Boob attention

I got divorced, as it is my sex life wasn’t much good, but at least I was free. I shut my self indoors due to my freelance work, then it became a habit, shopping for daily things was even getting a tedious thing for me,
I was just sad, but doing my work and immensely aroused some times, but I was too lazy to go around.
I mean a coffees person, and my work deprived my sleep most of the times, I just used to go for a run in the evening to maintain my 36 30 38 figure. Cause although I rarely wore sarees I loved wearing them.

I have a habit of sleeping in shirts, I wear them like one piece and and shorts, cause mostly no one comes by.
Last week, Thursday night I was very horny, I wore a yellow striped silk shirt, under which I wasn’t wearing a bra. I closed my curtains, with a dim light in my bedroom I unbuttoned two buttons and cupped my boobs, I wanted attention perhaps sex… I didn’t realise that I slept rubbing myself. I woke up to the sound of bell.
And rushed to open it. It was our milk man, as I opened the door he said, ” bhabhi ki woh… ” And kept looking at me. Apparently and my bare chest which showed the curve of my left boob. As I understood what just happened, I subtly covered and said, “woh kya”…
“Bill bhabhi ji, par rehne do Mai bad me le lunga”.
I agreed, and took the milk bags he bought for me and closed the door. Till I closed it. He stared at my boobs like he couldn’t move his sight, and as I shut the door, I realised I was turned on as he watched me. Cause consciously I was wanting it.

I opened the door again and called him, “bhaiya… ”
He rushed upstairs, “aata Hun”
“Kal subhe jaldi mil Sakta hai, dudh?”,
“Miljayega… ” He confirmed
I was going mad and horny, I decided to trigger him, and eventually myself, he was an athlete, but brown and tall, fit with an unshaved beard. He wore a half sleeve shirt and loose pants. I started thinking of how I could go about pleasuring myself and I thought may be revealing more boobs would do sense. I planned to expose him to a more revealing sight of my breasts thinking of it excited me.
Next morning I decided I would open the door late acting that I woke up late when he would be at my door.
So again, I was wearing minimal things.
I wore a lined with slip which was a size loose and which I cut it to reveal my jugs from below. And as it is my nipples were timely visible. My boobs moved freely up. And my skirt down. I wore a skirt and nothing beneath.
And as he rang the bell, I untied my bun and went to open the door. I opened the door and said sorry stretching out my arms, I stretched them up and wide and started making bun of my hair, my boobs were looking at him, I held my bun for some time and as I saw him staring at them, he had no words. I told him to come inside as I forgot to keep aside the money.

I purposely gave him many coins. And dropped them while giving it to him purposely, I sat on my knees and started collecting the coins. My boobs hung loose, and while he bent to gather the coins he kept looking at me.
As I collected all the coins went near him and put them together in his hands as he stood with both his hands like he was holding some things, I wished my boobs.
He asked me “bhaiya kaha hai?”
“Divorce hogaya” I said.
“Toh akele hi rehte ho?”
” Koi dikh Raha hai mere alawa?”
“Mai matlab, bedroom mein bhi toh, sorry”
“Koi nahi hai. ”
“Ap call Kiya karo agar aapko kabhi dudh man pad jayega, Mai lake de Dunga, ap number bataiye main miss call dedunga. ”
I gave him my number.

He called me that night, “bhabhiji kal jaldi chahiye ya hamesha ki time par. ”
“Arey Mai call kardeti, taklif kyu ki, jaldhi Laado”
“Uski taklif kaha, apko to din k Suraj se bhi pehle dekhna chahiye.
I thought I can flirt with him now, so we started talking….
“Suraj se pehle toh Chand nikalta hai… Toh kya ab hi aajaoge dudh lekar”
“App ke paas toh Suraj Chand dono hai bhabhiji, sirf hame kabhi kabar dikh jate hai. ”
“Toh tumhe raat aur din pasand hai ya Chand aur Suraj. ”
“Gujarni ho to raat aur din, dekhna ho to Chand aur Suraj”
“Gujarnaa pasand hai ki dekhna”
“Dono bhabhiji, dono”
“Abhi ke liye?”
“Aur apko?”
“Tumhe kya lagta hai”
“Aap batado,.. ”
“Kya dikhana”
“Wahi jispar se Timaru nazre hat nahi Rahi thi,
“Par Apne hatwadi”
“Rok lete”
“Toh dikhado”
“Haas Abhi”
He video called me,
“Bade fast ho tum”
“Aag lagarakhi ho”
“Kaha lagi hai Aag”
“Jism me”
“Dikhado kaha”
“Dekh paogi”
“Dikhado toh”
“Aise kaise, muze bhi dekhna hai… ”
“Kya dekhna hai?
“Toh chaat par jao, ”
“Dikhado na… ”
“Par kya dekhna hai woh to batao”
“Dudh dekhna hai. ”
“Arey woh toh tumhare dukan pe bhi dekh sakte ho, Mai kya dikhado. ”
“Woh nahi, tumare du du”
“Mere du du?”
“HA tumare dudu, ”
I took off my shirt and was just wearing a white bra.
“Aaaaaaaààaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bhabhiji”
“Bhabhiji mat bolo”
“Jaanu, Nikal Dona bra bhi”
“Tum apni baniyan utaro…. ”
He removed his baniyan. Nd started stroking his cock.
“Tadpao mat Jaan, dikhado”
“Ek dekhna hai ya dono”
I removed my bra and my boobs popped out,
I rubbed them together, inviting him to hold me.
“Oh jaaan, muze tumare dudu chaiye, ummm ummmmommmomm ummmmommmomm muah umauh jaanu… Muze chusna hai tumhe, ”
“Chuso na”
” Aajau”
“Chudne dogi?”
” Nahi”
” Chudne dogi?”
“Muze chusogi?”
I removed all my clothes and masturbated in front of him, and he masturbated in front of me on phone.
He came early next morning and sucked me,
My boobs, my neck, my boobs again, his face rubbed every where on my body, and lastly my pussy, I moaned. He finger fucked me and kissed me fiercely.
As if he was eating me. I did the same when I went down on him. He stayed I my mouth for ten minutes. And then we both were just rolling on bed side to side. Embracing our bodies. He wanted to fuck me. So we did dry thumping, I rode him with his face in my boobs. And he held me tight as he was getting pressed he moaned in my chest.