Cathy reached our home in the evening. Looking at Lousie, she took her in arms and both sister kissed each other. I am standing near them and Cathy took me by surprise while holding me in her arms, she smiled….. “Oh Garry has become too young. ” And I got the touch of her soft breasts on my chest. She is wearing a long skirt with kurti and now she put her purse on table and moved inside washroom. She is 7-8 years younger to my mom Lousie and her slim figure with nice tits and round dome shaped ass is making me hot. After a while, she came out in dinning hall..

Lousie came with cup of coffee as well as snacks for us. Now my younger sister Nina came there and all four are drinking coffee while having conversation. My mom is now in kitchen and Nina is busy in her project work. Cathy has now changed her dress and she is in a sleeveless night gown, we both are sitting in balcony……. “Garry after 7-8 years we have met and you are looking much younger

(Garry) thanks aunty, you are also looking hot. ” And I came closer to Cathy and put my hand on her hairs. I started kissing her lips and my palm has grabbed her breast, she is trying to move away but my kiss on her lips as well as face and massaging of breast have changed her reluctance in submission. Cathy reacted with her tongue rolling on my lips and I opened her mouth to have her tongue and suck it, her hand has grabbed the bulge of penis. I sucked her tongue while massaging her breast for a while and than left her, she smiled…. “Oh Garry you have really proved your strength

(Garry) not yet if you will give me chance than I will show you my ability. “.

We both are in balcony and after 10:00 pm we together have dinner. My hot mom Lousie and Nina will sleep in a single room while Cathy will be alone in other room. Now I am on my bed thinking about Cathy, after 30 minutes I started watching porn movie on mobile. Its 11:15 pm and my penis is in full erection and I moved towards aunt Cathy room. I pushed the door and Cathy is sleeping on bed. Now I am on bed and moved near her face, she is still sleeping. Now I pulled my bermuda down and took out my penis, put it on her lips, slowly I am moving my penis on her lips as well as face. In a sudden her eyes opened and I pushed my penis in her mouth to suck. While looking at me, Cathy is sucking my cock and I am pressing her boobs. After a while I started fucking her mouth with my cock..

Cathy moved to washroom, coming back she is complete nude and I took her on bed. Now I am sleeping on bed with straight legs and she came on my top, she has kept her genital organs above my face and now she is licking my penis while I hold her waist and my tongue started licking her vagina, labias are in distance and my tongue is fucking her cunt while she is sucking my dick fastly. Later on my hot aunty Cathy is on bed with her legs wide apart and I pushed my long cock in her cunt. She is smiling at me and I am fucking my aunt with speed as well as power. My penis is moving at a great speed and I leaned on her top to fuck her in missionary position. Cathy started swinging her round shaped ass up and down while my penis is roaring inside her vagina. She has hold me tightly and now she is screaming….. “Oohh Garry you are too young and strong…. ” And after 5-7 minutes of fuck her vagina become wet..

Cathy is sleeping with her legs wide apart and I pushed a pillow under her ass. I put my lips on her labias to kiss while she put her fingers on vagina to open its hole. My 1/2 of tongue is licking her cunt and she is in pleasure. I tasted her vaginal juice and Cathy is on her knees on bed. I pushed my cock in her deep vagina and hold her waist tightly, she is moving her ass fast and our fucking session is going on. Looking at me, she smiled….. “Garry fuck me hard…. ” And my pens is hitting her vagina hardly. After 10 minutes of deep penetration my penis ejaculated cum inside her vagina. She sucked my cock and our physical love comes to an halt.


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