Converting the Bangladeshi Bitch. CHAPTER 1: The downfall of Tasnova

It was the first day of University. Looking around, I was a satisfied to see that a few of my friends managed to secure class with me. which was a relief. Looking around some more I noticed a small hijabi girl. Her frame was short and slender, but the lumps on her chest makes it obvious she was packing some great tits. She seemed like someone i’d love to hold down ad fuck her brains out, but the issue was she seemed like the religious type, with the Hijab and what not. So I decided not to be too hasty. As class started, the teacher introduced her to us as Tasnova, a Bangladeshi transfer student. I had a few of my guy friends try to talk to her but they were mostly unsuccessful. Seems like she’s a bit on the arrogant side too. She told my friend she’d rather go out with a homeless Bangladeshi beggar than an Indian guy. Hearing that was what made me want to break her more now. So we started making plans on how to make that happen. For the next few weeks, I got one of my female friends Prianka to befriend her. As days went by, Prianka kept introducing her to new things, taking her to clubs and bars. Getting her into drinking etc. The first part of the plan was to make sure we have enough proof to make her look like a party animal. Prianka had been getting her more and more into different substances as days went by. Other guys tried to ask her out in University too, but they were rejected as well, making her a rather infamous girl. Which was going to make this even more fun.

We continued this until the time to start the main phase of the plan came. Prianka was going to bring Tasnova to a night club party for the night, I told Prianka to make sure she dresses sexy. I don’t know how exactly she managed, but when the two of them entered the party, all eyes were looking at them in specific. Prianka was dressed in a red dress that went up to just below her crotch, if she moved, you could see her red panties clearly. Tasnova on the other hand, was in a shoulder-less black dress that went upto her knees. I assumed she wouldn’t agree to wear anything shorter, but this is good too. The dress is low cut enough that we could see a massive cleavage. Doesn’t seem like she could wear a bra with this dress. A Hijab wouldn’t be a good fit here, but she put on a scarf to try to act as a cover. This was the first time I noticed her beautiful down to her upper back. Prianka introduced her to me. It was obvious that she was uncomfortable. She tried to put the scarf infront of her chest but Prianka told her to flaunt her beauty a bit for the night and stopped her from covering up completely. I take this opportunity to get a bit close to her, get her confidence. I told her not to worry too much, and that she looked absolutely stunning. She looked worried. She told me that it’s getting a lot of attention towards her body. To which I replied that she shouldn’t worry about that, as all people can do was just look. This seemed to have gotten her to chuckle a bit, not realizing that by the time I was done with her, attention to her body would be the last thing to worry about. I pour her some vodka, saying it might calm her nerves a bit, she tells me that she isn’t a heavy drinker, so I lie and tell her that it’s mixed with water, so it won hit too hard. Believing me out of nervousness, she takes a hard sip of the alcohol. I could tell she was affected. But I pretended she was doing fine. She seemed a bit tipsy so I told Sameer to start recording her. As I say that, I take her to the dance floor and we start to dance rather intimately. Every chance I get I slide my hands up and down her body, feeling up her breasts a little. As the drink kicks in, she starts to be less and less cautious about her body, as she moves to the beat of the music. At one point people start treating it like a show, giving her the centre of the stage. Her body was in display, with her dress barely held up. Sameer made sure to record her as people come in to dance with her and feel her up. Before someone can do too much though I remove her from the dance floor. I didn’t want her to become a public ragdoll just yet. I bring her to the corner and I tell her that she did a spectacular job, but she shouldn’t overdo it. But she didn’t care, she wanted to have more fun. I sit her down and ask her if she really wanted to have some fun, and she almost jolted up in excitement. So I got up close to her and try to land a kiss on her lips, she seemed to hesitate at me getting close, but I assure her that this would make for a much more fun time than dancing. I show her a bit of the area next to us, where she notices Prianka naked and getting fucked by a guy from behind. I tell her that we don’t need to go that far, but a little making out wont hurt anyone. She seemed hesitant still, but curious as well now. So I plant a kiss on her lips. Continuing to kiss her, I push my tongue in her mouth and start to kiss her harder. I make sure Sameer is hidden enough that it’s not noticeable by her that he’s recording this. As I confirm that, I move my hand on her tits and start to squeeze them. With every squeeze I feel her moaning into my mouth. Taking the chance, I pull down her dress a bit, exposing her right breast. I could see Sameer getting excited, but this was my night. I move my hand from her exposed breast, making sure he gets some clear view on record. I move the hand down her waste and onto her thigh. There, I put my hand under her dress and close in slowly onto her pussy. I could visibly see her shutter as I start rubbing her pussy. She was already dripping wet. She moves out from kissing me, but I done stop, I kiss her neck and moved down to her bare shoulder. She looses her hold on the sofa and falls on her back and I quickly take advantage of that and jump on her. Exposing her other breast, I start furiously sucking on her breasts and fingering her. She grabs a hold of my jacket and moans out loudly. After a few more minutes, I hint at Sameer to set up the room, and when I notice he’s left, I stop doing what I was doing. I tell her this is a really public place and it would be better if we continued upstairs in one of the rooms. She kisses me back, hinting that she’d like that too. So I pick her up and take her up to the rooms above. As I entered, I noticed the clumsily hidden cameras from all angles. I was a bit worried but she was too drunk and horny to notice anything. I drop her on the bed and start to remove my clothes. She holds her arms up , leaving her entire body exposed and at my mercy. I pull her dress down and immediately go down on her pussy. It was already dripping wet. I Bite down and start licking and sucking her pussy. She swirls around furiously on the bed. The famous Tasnova, now reduced to my plaything as I make sure the camera gets her twitching and turing in pleasure.

After about 10 minutes, I notice she couldn’t hold it in anymore and lets herself go entirely as she orgasms. But I’m not done with her. I take my erect dick and place it infront of her pussy. She was exhausted already, sweat dripping from her body, I push in and watch her moan out. When I’m completely in her, I start thrusting hard, squeezing her tits furiously along the way. I continue to fuck her, watching her moan. Just the sight of her being fucked like a slut was about to make me cum. But I couldn’t end the show there, I pull out and flip her, and force her on all four, making sure that the side cameras get her perfectly, and she’s facing directly at the front camera. She doesn’t notice still, even as I hold her face to make sure shes looking directly at the hidden camera. Now in doggy position, I push deep into her and start thrusting, making sure to push hard with every thrust, so that her boobs bounce with every thrust. I can feel her almost collapsing but I grab on to her hair and and pull it, keeping her awake as I furiously thrust into her, I can hear her moaning fade as shes drifting away. I Push her down and pull out, as she’s dizzy and barely awake, I cover her face with my cum. As I finish, I see her fainting. I slowly get up and shut the cameras off. Taking one of them and making sure to get a good shot of her naked body from toe to head, closing up in her cum covered face. I give the cameras to Sameer, who wanted to join in at that very moment, but I stop him. We need to humiliate her and break her properly, I remind him. I tell him to edit the videos properly. When he leaves, I take a couple of more photos of her and then I start to pack her clothes in a bag. I leave some jeans, a white tank-top and a scarf for her as I leave with her other equipment. Tomorrow, the real fun begins.