistance, he started kissing the side of her neck. Usha felt an erotic shivering throughout her body. She arched her head up and to the side and pushed her neck in to the lips harder. After continuing his kissing for some minutes, all of a sudden the old sweeper put one of his hands under the arm of Usha. Since Usha was holding the bar with her two hands, her boobs were openly exposed. The old sweeper put his hands under the arms of Usha and started squeezing the boobs and his fingers moving in a circle motion and that started stimulating her nipples.
In the meantime, the old sweeper had unzipped his half pant and picked out his hard dick, which was now throbbing near the butts of Usha. To her horror, she realized that he had pulled out his enormous dick. In alternative hand, he was squeezing both the boobs of Usha. By this time, Usha started getting a deep arousal and she could feel her panties getting moist with her fluids. She got a mild orgasm and felt a surge of vibration flow in her body.
The zipper of her kameez was in back side. Without wasting time, he unzipped the zipper of kameez of Usha. In darkness; he touched the naked back of Usha and found the hook of bra. He unhooked the Bra resulting the straps of both side became loose and fell on in the sides.


Now the old sweeper put his hand under the arms of Usha and touched the raw flesh. He cupped the boobs and rubbed the nipples in his rough fingers. He started kissing the naked back of Usha.
Usha was reaching the highest sexual tension and derived an ecstatic pleasure which she had never experienced in her life. The old sweeper whispered in her ears ’’Beti! I am going to open your salwar, please co-operate’’, saying this he placed his one hand near the naval and tried to search the knot of salwar. He found the knot and within a second unfastened the knot. Then he put his left side inside of the front and found the panty.
Usha could feel his fingers go above her panties, stroke her thigh and then touched the crotch of her panties. Her body stiffened but she did not say anything. The fingers then slipped under the elastic of her panty and slid it slightly down. He put his left hand inside and touched the silky small pubic hairs, his left hand further went below and he found the pussy lips. He unfolded the pussy lips and found the clitoris. Simultaneously in his right hand he was cupping the right boob of Usha and rubbing the nipple with his two fingers.

Usha’s pussy had fire inside, it was wet and lava inside was about to burst. While doing all these action, the old sweeper was not forgetting to kiss the back of neck and on the cheeks from the side. He has already started licking below the ears and side of the cheeks with his hot tongue. His naked dick was throbbing against the naked upper portion of hips of Usha due to fall down of salwar as the knot was unfastened from the front side.
After rubbing the pussy for sometimes, he put his index finger of left hand inside the pussy hole. he felt the velvet path which was moist already. His finger was sliding down deeply very easily. He was putting his finger in and out in a slow manner continuously for sometimes. Usha felt the finger inside his pussy, her breathing got deeper and now the dam got opened and the situation was beyond her control, a stream of juice gushed out from inside. She was holding her two hands on the bar of the Bus. Suddenly keeping her balance in his right hand on the bar, her left hand pressurized the left hand of him violently till the last drop of juice was oozed out. He felt his palm full of sticky juice; he sniffed the smell of juice and licked all the juice till his palm became dry.
God was very kind to the old sweeper. Suddenly the dim lit bulb in their side of the Bus got fused. There was a complete darkness in their side. Without wasting anytime, he held the face of Usha and turned it back side facing him and started showering hot silent kisses on her face. His lips found the lips of Usha and he started smooching.
With erotic sensation, Usha slightly parted her lips. Finding this, he put his tongue inside the mouth of Usha and started sucking the tongue of Usha inside her mouth. In the process, Usha’s mouth was full of his saliva as the old sweeper was virtually spitting inside the mouth of Usha. The taste of his saliva was so erotic that she gulped the mouthful of saliva and needed more from his mouth. She also started sucking


the tongue of him with the hope that more saliva will be accumulated and she could gulp more. In between the old sweeper had bitten the soft lips of Usha several times. Due to ecstasy, Usha was unaware of the fact that her lips are cut and tiny drops of blood has come out. Her boobs were being violently squeezed by him. Both of their mouth was wet with saliva and stream of saliva was dripping from their mouths to the Bus floor.
The old sweeper put his hand on her arms and started to slide it down towards her hand. He grasped her hand and slid it over towards his groin. He placed her warm, slightly damp hand on 7 inch hard cock. It feels like heaven. He wrapped her hand around his cock. In the mean while, the old man caught the hand of Usha and placed it on his erected cock. Usha felt the hardness of the cock, it was big and thick. She fondled the big cock and stretched the fore skin in her fingers; she felt the velvet bulbous head of the dick. Usha caught the entire dick in her palm and pulling the foreskin up and down. The old sweeper whispered in her ears ’’Beti, put some saliva of yours, it will be more slippery’’.
Hearing this Usha spat in her palm and started pulling down and up of the foreskin. After getting a touch from such a soft hand with saliva in his cock, his cock grew harder and it was a hard hot iron. Her hand felt like molten lava, it was so hot. Usha felt that she has caught a hot iron and her palm is getting burn.
Now the old sweeper hissed in her ears ‘’Beti! I will fuck you now, be in your previous position, I will fuck in your pussy from backside like a doggy. Please part your legs’’.

