Soumya’s dad has an offer?

Overview: The story is about Soumya. During weekend, she gets fucked by her father who later on broaches the subject of sharing her with his boss, Ashok.

Chapter 1.

Soumya remembered siting in front of her laptop, watching a fantasy series on Netflix recommended to her by a friend. Seeing how it was before dinner, her hunger along with the boredom of the episode made her fall asleep in an empty house. Though being responsible and careful, she couldn’t care less for anything on an empty stomach. Once asleep, the next thing she remembered were a set of broad palms caressing her thighs – Her slender body was covered by a maroon dhoti salwar and a cotton kurti which reached till her mid-thighs and had a deep cut to put her breasts on showcase. Ofcourse, the outfit was tailored to accentuate her round, firm tits; somewhat flushed out belly with a navel deep enough to hide a quarter; Round, extremely soft buttocks and thick thighs.

The familiar touch brought her back from her dreams. It was her forty years old father, Mohan laying beside her and running his fingers through the numerous U-shaped plates of her salwar. They originated from the front and went all the way up, forming around her broader thighs and buttocks.

Upon seeing her open her eyes, he shifted his fingers to move in between her legs – after years of experience, he knew how his daughter loved a good tease. She at this point bit her pouty lips and looked at him, smiling “Arey, papa… Aap kb aye?you should have atleast woken me up.” her voice was soft and broken. By now, he had reached her waist and his fingers were looped into her salwar, as if he was going to to lift her up, “jga toh rha hun..” his deep, loving voice disappeared when he kissed her musty neck and pulled the string which was holding the bottom half of her outfit around her hourglass waist. The thoughts of what might happen next made her not care about her previously growling stomach. Yes, she was still hungry but now for something else, “Unless you feel your daddy’s body against you, tum uthti bhi kha ho~” he looked at her face and felt his meat growing. Expecting its weekly nourishment.

When this first started, she was terrified. After all, she was still sixteen and for all her life, society hinted at how wrong sex was. How doing so before marriage was a sure way to book a ticket to hell. Upon broaching this thing with her mother, she quickly slapped her out of her beliefs and reminded her how Soumya’s father worked day and night for the betterment of the family, how the least she could do was take care of him when she(mother) couldn’t.

Since that day, she decided to go with the flow and with time she became nothing but a second wife to her daddy. Luckily, this came with perks. she no longer had restrictions for staying out late or even staying over night at a friend’s place. She could be in her panties and bra around the house, which was a blessing in the hot climate of Bhubneshwar! Best of all, she now had a wardrobe, twice the size of what it was the previous year. From various shorts to Sarees. All this just for the exchange of occasional fucks with a man who had a belly? So be it! She was all in for it!

Soumya burped and yawned before tilting her head to the other side in order for him to have some more access to her neck, “ Yh sb aap ki glti hai, dad. Mai toh aik sidhi ldki thi!” complaining, she winks at him and turns to lay on her side. Her bubble butt now facing him.

He wrapped his hands around her belly and yanked her behind right into his groin, his dick rubbing against her, “ sidhi ldkiyon ko privileges nhi milti hai. Besides, I am preparing you for the real world. Soon… you will be off to college and you will know how to deal with difficult teachers and wardens~”

Her lips thinned into a grin as she started to move her buttocks on his thighs, teasing the male member to pounce out and ravish her, “Excuses. You just wanted to fuck your daughter.” she demands a proper answer while using her right hand to trace her body and the other to massage her breasts,

“Well, that is true..” he whispered and licked the ridges of her ears with his slimy, hot tongue. Even after all this time, his smallest of actions were enough to turn her on, “You can’t complain though!” he retorted back, pulling her salwar down to expose her fair ass. She was wearing nothing underneath since she knew it was the week for her father to come home, “Jbsai maine tumhe chodna start kiya hai, I have noticed you admiring your body. Does it looks and feels different~?”

Soumya’s delicate hands were now looking for her dad’s zipper, she wanted him inside her, “ My breasts have grown.. Now, I can wear all of those jaw dropping dresses..ofcourse, you will buy them for me right?” she said, guiding his thick shaft in between her buttocks.

“definitely, sweet heart.” he said in his husky voice and bit her earlobe. His hips were now rocking back and fro to push his vein thick 6-inch cock inside her ass. Making her shift along on the bed because of the sheer amount of force, “kya tumne apni pills li~? Mai condoms bhool gya.”

With some support from her hand, Soumya arched her back and pushed herself into her father’s chest, moaning at the top of her voice, “Papa! ah..mhmm~ Yes!” she said, repeatedly while digging her teeth into her fat bottom lip. To her, it felt like her dad would push her spine right back into her brain, “Nhi,,,maine pills nhi li!” her voice sweet words like music to his ears couple that with the feeling of her ass tightening around his dick, he was on cloud number nine. Oh, if only he could have fucked her daily!

“Kyu nhi khai?!” his rough hands struck at her cotton like butt,turning them red, “ I wanted you to let me violate your vagina! Is this how you gonna treat me, huh?” his gruff tone lingered in air as he stretched his arms to grab her breasts. She was still in her kurti though due to the relentless, hot ass fuck, her nipples were rock solid and easy for her father to find yet she guided his hands to them. In between her heavy breathes, she intertwined her fingers with his and began to fondle her tits while being hammered from behind,

“I am sorry daddy… pills kkhtm hogyi thi.” her head was nice and low, while her body progressively moved to his dominant rhythm. “ayhhhh papa..! chodo mujhe.. punish kro apni beti ko!” she cried out, looking at him through her peripheral vision, her tongue sticking out like a proper slut.

He inhaled to take her scent in and to control his release. It had been a good ten minutes since they had started yet neither of them have had enough, “tumhari ass bhout gazab ki hai, honey~” his tongue slurped around her exposed shoulders while his hand worked their way around to raise her leg, “lekin, it isn’t better than your glistening vagina.”

Soumya was wet like a rainforest down there, “sorry papa.. agli bar wha pai daal laina~” her broken, lustful voice signified that she was close to her climax. She could feel her womanhood flick with every push he made into her body and on her release, she wanted his hand to be on her breasts instead, “Please, hold my breasts!” she panted and switched positions with her dad.

Now, he was motorboating her tits while she played around with her swollen vagina, “I am cumming!” out of breathe, he tried to maintain the rhythm alas! His body gave up and he released his spunk into her butt. She had suck everything out of him, making his dick shrink and slip right out of her.

She arched her back, throwing her legs and arms on the bed to finally relax and enjoy her orgasm of the week. Her jet black hair were sticking to her forehead, which, were cleared by the man she had learned to love,

“babe, aik photo lai lena..” he shifted and rested his head on her arms with his mouth around her covered breasts and his hand squeezing the thing. This was new to her but in the heat of the moment, she reached for her pixel and extended her arms up towards to take a shot.

Giggling, she said, “bolo sex~!” a picture was captured,

“Kya yeh theek hai, papa?” she asked, hoping that she had satisfied him well,

“I think My boss will like it.~” this was a shocking revelation,

“boss-?” she looked at him,

“Yes. Since I brag about you at the work place, My boss.. Ashok has asked to bring you in for a tour.” her eyebrow arched,

“and the photo is for-?” he turned to her side and kissed her chin,

“well, you wanted those new outfits right?” those words and she knew what was about to happen. Her own father was going to let his friend’s use her? The thought was disturbing yet her lips formed a smile,

“papa aap bdai kaminai ho~” she got up and sat in his lap and bowed down to give him a final kiss before leaving for the washroom.

“Chlo, ab dinner pai lai chlo. I am hungry.”

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