My aunty became my wife..!! – part 2

Hi friends, I am Shashi 18 year old from Bangalore with 5.7 Height and with common body.. And 7 inch long and 2.6 inch thick rod..

As I continue my next part of the story (if you don’t read the 1st part plz read it) how I fucked my aunty’s big ass so hardly and badly.

Coming to story I fucked my aunty’s pussy so nicely we got tired… slept Naked for a while and she go to bathroom and cleaned herself.. but I have a dream to fuck her in ass I asked her about it she said that I am all yours wait for night I will come to your room.. I got happy I masturbated for 3 time hearing that… after dinner I signal her to come to room fast… she smiled sexily…

Middle of night she came to my room Looking too hot and gorgeous I ask her to come on bed. Now she put her legs on bed and moved her top up so fast become nude. She give me kiss I holding her big ass in my hand and I want to fuck her ass more than I fucked in her pussy. I became nude she kissing me everywhere she give me a heavenly blowjob she is pro in that, know she is in position I am seeing her big ass and licked like a ice-cream my 2/3 rd tongue is going inside she moaning heavenly like “aaaaaaaaummmmooooooooo.. Stop please I can’t control dear fuck me aaaaaaaa aaa aaa aa” I closed her mouth in my hand I hold my cock rubbed up on asshole and pushed it inside her ass, it is so fit and slowly my penis moved inside. She screaming in pain I started fucking her ass while holding her waist and mouth, she is moving her ass fastly and my penis has smooth ride inside her ass hole, she is making sound in side her mouth hardly and I am fucking her ass with speed and power, it is Heaven next to me after 25 minutes of non-stop ride inside her ass hole, she is begging for cum  “my ass is empty, I am dying for your cum fill it fast”. And my penis ejaculated cum inside her ass hole. I looked into her eyes she is fully satisfied with iron rod I slept next to her.. couple of minutes my rod is ready for next round.. she got shocked to see that and happy too, again rock hard dick into her ass and fucker her again like I got the super power and shot some more cum in her ass. She didn’t clean it got dressed give me a kiss and went to sleep with an ass full of my love cum.

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