Usha was back to her previous position and parted her legs wider. All of a sudden, she felt that her salwar along with her panty slid down forcibly and he put his hand on her small rounded ass and started caressing. He put his hand on her ass cheek, rubbed her ass cheek. He took out his dick and rubbed against the butt of Usha and gripped her ass. He also groped her boobs and kissed her lips multiple times. He glided her left hand up to her left boob. He kept on rubbing it and squeezed it and felt her nipple getting hard. He started pinching it, rolling it between her his thumb and middle finger. He was rubbing his cock against her tight ass.
Now Usha pushed her pelvis against him and felt that he was getting hard, she pressed her ass against her dick. She was arched and massaging his dick with her hips. Now his hands were cupping her two boobs, pressing them. The grip got firmer and firmer, the hands were pulling her nipples and making them erect. Next thing she knew, his hands have reached between her thighs and are finding a way in her ass crack. She could feel his dick popping up and down inside of her ass crack.

Now she became nervous as she was a virgin and she did not want her virgin pussy to be invaded by a stranger, for so many years she has preserved her pussy for Vijay Bhaiya. She knew that the person is completely drunk and he will not leave her without inserting his cock in to her pussy. She was thinking all these aspects. The old Sweeper was rubbing his cock against her tight ass now.


He slid his hand back down to her ass. He was leaking pre cum all over there. He slid his fingers down to her pussy and felt pussy lips. She was wet there. He rubbed her soaked pussy a little longer, slid his cock against her ass crack. He reached down to adjust his cock and just pushed it through.
All of a suddenly Usha felt that he jabbed his big cock inside the ass crack. The cock entered just above the pussy hole and down the ass hole. An idea came to her mind, immediately she squeezed her both ass cheeks and cried in a very low tone ’’Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh’’.
The old man got concerned although he was heavily drunk ‘’ what happened?’’ he whispered.
’’I am a virgin girl and this is my first time am feeling severe pain ‘‘said Usha.
The old man got more excited by hearing this, his hard dick inside the ass cheeks got more harder as he was thinking that he is fucking a virgin pussy. Because Usha was squeezing her ass cheeks in a very forced way, the old man in his drunken stage thought that the virgin pussy was very tight. He did not want to get the virgin pussy bleeding more which may get problem for this very young girl. So he started pushing his dick slowly. Usha had a very deep crack of ass cheeks and she felt the dick was passing between pussy hole and ass hole.
He started sliding his cock back and forth in between her wet fold. He placed his hand back on her breast and started playing with her nipple again She was happy that the dick has not invaded her virgin pussy. The old man in his drunken mind was fucking continuously thinking that he was fucking a virgin pussy of a young rich girl. Usha was also enjoying this kind of fucking. Her ass started to grind against him.
She started breathing really hard and moaned ‘’Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh’’ and due to her excitement, she felt a gush of hot liquid and she came again in her pussy.

The old man further could not control himself and violently squeezed the boobs of Usha and ejaculated
a stream of hot sticky liquid continuously for some seconds. The sticky liquid in her ass crack was flowing down near her pussy lips. ‘’Fffflllllllooooooopppppppp’’ a sound was heard as cork in bottle is opened, He withdrew his cock.
Suddenly the conductor of Bus announced that they are approaching the city. Immediately Usha zipped the kameez in her back side but could not fix the straps of Bra which was kept inside as it was in loosen manner. She tied the knot of her salwar just below her naval area. The Bus entering the city area.

The old man whispered ‘‘how will you go to your home?’’.
Usha replied ’I will take a Rickshaw’. (Paddled Rickshaw with three wheels, common way for conveyance in India).


The old man replied ’’Don’t worry! I will arrange a Rickshaw for you. The person standing behind me is a Rickshaw puller (of cycle Rickshaw), a friend of mine, he has kept his Rickshaw in the Bus stop’’.
Usha consented ’ok’. Little did she know that the Rickshaw puller, the friend of old man standing behind him had witnessed everything from the starting till end.